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Rocky IV (1985)
Easily the Best out of the entire Rocky Saga
18 December 2017
Still to this Day, I am 42 Years young.. When watching this Film.. I totally get Pumped.. from the Awesome Training Sequences showing the Contrasting Styles from both Rocky and Drago to the Ending Fight.. Its is the best Rocky Film made hands down...Even the Music is Good.

When my 9 year old Son wants to watch Rocky Film I will show him this one 1st.

Here is my Ranking from Best to Worst.. I'm not including Creed in this Rating as that is Related but not Rocky Film (even though it is a Fantastic Film on its Own)

Best to Worst

Rocky 4 Rocky 3 (Mr. T as Clubber Lang) Rocky 2 Rocky Rocky 6 Rocky 5

Creed if included would be a close Second place.. as it was an amazing continuation of the Rocky Franchise.. I mean come on,, Apollo has an illegitimate son who has the Skills and finds Rocky to help him achieve Greatness... Brilliant
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Its an Visual Feast of Action for the Eyes and Ear.. Appreciate it for what it is.
20 January 2017
Saw this movie today.. Rainy Day in the mood for a good Action Flick and I have to say it delivered.. Your Typical Vin Diesel Flick but he plays it well. I did like to see the additional stars involved such as Donnie Yen, Tony Jaa and the a Great Cameo of Ice Cube. Yeah IC was in a triple X film in the past.. It was also good to see Donnie Yen was given a large part in the film as he is a fairly decent actor for mainly being a Martial Arts Actor. (He was recently in Rogue One)

This film delivered on Big Action, Attractive women and cool stunts. Of course a lot of it is unrealistic like the Motorcycles transforming in Jet skis but isn't this why we go to the movies to escape reality and be entertained for a couple of hours..

The film ended laying the groundwork on possibly another XXX film with the hint of Dual Agents... Vin and Cube.

This film and this Genre will always have a place in Cinema and is a good watch for the Action Film buffs and totally worth a Matinée ticket.
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Better than the 1st movie
4 April 2009
I just saw this and to be honest I was hesitant in buying the $8 matinée ticket but wanted to see a movie and figured what the heck. First of all the 1st film was good, IMO the sequel and then Tokyo Drift were pretty bad but the 4th installment gave a ray of hope when I first saw the trailer. I liked the fact that it had a large part of the original cast.

I enjoyed this film and was surprised. They actually wrote a good story and it flowed very well, the action and driving scene's were shot and edited superbly, you did get the feeling that you were in the car at times which adds to the intensity of the driving scenes. I also like the fact that they incorporated American muscle cars instead of just imports this way the movie will appeal to people of all tastes. Overall I was pleasantly surprised of how good the film was. Also the final scene of Phoenix's demise was different than the norm. Bottom line Go see it.
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