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Robots Vs Zombies.....Why not?, 18 January 2014

I was curious to watch this film and I was expecting it to be a real tragedy. Nevertheless I was wrong. First of all, I would like to mention that this is an 100% b movie, not only in terms of budget but also in terms of plot, acting and effects. If you do not stand this facts do not bother with it. Acting is mediocre, effects are not of the best quality and the zombies are sometimes funny. However, the idea is original: what would happen if robots were pitted against zombies and Lundgren was somewhere between? If you like to spend sometime and forget about your everyday problems by watching a brainless, non plot action movie like this, then....why not?

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Two Boxing Legends Meet on New Year's Eve, 24 December 2013

Grudge Match is a boxing film which includes a lot of entertainment. Razor (Stallone) hates The Kid (DeNiro) for over 30 years. When they meet again for helping a company creating a video game it is obvious that a Grudge Match is necessary for them to make things clear on who is the best. Things further complicate when Sally (Basinger) makes her appearance. Instead of trying to recalibrate Rocky series, this film offers us some original elements: the screenplay is good, making great use of humor and catchy dialogues while the cool music helps us to relax and enjoy the story. Stallone delivers a good performance and convinces us as Razor while DeNiro seems to enjoy his part as the Kid. As the story evolves we learn details of their rivalry and we have the chance to realize how things that seem to us important when we are young, later in life we have the chance to see them from another aspect. Also, what is important is that this film makes us realize that older people still want to have another chance in changing some things and really need the help of their beloved ones. Overall, this is a great boxing flick and a very interesting story.

What If... (2012)
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A Great Parallel Story, 2 December 2012

Christoforos Papakaliatis manages, in the darkest days of the Greek cinema, to deliver a great film that succeeds in touching the most sensitive side of the audience. Although the idea is simple and the resources used on it are minimum, yet the result is great. The acting is very good from all the actors participating and the story focuses on the lives of two young men (Dimitris and Christina) who meet in two parallel universes under different circumstances. In the first story their love is fierce and undeniable, yet they experience problems because of the economic crisis and these have an impact on them. But what *IF* they were met under different circumstances?

Papakaliatis directs this film with nerve and great talent using minimum resources but the result is magnificent. The stories take place in Athens' oldest area, Plaka and they are connected to an old film of the '60s titled "I Gini na Fovite ton Andra" which is an all time classic of the Greek Cinema. This genius connection further assists in the atmosphere and the emotional response of the audience to the protagonists' lives. Overall, this is a great film and a bright shine in the dark period of extremely low quality productions we currently live in.

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Much Brighter than its title implies...., 11 June 2011

In Transformers III, the battle of humans and Autobots vs the Decepticons moves into a new level; To begin with, visual effects are not just state of the art.They are innovative because they are really superbly designed and directed. There are hardly any faults and they look like real.Director Michael Bay helps us enter into the agony of the battlefield with his camera angles and movement. The film's atmosphere is now more dramatic. Many humorous elements of the 2 prequels are not anymore present. The dialogues are mostly desperate while the action is like a hurricane with a progressing climax that keeps the audience's interest and expectations on a constant knife edge. The battles can be described as epic. A minus (according to my opinion)is that the character of Mikaela Banes (Megan Fox) is no longer in the script. Overall, a state of the art action film that will keep you in the seat from the first till the last minute.

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War Dogs just don't give up, 4 August 2010

During the 80's and 90's it was a common question whether action film superstars could ally and face evil enemies.Sly never allied with Arnie, and each superstar continued to trash evil guys by its own.Until today!In this film everything the audience could expect from the action movie genre is here:hard language, tons of big and small explosions, black humor and a small army of film heroes blowing away a large army of bad guys.All the stars we loved are here, along with our memories from past movies coupled with fresh stars like Jason Statham and Jet Li.Don't expect great acting here,neither a script that will be awarded an Oscar.Acting is decent,storyline absolutely predictable and the script is humorous and entertaining,simply perfectly fit for such a movie. Stallone has become a better director through time; directing is a strong point of this movie. The camera takes the audience inside the action and in front of the dialogues.Arnie's extended cameo appearance is a plus. It is a pity Van Damme and Seagal are not here,however Dolph Lundgren does his part fairly well.Overall this movie is a classic one and a must-see for action movie fans. Action film stars perform nicely and the storyline will leave almost no one disappointed.

Ninja (2009)
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Probably one of the best action flicks of 2009, 22 April 2010

This is a story about an orphan ninjitsu student who is assigned to go to New York and protect the armor of the last ninja. However things just don't get as planned when another student goes renegade against their former master and seeks to take the armor for himself.

Don't expect any surprises in the storyline, it is the action which counts!Scott Adkins is Casey and although most of critics will say that his acting is not good, I found it pretty convincing.He acts with nerve and besides that his stunts and choreography are stunning, much more than someone would expect to see in a DTV production. I strongly believe that it definitely deserved a limited theatrical release. Nu Image films has raised the level for action movies with its latest productions (Command Performance and Rambo) and the funs of this kind are sure that more good work will come.

