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Who Is Gideon Flinch?, 18 October 2014

This is another great comic relief episodes! I especially like Joe Cartwright's facial expressions! My favorite scene is when Joe accuses Jennifer of taking his wallet.

Its in episodes like this when we see brother against brother. Adam and Ben's uncaring episode of the boys' escapades just makes the episode that much more funny. Add to that the sheriff, deputy, and other townspeople who are usually caught in intense tear-jerking that makes the viewer breathe a deep sigh of relief.

This was another great one for the writer's! This light-hearted episodes mixed in with the heavy episode are what keep Bonanza great after all these years.

Going straight is harder than it looks, 14 October 2014

Robert Culp and Dabs Greer join the Cartwright boys to make an excellent episode.

Robert Culp plays a retired gunfighter who killed the town merchant's (Dabs Greer) son in a fair gunfight that the son initiated. The merchant has a hatred for the ex-gunfighter and would love to see him dead.

There's also another player in this episode. A deputy who wants to marry the merchant's daughter.

The ending is so tragic and sad you can't help but to cry along with everyone else. Two people are very disappointing characters and probably end up living lives all alone because of their actions and the part they played in the events that ended a life.

This is an excellent episode.

Dead: 1 Main Cartwright character: Adam

The Case of the Jewel, 10 October 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This is another one of the lighter episodes. Ben Cartwright does well in playing the Cartwright Patriarch. He doesn't need any help in solving his problems and can still put every one of his sons in their place with just a look.

In fact, the episode opens with all three boys having fun with their father who finds himself subject of rumor with an rather strange widow. But then when his sons try to "help" him out, they get him into a lot of trouble.

It's fun watching everyone trying to track down the real jewel.

Thankfully, nobody died in this episode.

Meet the real Claude Atkins!, 27 September 2014

This is probably my favorite Claude Atkins character. He plays Sam Hill (you know, like "What in Sam Hill...?) He's bigger than life, can hit an anvil over and over without tiring (can eve beat the ol' Hoss), and apparently doesn't need sleep.

His main problem is a land owner who wants the land of his parents. His mother died on that land (stay soon to learn what happened), and there is some sort of magical power that makes a tree grow that shouldn't.

Edgar Bucannon does an excellent job playing Sam's wayward father who has returned from the dead.

Joe and Hoss, of course, offer some rather humorous comic relief. Adam...well...Adam is just there.

First Love, 26 September 2014

They say first love is always the sweetest, and in my opinion I think maybe it's the same in Ben's case.

This is the first of three episodes that tells the story of Ben's wife. In this episode, we learn how Ben married Adam's mother, how she died, and how he ended up coming out West. I think it's the sweetest of the three.

It's interesting seeing what Ben could have been like as a young man, though I figure he was a lot better looking and skinnier...

Ben, a seaman - turn merchant owner - turn...well, you'll just have to watch the next installment to see what he became next.

Dead: 1

The ending is sad, 10 August 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This is another one of my favorite episodes.

At the beginning, Little Joe is missing. He had gone off to get a special gift - a horse - for his father. But raiding killed many men and Ben and his sons needed to go find him.

Emeliano and Little Joe worked so hard to try to save this horse. He was so special, in fact, that Emeliano would rather die then see something happen to his horse.

After the unthinkable happens, Little Joe continues on with the gift for his father. But more tragedy strikes. I always cry at the end of this one right along with Joe. It's so special to see the father-son moment in such a unique and un-mocho way. Ben loved his sons more than anything. Nothing would ever stop him from going when one needed him, and likewise. Little Joe's failure to give his father the gift was heart-breaking...But it's like Ben said - he had the best gift in his arms...

One of my favorites, 10 August 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This was a good episode about how a good man can go bad. I loved the main guest character in this - have seen him play similar good/bad characters before. A man works hard cleaning up a place. He puts all his money, blood, sweat and tears then suddenly he's fired. What's he to do? The decision this man made wasn't the best one, but perhaps it was the only one his broken heart could do.

In the end, he was pure evil. Countless people had to die before this evilness ended. Ben and his sons were blinded by the facts.

A very good episode!

Dead: Many

How can I find my way back?, 28 July 2014

Main characters: Ross and Dalphine Marquette

Bonanza character: Adam

ames Coburn plays a man who's losing his mind. No longer is he the loving, devoted husband and friend. Instead, a monster is in his place - one who beats his wife, rustles cattle, and longs to kill his best friend.

This is a good example of what happens when mental illness takes over a body. The episode ends tragic, and even though I'm not a big Adam fan, watching Adam break down like he does at the end brought tears to my eyes. This is a very moving episode.

It seems several died in this episode, though I didn't keep count (at least 6, possibly more)

An Accidental Killing, 19 July 2014

Main characters: Red Twilight and Mary

Bonanza character: All the Cartwright's are involved

In this episode, Hoss tries to be the nice guy that he is and stop a friend from getting into trouble outside the saloon. But a simple act of friendship turns deadly when the man falls, hits his head, and dies. The girlfriend blames Hoss and tells the brother, Red, when he rides into town that it's Hoss's fault.

This is a case of vengeance on Joe's part when Hoss is shot while out trying to come to terms with the shooting. Joe is mad and is determined to kill the man who shot Hoss.

The character actor who plays Red Twilight is Adam Williams. he almost always plays a bad guy.

Dead: 3

Friends in low places, 17 July 2014

Main characters: Carol and Maria Reynolds

Main Bonanza character: Adam Cartrwright

Missing characters: Joe and Hoss

In this episode, Adam gets to travel to Mexico to recover his friend's body for his friend's father, but he is not welcomed when he arrives, and he's told that Carl was a bad guy.

This story takes several twists as he learns that Carl was married, is beaten and threatened to leave, and then learns something very shocking about his friend.

The story gets pretty ugly near the end. James Best, as always, plays a very good baddie with an attitude. You gotta love him!

I just wonder one thing. When they are in the graveyard and Maria learns the truth about Carl, her dress is very low cut - especially for 1961. Did they really wear dresses that low in the 1960's, or was it just not cut? I was a bit shocked...

Dead: 3

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