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Vampires Suck (2010)
Surprisingly good!
15 August 2010
Warning: Spoilers
We all know what to expect of a movie from Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer. But hey, this one is really fun. It's not that "wow, I laughed out a loud with this movie", but it is still a cool movie to watch.

Better yet, they focused on just one movie, I mean, Date Movie, Epic Movie and Disaster Movie, they spoofed too many movies in one, that makes the movie confusing and boring. But here they focused only on the Twilight Saga, of course they also spoofed other movies like Alice in Wonderland but they didn't focused on that very much and that made the movie be good.

The actress who plays Kristen Stewart's role: Becca, she's really funny, she reminds me of Cindy in the first Scary Movie and she's also prettier than Kristen, she made the movie worth it, at least for me.

Forget about all the other spoofs made by the directors, this one is really an improvement to other spoofs going out lately, like Dance Flick.

Sit back, relax and enjoy one hour and sixteen minutes of pure fun.

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Avatar (2009)
Ótimo. Um dos melhores filmes do ano.
28 December 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Simplesmente um dos melhores filmes do ano. Ganha até de 2012, que muitas vezes chegou a ser chato.

Avatar conta com uma excelente direção, atuação sensacional, e um grande roteiro. E não grande em tamanho, mas em desenvolvimento. Sigourney Weaver estava excelente como sempre, ela é uma ótima atriz que sabe lidar com as situações de cada cena como se estivesse realmente lá, o que muitos não conseguem.

James Cameron trouxe mais um ótimo roteiro à vida, trazendo romance, suspense, muita ação e efeitos especiais. Uma bolha de personagens interessantes e muito simpáticos, que muitas vezes nós mesmos se identificamos com eles.

Zoe Saldana foi a escolha perfeita para o papel principal da nativa que se apaixona e ajuda Jake, na guerra contra o povo do céu (humanos), que tentam destruir a morada dos nativos no ano de 2154, à procura de tesouros e energia.

Enfim, um excelente roteiro e uma direção magnífica. Avatar simplesmente superou minhas expectativas. Provavelmente não só um dos melhores do ano, mas "o melhor do ano"

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The scariest movie I've ever seen!
14 November 2009
I remember watching the trailer for this movie, and after seeing the poster it didn't get my attention very much! So... a friend of mine invited me to watch this movie at his house with a couple of friends, and there i was. At the beginning it was really boring, i was almost sleeping. But after the first night on the movie, it started to get more and more freaky.

It tells the story of a couple being haunted by a ghost in their home. Simple plot but very effective and scary.

The actors did a really good job, this is the best first person movie ever, It's even better than Rec. The director it's great. And i couldn't believe that they just spent 15 thousand on this movie. It's just crazy...

I must say that i've never been so scared in my whole life, it was a great moment with my friends, and they also played a joke on us, doing tricks to scare us and saying that the movie was real. And it was on a Friday the 13th. The movie is a big 10. You should really watch it, you will have a good scare time.
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Labor Pains (2009)
Funny! Lindsay shines here.
18 July 2009
Labor Pains tells the story of a woman (Lindsay) who pretends to be pregnant to avoid being fired from her job by her mean boss (Chris Parnell). And with the help of her best friend (Cheryl Hines), she tries to keep up with the lie for nine months. Lindsay Lohan is back, and she delivers a very good performance here, this movie is very funny, i laughed out loud a few times. It's definitely not theater material but it still worth it on a Saturday night on TV with your friends, just forget the fact that Lindsay is in it, it's a very cute movie.

Now i can't wait to see Lindsay again in The Other Side, it's gonna be so much better than this movie. But this movie it's still cool to watch.

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Chapter 27 (2007)
Great Cast + Great Cinematography = Chapter 27
29 August 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Sorry for my English.

First I wanted to say that I only watched this movie for Lindsay Lohan! I don't care for what people say, but I'm fanatic for Lindsay and for everything she has done.

So... I started watching it in my house, alone and I was actually impressed with the movie, because it was so good. When you're watching it, you can't take your eyes out of the screen, because you always want to know what comes next and that's really good and works very well in Chapter 27.

The acting was brilliant, Jared Leto was amazing as the John Lennon killer, Judah Friendlander was great and Lindsay was also amazing, sadly she doesn't have a lot of screen time, that's what disappointed me (non-Lohan fans will definitely disagree with me).

With a great cast and a great cinematography with very beautiful shots, Chapter 27 is a great drama with a bit of suspense. I had a great time watching it, you will definitely have a great time too. Just forget the fact that Lohan is in the movie and watch it, you won't regret it!

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The Happening (2008)
The worst of Shyamalan so far!
5 August 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Sorry for my English.

I waited so long for this movie, frankly the waited not worth it! About the movie: The movie brings a good message (to preserve nature?), At least for me. The plot is totally different from anything that Shyamalan has done. It's a film about global disaster, but a different type of disaster. I thought it was a nice idea, but sadly missed. I heard some studio (which I do not know!) rejected the script of The Happening because of it's mistakes, and Shyamalan he also refused to repair the errors in the script and moved to another studio! He made a mistake.