Tsuyoshi Ihara and Mika Hijii perform also pretty good. The stunts are realistic and violent with a lot of bleeding and it is the fast paced directing of Isaac Florentine that makes the difference! To conclude, this is a movie that no action fun should lose and besides that it is a promising title that could, in the near future, produce a storyline with sequels.

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A true Masterpiece, 26 October 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This is the story of two brothers, Anestis and Vlasis who fight in two different camps during the Greek civil war. The story takes place in 1949, the last year of the war and probably the year that the most ferocious battles took place between the guerrillas and the Greek Army. In this story the two brothers(who are not even adults) have to face their worst fear:Losing each other. While the story evolves, the audience can see the most realistic to date, images of this brutal war who cost the lives of 70.000 soldiers on both sides and resulted in the immigration of over 500.000 non combatants.

In this movie, almost everything seem realistic: Directing is great and the actors have been selected with great caution in order their appearance, voice and acting style fits almost perfectly with their roles. The director uses technics that make the audience feel that it is near the battlefield.The music that is used creates a realistic and depressing atmosphere that represents this period of great misery and pain. Another important feature of this film is that the story is being told from a neutral side: Since in this war there was no true winner and both armies were Greek, the director gives us each side's view. We will have an insight of what the Greek Army soldiers say and feel along with their rival guerrilla soldiers.

Concluding, by all means this is probably one of the best Greek movies of all time and most likely the best of the last decade. Besides subjective objections that everyone of us has when watching a movie, as a whole this war drama surpasses even the equivalent movies of the 1960s and 1970s era and proves that Greek cinema has still things to give.

Felon (2008)
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A Masterpiece, 4 October 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I was amazed by the quality and the storyline of this film.Val Kilmer and Stephen Dorf have done a great job.The story goes as following:An innocent person is imprisoned for a mistake he has done.There he must fight for his everyday survival and face a sadist Jailguard who likes to see prisoners fight each other.

Firstly,the storyline is coherent.It has no flaws or exaggerations.Acting as a whole is very good both from the protagonists and from the supporting cast.All of them act like the roles were written specifically for them.

Secondly,the action is realistic.Prisoners get hurt,bleed,have feelings and honor.The guards have also their lives and the director gives us a spherical view of each person's character.The main characters are not flat and neutral but have attributes just like real people.

To summarize,this is a great prison film.It mixes social issues along with action features,love and personal endurance.It is a film that anybody can watch not only to amuse hiself but also to acquire some knowledge of what is happening in prisons.Congratulations to Val Kilmer,Stephen Dorf and the director Ric Roman Waugh.

Rambo (2008)
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Stallone is still here!, 20 January 2008

During his career, Sylvester Stallone gave the audience many great times to remember him.From Rocky and Rambo, to Demolition Man and Shade, Stallone was always a true super star. As an almost exclusive action films actor, he brought to the audience for over three decades, high quality action movies. However, aging is always a problem for such actors and Stallone could escape it....a little though! His physical condition is tremendous! Let's not forget that he is almost 62. It is a fact that his last films did not manage to reach the quality of his previous successes. Driven, D-Tox, Avenging Angelo and Shade, were really good films indeed but their shine was not as big as Rocky or Rambo. That is why Stallone returned with his major two success roles. Rocky Balboa was excellent and meaningfull. Now it is time for...John Rambo! This film is simply excellent. Although it is mostly an action movie it has also deeper meanings such as ethical values and political messages. Just like Rocky Balboa, John Rambo uses the formula of the first movie mixed with this of the forth!Monosylabic dialogues from Rambo meet the political messages of the activists, The violent reaction of Rambo towards the brutal soldiers is justified by his ethical code with a deeper meaning that oppresion and injustice generates strong reaction! Acting as a whole, is very good and convincing. Stallone is really born to be Rambo and the supporting cast is made by young actors who meet the quality standards of Milo Ventimiglia. The project budget is 50m so as you understand there are many real-like explosions and effects. What is new is the ultra violent death scenes. They really look true!The story is interesting although ,as you expect, not complicated. To summarize, John Rambo is one of the best action movies that 2008 will probably bring to us.Also it is a must to see because not only it is a really good movie but also because it is the last Rambo film. Stallone even if he is 62, looks no more than 45 and his condition is impressive. A must for all action film fans and not only by them, Rambo is a really good film and you should not miss it.

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Violent and Teriffying, a must for Alien and Predator Fans!!!!!, 19 January 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Alien vs Predator Requiem is not the best picture in the franchise. It is not an Oscar winning movie. It is probably one of the most brainless movie of all times...BUT it is extremely entertaining!A lot of comments talk about violence and brainless action, bad acting and stuff like that.Pay no attention to them!This movie was not created to win an Oscar.It is made for Alien and Predator Fans who enjoy all the killing and the rush those two spieces create. AVP Requiem is worth to see and it gives the whole story a new step forward to the plot. We see how Weyland-Yutani corporation, the company that sent Ripley to the LV-426 planet starts to evolve as a weapon company and how it meets the Alien creature. With the new CGI technology the creatures appear more true than ever!If you are looking for a film which has a plot that forces you to think how it evolves don't waste your time with this. If you are a person who likes non stop action, decent acting, killings, simple plot and dark scenery, simply just DO NOT DARE TO MISS THIS!!!!

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