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Just When You think you've find the right guy,someone even worse comes along!, 25 August 2006

For 1 hour and 45 minz long feature it is not so long for this little piece of cake. It's easy-watch movie. Because it is real good movie. James Garner And Sally are very match for their roles in the movie.James is very Gently very humorous. He just Stoles the whole movie most of the time.

If we lost him out of the movie is no life at all.He is also served for an Oscar nomination. Cory Haim is very good actor. The movie is funny, humorous and comfortable.

The Cinemaphotograher William A.Fraker shoots the movie feel like a slightly kind of village. It's a good feeling of how the country village like and everyone is nice. It's a very unexpectedly good movie!Just add to your DVD collection now !

Flightplan (2005)
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Very Underrated movie, 13 March 2006

I saw it yesterday. It's a very underrated movie that people said it's not a good movie. I think it's a very good entertaining movie. Screenwriter came up the idea of flightplan from the case of 9/11. The Ending is a twist.The movie is shot in the 2.35:1 aspect ratio in Widescreen. It's wonderful to see this movie in that kind of widecreen ratio. I beieve that lots of people didn't know how big it was in the whole area of a plane. Director and photographer shows us the whole area of a plane when Kyle looking for her daugther. Please keep the storyline secret to someone who has not seen this movie ! Juida Fostner is a though woman as she always does in silence of the lambs.

Free Willy (1993)
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The 10th anniversary, 26 August 2005

It's a good movie. I love Animals. this is a good movie bout a killer whale was caught by bad businessman and it's for sale on the show biz reluctantly.After it made friend with a boy. The boy could understand how the feeling of losing family. He rejected the new love of his adopted parents but he learnt how to accept the new love and hope from his new home and family after saving his best friend Willy the killer whale. Basil Poledouris composed the heartwarming and touching score for the movie. Robbie Greenberg shot the wonderful secenery and caught the beauty of Willy. They are very professional.I don't understand why people do not like this movie. It is a good and very underrated movie for the whole family. It certainly much better than some sex and violent movies. I love this movie very much !

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Merry Christmas !, 15 December 2004

I watched How The Grinch stole Christmas. It's a good entertaining movie to watch this year. Ron Howard represented this colorful movie to his father. He remade this 1966 classic. Jim Carrey was chosen to be The Grinch. I think Jim Carrey was kind of odd and stupid in as the Grinch, but quite liked the clothes and the background made out by Custom Design and Art Direction and I found out that the Christmas meaning is not only the presents. It's about love. Family gets together for this wonderful Christmas every year. Family and family they sing the songs and eat foods. Christmas is for everyone including Grinch. Grinch looks ugly. People hate him and laugh at him. Grinch is just like those weak people in the society. May be we have to love them more. That's Christmas Soul !

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"Two Thumbs Up" !!!!!, 11 April 2004

I watched 6th sense since and I was so expected to watch this movie when it came out. I watched it and I think it's so great !!! Mimi Leader is so underrated !! She handles the film so gorgeous !!The film might not moved everyone on earth, but the important thing is true love never die ! Love in the world ! It moves me deeply almost every part of the movie. Thomas Newman is usually great in his art of scoring. I especially love the music of Possibility.It shows us how to give love to your side people and the society. It's a great educated movie ! It's great script of pay it forward. I have to thank Kevin Spacey and Helen Hunt for their professional acting !!! They are so great in the movie. Haley is so great and cute. Don't miss it !!!!! Two Thumbs up !!!(8 out of 10)

In Country (1989)
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A good gift for all the American soldiers !, 19 March 2004

I like this movie very much. It's a real good movie ! Every part of the film is so real.The war seems nobody wants to remember.The movie's of a family face to cure the wounds of Vietnam. It catches the thrill of war and the disillusionment of soldiers. It'd be a good present for the Vietnam soldiers !The movie cures some retired American soldiers and their family. We have Bruce Willis , Emily Lloyd & Joan Allen on the movie, and this is another good Bruce Willis movie I ever seen before. He acts successfully to be a reclusive vet! If you don't claim for traditional Hollywood movies, this movie would suit u to watch. God bless the American soldiers !

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A great action movie !, 18 February 2004

I finished it today. It was a sad drama of two criminals escape, and the cop from jail knew they left, he tracing them until the final minute Every minute is exciting. I don't want to see they die at the end. The bad cop provoke me. It's some wonderful views of the mountain and running train. The shot is perfectly fast !!! I can't take my eyes off John Voight. He Shows us a sophisticated character as "Manny" !!!!!! 7/10

The Hours (2002)
Wonderful Acting !, 3 February 2004

Nicole Kidman is a good actor. She 's so gifted in the hours. Her devastating performance won her the first Oscar. She's just so great to be the depressed writer. Juila moore was wonderful ! She should be nominated for the best supporting actress too!!! The music was so light and blue for the title. It's quite sad to see this movie though. It's the best movie since Billy Elliot ! Thank you very much Stephen Daldry!!!

Delightful !!!, 14 December 2003

I saw it last night. It was barely wonderful & touching ! It's just like a nice fairy tale for the whole family. Tim Allen brought us lots of Christmas joy to be a such a nice Santa clause.Eric Lloyd was so smart in the movie as Tim's kid. The elves looked cute. They were lovely. The art direction made up lots of nice background. The composer created lots of fabulous music about Christmas. I trust the adults are still remember their swell Christmas time when they were kid.JOIN THIS MOVIE WITH YOUR FAMILY IN CHRISTMAS SEASON !!!! 8/10

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Very good !!!, 27 November 2003

The story of a very shy Walter living with two freakish Unlce. Haley Joel Osment , Michael Caine & Robert Duvall did the wonderful job on this nice comdey :-) Every part was laugh to death, just some part I almost cry. The movie is actrually about "family" and how to believe a true. I took a great lesson today. Thanks Michael & Robert !!!! Thank you very for giving me a such a great time on this movie HALEY JOEL OSMENT ! KEEP WORKING WONDERFUL AS GREAT AS SIXTH SENSE !!!!!!!

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