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The Fallen (2004)
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Terrifyingly terrible!, 29 July 2009

Remember those terrible war movies your grandmother forced you to watch 25 or so years ago on your old VHS recorder? "The Fallen" is just a bad executed remake of those movies! The story is terrible, the direction is terrible, the editing is terrible, the music is terrible, and all together make an unbearable nightmare.

It is also terribly slow! Very slow! I tried to sleep while watching it but I couldn't do it because I had nightmares of it.

Please don't watch this movie! It is THAT bad! Ten lines is a lot so I don't know what else to say.

Press the eject button NOW and you wont regret it!

Rabbits (2002)
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Rabbits! Another masterpiece from Lynch!, 29 September 2006

It's spooky, it's strange (hell it's even funny) and it's dangerously spellbinding!!! Rabbits is the mother and father of all nightmares. The acting, the movements, the lighting and the colors are all brilliant and some of the singing of Rebekah del Rio reminds you of Greek tragedy.

I always say that there are no bad David Lynch films. There are just people who don't understand them.

Once you take the trip down the abysmal world of the subconscious, you don't want to wake up. We all have fears and we all definitely have Rabbits in our heads. CAN'T WAIT for INLAND EMPIRE...