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I'd prefer to eat burnt toast..., 13 March 2005

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...than watch this movie again. My kids and I love the first toaster movie, and we were all excited when we sat down tonight to see what the next adventure would be. What a disappointment. With two young kids, I have seen a lot of cartoons and can tolerate almost anything: from Barney to Teletubbies to Oobi. I thought this movie was just awful. A very sketchy storyline with little depth, a plot that my kids could not even begin to follow... who writes kids' stories about animal testing, blackmailed assistants, lovers' spats, the inner workings of the worldwide web, computer viruses, and writing a college thesis? Ick! Many cartoons have child-oriented plots with adult humor. This one had a plot too convoluted for young kids but too lame for anyone old enough to follow it, with little or no humor whatsoever. I could hardly force myself to sit through it. Stick with the original and forget that they even made more.

One of the Worst Movies I've ever seen, 24 June 2001

When I clicked on this site to see what people thought of this movie, I was STUNNED to see it get such favorable reviews. As far as movies go, I'm pretty easy to please. In fact, I can't remember the last time I saw a movie I disliked this much. I've never commented on a movie before, but I had to say something about this horribly boring film.

I really like most John Travolta movies, I love movies based on actual events, and I think it's hard to make a bad courtroom drama. This movie had a lot going for it. I had a group of people over and we rented this, and almost everyone fell asleep. I wish I had-- it would've been a much better use of my time. Everyone else I've ever talked to about this movie had nothing but groans and complaints.

The basic storyline was a good one. The actors were decent, for the most part. So where did it all go wrong? The screenplay and the directing. This moved SO SLOWLY!!!! Still, I have patience. I continued to watch, expecting a really gratifying finish. I can endure long exposition if it means a great payoff at the end. Well, I waited, and waited, and waited... and then the film ended.

I forget how long this movie was (because it seemed to drag on for hours), but I truly think it could have been made to be only half as long. For example: At one point John Travolta is asked a question. It is not a mind-boggling or deep question... it is nothing he needs to think over. Yet he pauses, stammers, and finally replies some lame response about a full minute later. The entire movie was like that, where I just kept thinking, "Come ON!! DO something! SAY something! ANSWER THE QUESTION ALREADY!!!!" (I really wanted the movie to end.) I don't fault the actors-- with the entire film paced like that, it was clearly the director's choice.

I write this review only for those of you thinking of watching it. Please spare yourselves the boredom of this movie.