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From Hell (2001)
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Very dark..., 18 November 2002

I had difficulty in determining exactly what was happening in this movie, since my television is close to 30 years old and has a color projection problem. However, it did not hinder my understanding of the story. Johnny Depp is a cool actor, who seems to be almost typecast as the federal investigator (think Sleepy Hollow), but manages to bring a strong a unique performance to the screen every time. I'm not exactly sure why Heather Graham was a crucial component to the story, but it certainly didn't harm it. Ian Holm - ha hah. incredible performance, and no less what you'd expect from one of the best actors of the last thirty years. He is very dynamic, and the character he brings to a role just jumps off the screen. Powerful, dark, tense, and riveting, this is a must see for Depp/Holm fans.

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Weak, not worth the rent..., 13 November 2002

Got to watch this movie recently, and overall, yeah, kind of weak. However, Orlando Jones is the best comedic element of the film. After that, Its Richard Jenkins. Everybody else is not a great comedic actor.

There's a lot of gross humor, but nothing really obscene. Heather Graham is a charming actress, and if only for that and the above mentioned positive reasons should you see this movie. Only rent it if no one you know has it.

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Oh, please..., 9 November 2002

Seriously, this movie can be funny, but it all stems from a family too stupid to make it in the real world. I can enjoy the humor in the fact that it is fiction, but I just can't accept the nature of the people. Seriously, there are laws of physics that determine how people THAT dumb do not live very long. So, humorous, but not realist.

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Dynamic defines comedy..., 9 November 2002

I have to say I enjoy this show, if not for the many issues it raises with me. I defend it in that it does have lots of decent, non-offensive humor, such as Dale Gribble's complete lack of universal comprehension. However, I do criticize on the primary character-Hank Hill. The family seems to be a god-loving family, so I won't criticize religious principle. BUT, Hank is way to conservative. He is too much of a puritanist, it is bothersome. The way he restricts his son is, frankly, an argument against logical parenting anywhere. It is Peggy who is the really intelligent parent in that household. So, the real fun of the show comes from the dynamic between the leads and Dale, Boomhauer, and Bill. Otherwise, the show may not have enough kick.

Cool movie, cool combat..., 28 October 2002

I saw this movie on Sunday, and I have to say I enjoyed it. Statham is becoming the next big action star. Altogether, it was a very action packed movie, with lots of great fights and shootouts. My one one gripe is that you never really find out exactly why the asian girl was being transported. Mind you, still a cool movie, with cool combat.

The Tuxedo (2002)
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Blend of 007 and Rush Hour..., 28 October 2002

The Tuxedo is a neat story of high tech gadgetry meets mistaken identity when Jackie Chan, a reckless taxi driver, replaces a secret agent after an unfortunate accident. This movie provides a lot of funny moments, and great comedic action and combat. The tuxedo itself is a marvel of technology, giving Jackie Chan the ability to perform tasks far exceeding a normal human. The villains are, far to say the least, your classic Bond style evil-doer, with their own farfetched (yet in some crazy way possible) method for world domination. The humorous element in this film is a close parallel to the Rush Hour movies, only without Chris Tucker. Worth the trip.

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For Carpenter fans, otherwise..., 3 September 2002

I've got to be honest- this movie wasn't really what I expected. A friend said it was really good, but after seeing it, I don't fully agree. Yes, there's decent action, and yes, it's a neat story, but I've seen a number of other Carpenter films, and I personally think he's just grasping at ideas above his head. The enemy characters are interesting, but share a common thread in style to those of the Escape series. Henstridge and Statham help with the film, so it's not a total bust. If you're a die hard fan of Carpenter, you'll like it. I just didn't find it as intense as I thought it was going to be.

totally deserves those Oscars..., 3 September 2002

I saw this movie recently, and I think this - Wow. Seriously, this movie is superb. There is a powerful emotional grasp to it, and an element of unusual notoriety to the characters. while weird at times, this movie still is compelling, forthcoming, funny at times, and a cosmic prize to the industry. It definitely deserves the Oscars it won.

Snatch. (2000)
Brit Snatch is decent catch..., 3 September 2002

I've seen this movie three times now, and personally, it delivers. I wouldn't pick it out of a lineup to watch on a rainy day, but it certainly is a decent film. Guy Ritchie has a special flare for the British goon style of characters in his films. Statham is the real star, even though Brad Bitt is notable as a gypsy boxer with a knockout right hook. I'd recommend this movie to those who liked Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, because, in feel, it's almost the same movie.

True to life, reality depiction..., 3 September 2002

I saw this movie on Monday, and I feel it would make a decent movie for academic study. If it weren't for the abusive language, this would be a great movie to use in literary studies. The story is true to life, a blatantly honest depiction of life for those less fortunate in society. I would recommend this movie to those who like these kind of reality movies.

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