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What a waste of money!, 19 December 2008

I didn't like this movie at all. The plot is puerile, the acting is bad. The actors seem not to know why they're there or what they are doing. What the movie reveals is that: neither Michelle Yeoh nor Jet Li are ready for Hollywood.And what I wonder is: how much were these two Oriental stars paid to "act" (let's call it acting)in this movie? I mean their acting time's really short and well I think it's waste of money. Call stunts next time, they'll act better than the so- called stars! Frankly if i'm asked to choose between this flick and another one inspired by a video game (for example DOA), I'll praise the second undoubtedly. The actors in that movie aren't really world- known; but the plot is decent and convincing and it's funny

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Useless and stereotypical description of Italy, 19 August 2008

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Although I must admit that James Ivory is faithful to the novel, I positively dislike this movie. I hate the way the director insists on depicting us Italians in such a disgusting and conventional way.(see the brawl in Piazza de' Signori)I shouldn't put the blame on Ivory since Forster,the author of the the novel who was adapted for the screen,did the same. Neither the Americans nor the English have ever been to admire or at least to depict Italy without recurring to stereotypes and this movie makes no exception. The Academy Award member tend to award those Italian movies which are set during World War Two or sooner because they don't and won't know the present day Italy. Has there ever been an Italian writer or director who has ever conceived to write a novel or a play or a script set in Great Britain or in the US stuffing it with stereotypes like fish and chips and Shakespeare as far as Great Britain is concerned or crowded with cowboys and Indians if it had been set in the USA? The answer is NO. So why can't the English in this case since we're talking about A Room With a View learn to study the real essence of a people and forget the old and ridiculous paraphernalia? A Room is nothing but an anticipation of the Dead Poets' Society. Freedom from restriction. Lies and chatting! Both in the book and in the novel Lucy doesn't still really know the real reason why she leaves Cecyl.Besides the main female protagonist played by Helena Bonham Carter is really ugly How could two men fall in love with her Mah.

Not bad,really not bad, 28 December 2001

After hearing and reading many negative reviews about this movie,I thought it 'd be a big mistake to go and see it .To my great surprise ,I must admit I found it quite exciting.Maybe it'll never become a masterpiece in the history of the cinema,but it's worth watching.Angelina's toughness is really remarkable, The plot is poor and not all new (a daughter who meets her father in a strange dimension's not original;see Mortal Kombat 1 when Liu Kang meets his deceased brother who had been killed by Shang Tsung).It could have been far more interesting if Lara had fought against worthier opponents.Great special effects.It needs a sequel

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I liked the kitten, 22 September 2001

I found this movie was too long.I appreciated Lee's funny facial expressions.Great fights,ok, but the plot's really poor. The best actor was that sweet lovely kitten at the Coliseum Even if it was filmed in Rome, I'm sorry to say it .but Bruce Lee 's no Gregory Peck, and Nora Miao is no Audrey Hepburn

Art of Fighting (1993) (TV)
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Why did I buy it ?, 15 September 2001

Don't buy it, I'm not a great expert of anime but I bet this is the worst that Yamato Video realized. They spoiled a great videogame!!! Main faults: lack of a good plot, machistic, and terribly boring. What else could I add?.If this had been a pilot episode, I could have said:"Well, it's not so bad, let's see the next episodes" But this's not Yamato's will.

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Why betraying one's own country for a girl?, 20 July 2001

This is one of those movies which makes you think: would Hulk " The real American " Hogan have done the same? Frankly I don't think so and he'd have been right. I'm Italian, I cannot go proud of my country for many reasons, but I wouldn't have rowed for another team (The French, for example), simply because I'm in love with Juliette Binoche. Besides the protagonist doesn't fall in love desire with a British girl at the end of the movie but with a fellow countrywoman, so why rowing against Yale. As far as acting is concerned, well, all the players act very poorly. And then , you know, I hated that "Dead poets society " atmosphere. In fact that's another movie I hate.

Don' t rent it!!!!!!!!!!, 25 June 2001

I must admit that this time I' ve really done a big mistake! Renting this movie is a real waste of both money and time. It'd have been far more interesting ,if the actresses had kicked and punched more often!