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all the movies i can remember ever watching. mostly keeping this list as a reminder for myself.
there are a ton that i have forgotten to include, but i've been making an effort to log in the ones that i can remember since 2006.
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The top of the top, cream of the crop.

Personal favorites.
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Personal favorites, and those that I feel stand out from the rest.

Always open to suggestions of more in the same vein.
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Some films that I've found to be wonderfully surreal, disorienting, atmospheric, otherworldly, dreamlike, hallucinatory, strange, etc.
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Mmm... varying shades of dark.
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Some of my favorite horror films that I find to be stylish, surreal and/or dream-like. Mostly going by atmosphere and colors, though there are a few black and white films here as well.

Not too many recent films fit the specific mood/feel so a lot have been excluded.

There are a few non-horror films included as well, since they had horror elements or just an eerie atmosphere to them.
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Dry, deadpan, and subtle.

Not all of these are comedies, but I laughed anyway.
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