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These are all the time travel movies I've watched (at least all I can think of). Most I like some are downright lame. I love the whole time travel concept. I have them divided into five categories. Listing them alphabetically in each category 1) Time Travel using some sort of mechanical device 2) Time Travel without a machine. Using the mind, accidental, or some rip in time. 3) Time Loop (with out without a machine) 4) Communications through time or seeing the future - with or without some device 5) Alternate Reality.

If anyone else has any suggestions I would welcome them.
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Ghosts, Heaven, what-have-you. I bet there are many I'm not thinking of. I welcome your suggestions.
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These are movie where memory loss feature prominently. Let me know if I missed any.
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Let me know if I missed any
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These are my favorite non-english movies
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Best romance movies of the last decade. This list is alphabetical by year of release. I felt it would be too daunting a task to try to sort them by most romantic.

I also love the movie "If Only" - it's not on the list because I hadn't yet seen it when I created this list
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As per my other "50 Best Romances" lists - they are alphabetically by year of release. As always I can only list movies I've seen (it would be difficult to judge ones that I haven't). These appear to be mostly comedies. No doubt that was the sort of film I was interested in watching way back then.
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I haven't had the opportunity to meet very many celebs in person. When you do you tend to remember the experience - unless you are lucky enough to work in the industry and meet famous people every day.
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Best romance movies from 1990 thru 1999. This list is alphabetical by year of release. I felt it would be too daunting a task to try to sort them by most romantic.
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These ladies can still get your tempurature rising.
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Movies where people pretend to be someone they're not or are mistaken for someone they're not. In general I avoided undercover police & superhero films (although I did add one of each - sort of)
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These are actors and actresses who first came to my attention as child stars. I was impressed by their performances as young actors so made it a point to watch as many of their films as I could. Many have fulfilled their promise others have disappointed me. Some have gone on to become big stars, others have languished in relative obscurity, some have bombed out.
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even though he is best known for his over the top comedy I had trouble coming up with 10 comic performances. The last few aren't really particularly good.
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Even though Robin Williams is considered primarily a comedian if you look over his movie list you will actually find more dramatic roles than comic.
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I know I'm gonna hear it on this one! Kristen Stewart is one of those actors that really polarize people, they either love her or hate her. And it usually comes down to one thing *Twilight*. People who like Twilight typically like Stewart, people who hate Twilight typically hate Stewart (there are of course exceptions). Kristen came to my attention years before Twilight - in fact I saw Twilight because she was in it (I had never even heard of it or read any of the books before). This is my take on what her best performances are. Feel free to disagree - I only ask that you be respectful.
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Movies about switching bodies
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In no particular order
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No particular order
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Movies filmed in an unusual style. These films may not be for everyone. Listed in alphabetical order. I'd welcome any suggestions of other unusual movies people think I might like.
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Although they may be talented and I may like their movies, I find these actors overly annoying due to their behavior in their very public private lives.
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listed from bad to worse
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Again - this is how I ranked them at the time. I might choose differently now but it is what it is.
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Listed from bad to worse
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Listed from Bad to Worse I'd be curious if anyone actually liked any of these films.
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This was how I ranked these films at the end of 2008. In retrospect I might rank them differently today but choose to keep them in accordance with my initial impression.
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This is meant as a companion list to These are suggestions for romance movies to watch not included on that list. Some of these may be a bit unconventional as love stories but then most movies have a romance element even if they aren't strictly a romance movie.
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These are movies that most people tend to regard as some of the greatest cinematic accomplishments. I completely disagree. While I didn't absolutely HATE all of them I don't think they are the greatest things since sliced bread. Some of these are OK at best, most I actively dislike and some I downright detest.
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Listed from bad to worse
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