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WWF No Way Out (2002) (TV)
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NWO Returns, 18 February 2002

First off i have to say that most of the matches were fairly lame.But lets start with the good ones.William Regal made a First Class Heel in his Brass Knuckles on a pole match with Edge.The Rocks match against The Undertaker was better than one could of hoped And Rob Van Damn and Goldust was probably match of the the stinkers Triple H and Kurt Angles end was signposted early and the fight was poor given there track records.the Tag Team Challenge Match was won By the worst Tag team in it.And the Snoozefest that was Chris Jericho and Steve Austin which consisted of Chop after Chop after Chop.Every move was repeated over and over.Thank Goodness For the NWO,and Rocks Little Send up was great.At the Moment the big title Match at Wrestlemania looks like being a major flop.Unless Hall Nash Hogan And Flair can Reclaim the glory days.

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Awful Turkey worst of the year, 19 January 2002

Barry Norman Johnathan Ross shame on you both praising a movie you both admitted not understanding.what a bunch of bores.oh its Art so it must be good.Wrong if it makes little sense whats the point. Too many Critics pan the films that make money and Praise rubbish like this.this is a Emperors new clothes story where critics praise what they dont understand incase someone calls them stupid.this movie is so bad thirty years ago it would of been in the lower half of a double bill with Holiday on the Buses.this movie make Reg Varneys Look like a Classic.

A Real Bore, 9 January 2002

John Woo makes a boring action movie until this movie i would of said thats impossible.the first was a classic but this is just so slow.the early scene reminded me of Star Trek V.the middle part is all talk.and the action at the end a big letdown.if you want a action packed sequal pick Die Hard 2.

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Underrated British TV Classic, 8 January 2002

Unfairly Panned by stupid TV critics,Tony Ferrino was a superb send up of cheesy Euro Entertainers like Sacha Distel.with loads of funny songs like Bigamy at Christmas,Other mans wives,fishing for girls and the Silence of the lambs.this was a fantastic show.The BBC only made two shows with Ferrino yet both were classics unlike Dr terrors house of horrible which is laughfree.i would of loved Alan Partridge to have interviewed Tony Ferrino.Kim Wilde proves to be a Dab hand at comedy.a true masterpiece.a shame the BBC have not released it on DVD.

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Bring back Tony Ferrino, 8 January 2002

this awful show is the pits.neither funny or watchable the plots are rubbish.the jokes are nowhere to be found.Coogan has made many classic tv moments.but this is pure hell.hopefully this is the first and last of the poorest shows i have ever seen.

Fight Club (1999)
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What a Load of rubbish, 6 January 2002

A flop just about everywhere.critics talk as though its a classic.i thought it was the pits.Edward Norton voice drove me mad i hate voiceovers.was there a point to the movie.some weirdos may get some crazy ideas from it.a movie this bad deserves no praise.a case of the emperors new clothes if ever i saw one.

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What a load of rubbish, 3 January 2002

The fist movie i saw at the cinema and enjoyed the second wasnt as good but the excellent Andrew Divoff made it still worth watching.this third movie does not have the star of the first two movies.its like having freddy played by someone other that Robert Englund.Jason Connery is no match for Divoff.I dare say that Divoff didnt like the script,i know i didnt.the acting was lame the fx even worse.i own the first two on dvd but this rubbish will not grace my dvd shelf.

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Great TV spin off, 24 December 2001

This captures the heart and soul of the TV show.The two leads are so realistic that you could not really see them as anything other than a classic double act.a neat story even if the ending is predictable.but its stays true to character.some good genuine laughs.though you do feel for the younger Steptoe.

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Great Dracula movie, 13 December 2001

Although i was looking forward to this movie i couldnt help but wonder if they would use CGI.which i think has been done to death in movies like Mummy Returns and American werewolf in Paris and worse look rubbish compared to films 20 years earlier.this then comes as a breath of fresh air as this is more Matrix than any of them.the story goes further back than usual.the cast are great Johnny Lee Miller being a loud mouthed cockney is a little poor.i maybe would of liked a more classical actor as Dracula.but there few and far between.Timothy Dalton years ago would of been this one was more a lost boy than anything else.but the film is fun and not many recent horror movies can claim that.

Beloved (1998)
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Awful Turkey, 25 November 2001

This movie is the pits,both overlong and unsure of its tone.the script is rotten.the acting is good but the characters are so unlikeable that the movie fails to make you care what happens.had spike lee of done this movie maybe it could of been good as it is its a awful movie that gives a bad name to turkeys

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