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the definition of "funny"., 6 November 2007

This movie is simply funny, it aims to make you laugh and no more. Anyone who dissect the plot and put the acting and screenplay of this film under a microscope is missing the entire point of this movie.

This is a comedy, not a documentary or an historical saga, this is plane humor, dumb with a bit of a slapstick taste... The entire situation is fictional of course and that's what so funny about it. I've read some comment about this movie here and the people who wrote these comment are way off, talking like those big-shot movie critics.

This is a fun movie to watch with a "stupid" yet hilarious story, simple comedy and a lot of what some people call "toilet humor" (which is always funny) - it's nothing more than pure entertainment and it leaves you with a smile on your face which is never a bad thing, right? I've seen this movie 5 times and I still laugh my heart out! :-D

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What in the name of god was that???, 29 September 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This is by far the worst movie I've ever seen. From the plot, though the shots, the "special effects", the acting, and did I mentioned the plot? Every single thing in it sucked ass!

This is a good example of what "over-doing" means and I'll try to explain:

I understand what the creator of this movie was trying to do; this was supposed to be one of those movies you can't really tell what the hell is going on up until the end. You sit mesmerized, not knowing who's dead and who's alive and who killed who and why and just when you think you got the timeline right you find out you're wrong and the movie ends - leaving you with an opened mouth for the next 5 minutes! Something like "Unbreakable" or "The Job" if you know what I mean.

But Olga Levens, the writer of this junk, yes, Olga – The writer, Director, Producer, Screenplay author, Caster, Production designer, Art Director, Costume Designer and also a double for one of the characters is some scenes... this is basically a one woman movie and when it comes to Olga Levens from "Levens Productions" you can't go wrong :-)

Well this might come as a shocker but "this time" Olga over did this big time, jumping from scene to scene, from dreams to reality... but wait! this was all a dream after all... or was it??? The picture fades and I realized none of this ever happened, the girl was all alone on the ship... actually there was no ship... no wait! There's the ship again, and the guys! They're alive! Thank god! No they're calling her to join the cruise... but then the ship disappears so maybe they're dead after all??? or maybe they never were alive to begin with???

If you understood what I just said you might like this movie - otherwise it's a boring piece of work and the only reason I set through this entire crap is to find out how the hell can they finish this movie...

Don't watch this if you value time, ever 90 minutes are a waste in this case...