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It's a good start to our Heritage!!, 25 September 2006

First, I just like to comment to those who felt that this Film was not about Puerto Ricans....I felt that This was a great start for Rosie to get the information out there about our Heritage. From this film I was able to understand my culture and begin to see where our people came from. My Family was born and raised in Ponce, Puerto Rico. I would have never know the struggle that city went thru if it was not for this film. I now know the struggles that our people went thru when they came to the United States seeking the American Dream. This movie left me wanting to know more about my people and to appreciate what my grandmother and grandfather went thru.

PR, has its beauty just like everywhere else you go in the world. But, it does have its poverty stricken areas too. So just cause you been to Pr, I'm sure you haven't visited every nook and cranny of the island, because its not just the Haitians or the Cubans or the Dominicans....its everywhere and everyone....

I feel that Rosie Perez and her Crew did a great job getting us to want to know more...No one can put our entire heritage into a short if you want to know more do the research and go out and make a 5 or 10 hour movie to explain every piece of our culture...overall I thought it was a good start and I hope that other people can see that and at least acknowledge what she opened our eyes too.

Goodbless, One Proud Cali Rican!!