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Good, but a little too long, 27 February 2005

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When I went to see this movie, I didn't know what to expect. I knew close to nothing about the life of Howard Hughes, so I can't judge the accuracy of the film. As the movie started, I wasn't incredibly impressed. It was good, and it was interesting, but I didn't see a lot of the things that, in my opinion, qualify a movie to be nominated for Best Picture. DiCaprio's performance was good, but Hughes seemed to be glorified and his character was kind of inhuman. But as the film went on, I began to notice little things about his character..."eccentricities" as they are called in the movie, which were the beginning of obsessive compulsive disorder. As time passed, you could see the OCD getting worse. But the part of the film that really got to me was when he ended up locked in his screening room, naked, unwilling to touch anything for fear of germs. The cinematography in this scene, and moreover, DiCaprio's performance, made it possible to see exactly how this character felt. The thing that didn't seem plausible to me was how quickly the character recovered from this. Although in the end he relapsed, it didn't seem possible for him to go from complete isolation to contact with thousands of people in such a short time. However, DiCaprio's performance was compelling; I really felt for his character and it would be difficult to make such a big character who lived such an amazing life seem human. Cate Blanchett was also very good as Katherine Hepburn. It was a difficult role to play, but she was very believable. Another thing I didn't like about the movie was its length. I don't normally have a problem with long movies; in fact, I feel that the reason so few good movies are made these days is because most are too short for real character development. And the length of this movie was necessary for Hughes' character to be developed. But parts of the film seemed disjointed, which made it seem longer than it actually was. If it had've flowed together better, the length would not have been a problem for me. Overall, though, I felt that the film was surprisingly good. Considering how commercial the film is, I was surprised at how well made it was.

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In general, a good show, 21 April 2003

This show definitely has weak points, but all things considered, its a really good show, especially when its compared to all the other reality shows on TV right now. I find talent competitions much more interesting than watching a bunch of women try to win over one supposedly attractive man. Of course, I might be a little biased on this since I've always wanted to be a singer, but a know a lot of people agree with me. Its good that there's at least one show on TV where people can watch musical performances since there aren't shows like American Bandstand on the air anymore. Also, Clay should definitely win this season : )

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A True Classic, 19 April 2003

Audrey Hepburn has been in a lot of great movies, but this film is the one that made her my favorite actress. She brought an innocent quality to Holly Golightly, a character who, as everyone who has read Truman Capote's book knows, isn't at all innocent. You forget while watching the film that Holly is a call girl and start to focus on the other elements of the character. George Peppard, Patricia Neal, and Buddy Epson are good in their roles too, but Hepburn really stands out.

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Brilliant, 14 October 2002

I'll admit I hate dramas. I think they're too serious. But this show is great. The characters are believable, the acting is good, and the plotlines really hold my attention. I wasn't alive in the 60's so it is very interesting to see what life was like then. All in all: 10/10!

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Has Gone Downhill, 14 October 2002

When this show first went on the air, it was a good show but got to be a little repetitive. When she went to college, it got a little worse. Then this season, it went way downhill. They got rid of the aunts (and Josh and Miles) with no explanation at all. Not to mention that Sabrina took a job at an entertainment magazine so the show could get famous guest stars every week. Also, if Sabrina is living in her aunts' house in Boston, how is it that she works in New York? I think this should definitely be Sabrina's last season.

A Great Show, 14 October 2002

I know a lot of people on this site have given 8 Simple Rules a bad review, but I don't agree with any of them. This show is brilliant. I am close to Bridget and Keri's ages and can really relate to this show. Also I love John Ritter and he is very funny in this show. One other actor I have to comment on is the guy who plays Rory. He is very funny and provides most of the comedy along with John Ritter. I hope this show has a long run on ABC.

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Great Show, 14 October 2002

As soon as I found out Andy Dick was on this show I knew I had to watch it. I loved him on Newsradio and it's great to see him playing a character that's a little less than smart. I also think Sara Rue is great. Her character is human and easy to relate to. I hope this show has a long run.

Charade (1963)
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Not what I expected, 23 August 2002

I saw this movie having no idea what it was about, only knowing who was in it, which was enough for me. I don't like thrillers and mysteries much but I figured that with Audrey Hepburn being in it I was safe from that.

This film really worked. Audrey Hepburn and Cary Grant had great chemistry, and it was great to see both of them, especially Grant, in different roles than I was used to.

It kept me on the edge of my seat from start to finish. I was always wondering what could possibly happen next, and my eyes were always glued to the screen because something important was always just about to happen.

The writing for this movie was amazing. The plot was well thought out and although the action was almost constant, everything related to the central plot.

I'd recommend this film to anyone. It can appeal to people who like classics, dramas, romances, thrillers, and even comedies. Five stars : )

My absolute favorite movie, 27 July 2002

I initially saw this film because I am a huge fan of Don Knotts. Although he hardly gets any screen time, he gives a flawless performance as the TV repairman who sends the kids to Pleasantville. The acting was brilliant from all the leads. I particularly liked William H Macy as the father who comes home every day after work and says "Honey I'm Home" in the same flat tone.

I watch a lot of old TV shows and this movie made me think: what would those TV worlds really be like? The interesting thing about the movie is that everything happens for a reason and has a meaning. Everything relates to one central plot and if something happens, it's always to move that one plot along. I'd recommend this movie to almost anyone. Five out of four stars!

A teen's point of view, 27 July 2002

Before seeing the movie, I read Helen Fielding's book, which was, I think, one of the best books I've ever read, so I had high expectations for the movie. I was disappointed by how much of the book was not in the movie, but all of the best parts were. I was disappointed by the fact that most of the plot with Mrs. Jones and Julian was cut out and that Jim Broadbent was not given much screen time. I was especially impressed by Zellweger's and Grant's performances and had no idea until after I saw the movie that Zellweger wasn't British. Bridget Jone's was a very sincere character that I could relate to easily, and I thought the movie was funny despite what some people say. I was particularily glad that the Tarts and Vicars scene from the book was in the movie--that was, in my opinion, the best part. All in all, I loved this movie. I'd give it four stars.

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