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8 films to die for, 19 November 2006

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"This is unlike any other horror movie I've seen. It is less focused on violence, and instead really develops its story around the characters. It still has its fair share of gore, but it is more of a drama than your typical horror flick. I thought the movie was great, as did many others, as The Hamiltons won the Santa Barbara Film Festival, the Malibu Film Festival, SF Indie Fest and was selected for several more festivals. If you don't have tickets for "8 Films to Die For" yet this weekend I recommend hurrying up and seeing this movie." I saw this in new york and i think the rest of the audience really got a scare out of the film too. I definitely saw a number of people jump and grab the person next to them.

"The Hamiltons refuses to play by most of the genre rules, and is best experienced as a ghoulish comedic take on the post-modern American family, in which the chain of command is up for grabs. Midnight slots at fests and specialty cinemas are a no-brainer, and vid should spill some blood." – Robert Koehler,

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far better than last night's dark ride, 18 November 2006

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"Desecrating a burial site isn't such a good idea in "The Gravedancers," a modestly budgeted yet effects-heavy horror opus. It's reminiscent of prior fantasy faves, but it's flashy and entertaining enough to win favor from the genre faithful." –Dennis Harvey "However, in the end I was still more than satisfied with the result. In an era of creepy ghost girls, it's nice to see that someone out there is still trying to make good, original haunted house movies. This is a great and suspenseful horror movie which delivers both the scares and the chills. Finally, let me quote "Black Christmas" when I say - if this doesn't make your skin crawl - it's on too tight!" – "The Gravedancers sure is a bloody good movie! It's suspenseful, it's creepy and it's got an original and tight story which will keep you on the edge of your seat. A truly terrifying horror flick which I strongly recommend. It might not be flawless, but if you're looking for a good time, you've found it." – "An exacting ghost story wielding an old school fright mentality that works its way under your skin to do one mean Irish jig all over your nerves." –Ryan Rotten,

a must see, 4 October 2006

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The new MXC DVD is beautifully put together. the menu's are easy to navigate and breeze through. I just love how Kenny and Vic pop up and say funny snip-its. some of the challenges include "surfboard of death", "brass balls", "boulder dash", and "pole Vault". the boulder dash is just hysterical. the picture is very crisp and the dubbed VO is super clear. unlike the poor quality shown on spike, the DVD is really quite pretty. a must have in your collection if you like to laugh, cry or just need to fill a genre that you have not dove into yet. not sure about the rating on the DVD, but it may be inapropriate for kids under 13. however at a super young age they will not have a clue what is really going on in the dialogue.