About the actors: Mark Wahlberg and John Leguizamo were good, but it was not the best of their performances. Ashlyn Sanchez was lovely, she probably saved the movie, and Zooey Deschanel... she was terrible, terrible in the emotions and dialogs, specially in the scene where she doesn't know if she pick up or if she don't pick up the phone! Honestly, I am so much better than her!

About the violence: the violence was not what I hoped for a film that was rated R. The violence was weak and some death scenes were even funny, such as the gram cutter scene.

The movie was not what I was expecting, it was really disappointed for a Shyamalan movie.
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Inside (2007)
28 March 2008
Sorry for My English.

I heard that many people passed out while watching this movie, well I didn't! I began to watch this film in my home, I was expecting that 'Single White Female' kind of thriller, and actually I was impressed with so much gore (which I wasn't expecting).

The main actresses are great, they did a great job, I will admit that the 'evil' woman was very frightening, I was afraid sometimes.

Plot: Still grieving over her recently deceased boyfriend, a pregnant woman becomes haunted by a mysterious woman.

For me, the end leaves a little to be desired I think it could have been better. But the movie is great for those who like gore and violence, but do not watch this movie if you have a weak stomach.

The fans of the genre will not be disappointed! Don't miss it.
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Day of the Dead (2008 Video)
I'm Impressed!
16 March 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Sorry for my English.

When I first read many bad reviews about this film and after seeing the trailer I thought: Oh My God, this film is gonna be awful! But I was wrong, the film is very good, and Like I said before I wasn't expecting much.

Has enough blood and gore, a little bit of CGI but it's OK! The Zombie-Vegetarian was hilarious but was not too bad! Mena Suvari was great, and I don't like her very much, the actress who plays Nina was also great! The script has its problems, but it is worth watching on a Saturday night, with your friends if you do not have nothing to do.

The film has great action, I'll admit that I was nervous a few times while watching (not so nervous when I was watching Dawn of the Dead 2004 lol). Well, if you want entertainment of the highest quality, do not miss this film, certainly worth a watch.

And do not be deceived by the horrible DVD Cover, the film is not as bad as it!
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Not worth watching.
18 January 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Sorry for my English.

I saw the original a few days ago, and it was scary, i mean really scary. But this remake is the worst ever made, how can they remake a Takashi Miike film and rate it PG-13?! This was not scary, was boring and bad.

I'm not from United States and in my country i wasted 15 bucks to watch this movie, it was so bad that was hilarious. The acting, really bad and poor, it's a lot of teenagers trying to act (Now you can imagine how bad the movie was). I'll admit, i like Shannyn Sossamon but not in this movie! Here she give the worst acting of her career. I think we can wait for a nominee of Worst Actress (Shannyn Sossamon) and/or Worst Movie on 2009/Razzie Awards.

Plot: 'A group of people start receiving voice-mails from their futures selves, including date and time of their own deaths'. Well, they tried, but it didn't worked. I was expecting a good movie with scary moments but it's not. If you like bad horror movies, don't miss it.
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Not that bad.
23 December 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Sorry for my English.

It's a great zombie/action movie, but not in a Resident Evil style, the trailer lies about this movie, so don't watch the trailer before you watch this. This time Alice is on Nevada Desert trying to survive, with a little group of people, including Claire Redfield (Ali Larter), from Resident Evil 2 and RE - Code Veronica, K-MART played by the charismatic and pretty Spencer Locke, Carlos Oliveira (Oded Fehr) and the Nurse Betty (Ashanti).

Best Scene: The best action scene for me, was the attack of the crows, was a really fun and very well made scene, after i saw this scene i was wishing that Hollywood made The Birds remake, and the only thing that was very disappointed for me in that scene was see Ashanti die. About Wesker: I loved that they put Alber Wesker, for me he's a really important character in the Resident Evil series, but the actor that they put to play him, it's just awful, terrible acting from him, they should have put someone else, someone with more experience.

My conclusion: The best of the three? No. But it's not the worst of them. The worst in my opinion is still the second one.
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Great Hitchcock Thriller.
29 September 2007
Sorry for my English.

The Man Who Knew Too Much is an exciting thriller, full of action and mystery, one of Hitchcock's best! The first version of the film, is good, but this remake is better, for the first time a remake is better than the original. Hitchcock brought us beautiful places, and a great atmosphere of suspense.

It's talk about one family that goes on vacation to Marrocos, what appears to be a quite vacation, became in a nightmare, when their son Hank is abducted.

Doris Day has a great performance, one of the best performances in all Hitchcock's films, after Grace Kelly in Dial M For Murder. James Stewart has also a great performance like all other Hitchcock's films that he made. The boy who play Miss Doris son is a great and talented actor. This is a movie that you'll never forget!

A Truly Masterpiece.
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