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An excellent insight into the world of sweat shops and much more
29 September 2006
I know the director and cinematographer personally, so I can guarantee everything you see is real as flesh and bone. I stepped into the room ready to make concessions out of friendship, but there was no need.

This brilliant documentary has it all - drama, humor, sweat shops, identity search, both sides of the story, smart examples...when the lights are turned on again you feel you're coming from very far very soon. And are surrounded by the reality they describe.

I bought not long ago a pair of leggings made in Bangladesh. Believe me, when I wear them I'm promising myself to do everything I can to stop the giants of globalization from producing cheap and taking advantage of people, them and us - their sweat for peanuts and our money.

If you get a chance to see this film, don't hesitate, step in, it's better than 3X movies, you don't even need the glasses or a plane to travel, it's all in there. Then you'll see the bigger picture and your world won't be the same again.
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