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Learning Lessons, 7 February 2015

Though the story surrounding Julia is interesting and I have it practically memorized, my favorite is Mark at the table giving Ms. Anderson a stern lecture on country etiquette. He tells her his Pa learned him by whipping him. This is the only reference that I know of in all five years of The Rifleman that any physical punishment is shown. Lucas grabs Mark's ear and drags him into the other room, no doubt to show him some of that old-fashioned discipline.

I think it's sad that it's made clear later in the series that Lucas would never "hit" his boy. I've been told that the difference is a change of producers during the first season. Lucas became more gentle and loving instead of harsh and telling his boy to face the facts of life. I really wish they hadn't changed it because the first was more realistic...

Still, I really love the father/son relationship throughout the entire run.

Introducing Sam Buckhart, 5 February 2015

This episode introduces US Deputy Marshal, Sam Buckhart. His character lasted only one season on the series, 'Law of a Plainsman," but I wish it had lasted longer. I really liked it.

I don't care much for Lucas' character in this episode. I thought he was a bit contradicting. I liked his final scene where he turns everything around, but I thought he was too full of himself.

Sam Buckhart is an Apache who was taken in by a General (I think) and sent to Harvard. He's more American than Indian now, but the townspeople don't care - an Indian is an Indian. this episode does a good job showing the prejudice against Native Americans and how one person's hate can poison everyone.

Mark learned a valuable lesson in this episode as well.

Heal Thyself, 3 February 2015

I'm always excited to see an episode of any show with Ed Nelson in it, but this one was a bit too much for me. Ed Nelson played some sort of new age preacher who pretended he could heal people. This reminds me of a Little House on the Prairie episode, only this one wasn't nearly as dramatic.

I thought this episode was fairly good up until the end, the episode was over the top in the way it ended. I can't give details without giving things behind, but when Garth exits's the scene, that's where the episode should have ended...realistically.

Anyways, this was not one of my favorite episodes, but it was entertaining in some places. I kind of wish things had turned out differently for Garth, but well...there you have it!

Pitiful ending, 11 January 2015

As a Christian, I rely on the Word of God to lead me in the right direction. That's why this was such a special episode. A preacher, who at times seems to be struggling in his faith, is presented with a problem of two feuding families. He gets Ben involved (of course).

But just when they are making some headway to end the feud, their children (the daughter of one family married the son of the other) are killed in an accident, leaving their twins (boy and girl) parentless. Ben is granted guardianship and asked to find the children a home.

The way he came about the decision by using the Word of God was sweet and made me tear up. I was all ready to rate this a ten. But the ending ruined this episode. I'm sorry, but we don't need mysterious, unbelievable ways to believe God has helped in this situation. I was very disappointed in this ending. I almost felt like an episode of the Twilight Zone entered the picture at the last minute...

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I'm always right, 26 November 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I'm sorry, but of all the Cartwright boys, I cannot stand Adam. I think he's very arrogant and stuck up. He sees himself as smarter than his father and brothers. That's probably why this episode just got on my nerves. I think I would have enjoyed this episode a lot more if Adam hadn't been the character chosen (though I suppose he was the best Cartwright for this episode). I kept hoping that Adam was wrong...

The fact that the Pony Express rider didn't make it back on time still wasn't good enough for cocky big brother. He decided to do it himself. After all, we know that Adam's the best at everything!!!

If you don't see Adam's personality the same as I do, you may enjoy this episode a lot more...

The beginning of that was cute, but even that was ruined...

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Don't ignore me, 19 November 2014

What do you do when your husband reads the newspaper and totally ignores you every morning? Well, first you try to dress up in a way that he has to notice you, then you can try to be like one of the guys. When that turns out to be a disaster. the only thing you can do is...

The whole thing is so ridiculous, it's comical. Only Lucy can pull off something like this. I think any other actress would make this look stupid.

The early shows do a really good job at developing the show's personality. Between Lucy and Ricky and Lucy and Ethel, the show is just classic...

Pilot, 16 November 2014

An obviously pregnant Lucille Ball joins her real-life husband to make this pilot for their new show, "I Love Lucy." The episode is not very well made and lacks the chemistry that their on-air shows have. I thought the clown was pretty freaky-looking and was very glad Lucy was able to take his place!

This pilot really sets up what the show will be like. Lucy always trying to get into acting, her husband trying to keep her out of it, and them fighting and making up. I really love these two together. I've read this show was formed to save their marriage. It's so sad that the on-screen chemistry these two shared was simply that - on-screen.

Of course, I always enjoy listening to Ricky sing...

Who Is Gideon Flinch?, 18 October 2014

This is another great comic relief episodes! I especially like Joe Cartwright's facial expressions! My favorite scene is when Joe accuses Jennifer of taking his wallet.

Its in episodes like this when we see brother against brother. Adam and Ben's uncaring episode of the boys' escapades just makes the episode that much more funny. Add to that the sheriff, deputy, and other townspeople who are usually caught in intense tear-jerking that makes the viewer breathe a deep sigh of relief.

This was another great one for the writer's! This light-hearted episodes mixed in with the heavy episode are what keep Bonanza great after all these years.

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Going straight is harder than it looks, 14 October 2014

Robert Culp and Dabs Greer join the Cartwright boys to make an excellent episode.

Robert Culp plays a retired gunfighter who killed the town merchant's (Dabs Greer) son in a fair gunfight that the son initiated. The merchant has a hatred for the ex-gunfighter and would love to see him dead.

There's also another player in this episode. A deputy who wants to marry the merchant's daughter.

The ending is so tragic and sad you can't help but to cry along with everyone else. Two people are very disappointing characters and probably end up living lives all alone because of their actions and the part they played in the events that ended a life.

This is an excellent episode.

Dead: 1 Main Cartwright character: Adam

The Case of the Jewel, 10 October 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This is another one of the lighter episodes. Ben Cartwright does well in playing the Cartwright Patriarch. He doesn't need any help in solving his problems and can still put every one of his sons in their place with just a look.

In fact, the episode opens with all three boys having fun with their father who finds himself subject of rumor with an rather strange widow. But then when his sons try to "help" him out, they get him into a lot of trouble.

It's fun watching everyone trying to track down the real jewel.

Thankfully, nobody died in this episode.

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