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go check it out, 19 November 2006

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"The first movie I saw as part of the "8 Films to Die For" weekend did not leave me disappointed. In terms of camera-work it is a mix of Texas Chain Saw Massacre and Blair Witch, but MUCH better. The violent scenes are especially effective and realistic, and I plan on seeing it again before the weekend is over." "It starts off kind of slow as the story is presented, but the suspense builds as you begin to see a more complex family than one that simply kidnaps and kills innocent girls. For such a low budget horror film the acting is very good as is the camera-work. My friend and I left the theater surprised at how good it was amidst a buzz of people feeling the same way."

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better than last night's dark ride, 18 November 2006

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Beginning as most cheap horror films do with the death of a pretty young female, The Grave Dancers lacks the opening to draw in the viewer. It's not until after the opening credits, a funeral and a reunion of three old friends that the story takes off and grabs a hold of the viewer's attention. In a drunken haze, the three friends decide to say goodbye to their friend one last time by going to the gravesite and paying their condolences. Awaiting their arrival for no apparent reason is a note atop the tombstone that intrigues them all to dance on separate graves. As the sun rises and the three friends return to there separate lives, all of them begin to notice strange occurrences going on in their lives. With every passing day getting worse, the three friends begin to fear for their lives as the ghost like scares become physical. For those of you who like ghost stories and witchcraft, The Grave Dancers is right for you. With a cast of beautiful actors, this film is sure to keep you interested till the very end.

Dark Ride (2006)
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opening night at horror fest, 18 November 2006

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Take it for what it's worth. Dark Ride is a modern day slasher flick that is sure to make you jump. With twists and turns around every corner, you just know that the rage is waiting around one of them. With an up and coming cast of beautiful people, the eye candy is both pleasing for the males and females in the audience. What would a good horror film be without some hot blonds to keep you interested? The film starts out a bit on the childish side, but soon moves well into it's R rating.

Hell yeah! You can say what you want about mainstream slasher flicks but these kind of movies were the reason why I became a reviewer! Dark Ride is everything a modern slasher should be. It's got a masked killer who's just escaped from an asylum, it's got a hot teen cast, it's got a creepy setting and it's got gallons of gore! Sure, this might have been a bigger hit back in the late 90's, but I for one have missed these slashers and I'm happy to see that Lions Gate and After Dark are bringing them back." –

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worth checking out tonight., 17 November 2006

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Having never seen a Japanese horror film before watching Reincarnation, I can honestly say that I would forget about seeing American horror movies if I knew all Japanese films were as good as Reincarnation. Director Takashi Shimizu brings his film Rinne (meaning reincarnation in English) to the US with collaboration from Lions Gate Entertainment and After Dark Films. Beginning with a supple yet chilling intro, Reincarnation immediately grabbed my attention and kept my interest till the bitter end. Set in modern day Japan, Sugiura, the main character in the film puts on a very convincing performance as her character portrays an up and coming actress who begins to see the truth behind the horror film she is acting in. Reincarnation takes an outsiders look into the possibility of life after death. The film Sugiura stars in tells the true story of a past murder rampage that took place in a hotel some 20 years earlier. The man behind the carnage was a professor, husband and father of two. He killed both his children, much of the hotel staff and finally him self to prove that the human bodies sole lives on after death. As the shooting of the movie within the film builds, so does Sugiura's images and fears. She soon looses track of what is real and what is solely an image in her head. Highly unpredictable, I was unable to foreshadow the ending and was pleasantly surprised by the outcome. If your going to see anyone of the 8 movies featured in this years horror Fest, make Reincarnation it.

an instant classic, 4 October 2006

I used to watch this with my boyfriend all the time last year at his place. I was in best buy yesterday and saw the DVD and had to buy it for him. well for us. we watched a few of the episodes last night and neither one of us could stop laughing. i nearly started crying from laughing so hard. Neither one of us had seen any of the episodes on the DVD that we have watched so far. i guess we were both kinda stoked to see some one/old episodes. the Takeshi castle episode is priceless. I know in like 5 years from now we are going to go back and watch the DVD and it is just going to bring back so many memories. he was so excited when he opened it up.