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Let's say we're married, 10 August 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

So in this episode, Booth and Brennan have to travel back to her old high school so they can solve a murder. In order to find out who did it, Booth thinks they should go undercover - as husband and wife!

This is significant since it's done right after the episode where they finally admit to their feelings. They talk about how difficult this case could be with what had just happened. Booth's feelings for Brennan are so strong that he doesn't think he can even dance with her...and he states that "we both agreed not to..." That's untrue - Booth wanted it, but Brennan rejected him!

I found it interesting that they used terms of endearment during this episode when all the years they've been together, I don't recall once that they used one single term of endearment on the other - I always find that rather odd...

Then there's the whole Angela/Wendell/Jack thing. I like all three of these people, but personally there's only one couple here. We know who that is, and thankfully we won't have to wait much longer for that to happen! One of my favorite scenes is when Jack spills the beans and runs to Angela to apologize in advance...

So sad!, 9 August 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This is one of my favorite episodes. Not only do Booth and Brennan tell about their first meeting, which explains a lot about their relationship; but we watch Booth take a big step in the direction of deepening their relationship.

At the end of this episode, Booth makes an awesome move and an awesome speech. Brennan's reason for rejecting him is heart-breaking and totally Brennan. We watch as they both admit how they feel about the other, but watch one of them deny the happiness they could have together. Both are crying at the end of the episode, and so am I!

Aside from that, it was awesome seeing Zack Addy once again.

This episode turns things - first for the worse, then for the better.

Bizarre..., 4 August 2016

The main story is about a couple that are found in a burning bed. The whole thing is a bit strange.

Booth's grandfather (Daddy Walton) has arrived in town. Booth is happy, but Brennan believes he will have trouble taking care of Pops. She becomes close to him and helps Booth take care of him (the whole thing was very domestic and very sweet). Pops tells Brennan about Booth's past and asks her to hell Booth when the time is right and "to hold him."

In the end, Pops returns to the care facility because he loves Booth. He wants nothing more to see Booth and Brennan together.

I can relate.

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A problem solved, 4 August 2016

Love seeing Gordon Gordon! Everyone has such a good rapport with him. Angela and he like to assess Booth and Brennan's relationship. Gordon and Sweets evaluate the relationship from another angle, and they all come to the same conclusion involving Booth and Brennan. Of course, we don't need Gordon's affirmation to know what we've known since Season 1!

Booth also admits to something big in this episode, and it's proved in the last scene. We are getting so much closer, yet it still seems so far away!

Oh, and the main story: it's another age-old money and greed Biblical story.

What Booth would do, 4 August 2016

The main story in this episode is about a man found and brought into the lab by a group of girls. It turns out that the man works in a chicken farm. The reason for his death is an old one.

Angle, still going without sex, is becoming sentimental. When she starts researching the cruel murder of chickens, she decides to save a pig. This causes a big argument between Angela and the ever-logical Brennan. Brennan goes to Booth for advice who declares he would do anything for her. "I would die for you and I would kill for you." But he wouldn't get between two best friends. As Brennan starts to leave, still upset, it hurts Booth so much that he takes her hand and promises everything would be okay.

Later, Booth goes back on his word and gives Brennan a piece of advice that she, of course, follows.

The scenes between Booth and Brennan in the restaurant were just sweet and romantic, as usual.

Angela ends her months of celibacy with a surprising person.

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Romance is in the air again, 2 August 2016

Though I found the mummy story a bit dull, I thought there were some really good parts to this show.

I loved how Brennan lost her stiff personality in the lab and became so excited that she and Daisy acted alike. Jack and Angelia gave her strange looks.

Daisy and Lance are always fun to watch. We see their relationship climb to a new level in this episode. Lance is just comical, and the scene in the Egyptian room near the end is funny.

Then there is Brennan and Booth. The egg thing was PRECELESS!!! I loved that verbal/non-verbal communication scene in Brennan's office. Then later, they have a romantic scene in the museum. The almost, but not quite, thing that could have happened...I'm not sure Brennan was ready for that yet...

I love you, 31 July 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Booth is finally able to say that he loves Brennan. But...

After four years of everyone knowing it - I mean, the whole office and especially Sweets...Now they are saying that he may not really love her? That confused me!

I understand why the writers had such a hard time actually putting these two together. That's what's keeping the show alive. Fans come back watching just for that reason. I've watched many shows (Who's the Boss comes to mind) where the show simply goes away once our need for the romance to come actually happens. It's sort of like - there's nothing left.

But...and here's the spoiler...I think the show was great once they got together up to a point. Once they were married, the writer's/directors/whoever seemed to say "old married couple - we no longer have to show them in love. That was unfortunate.

I believe that this episode is the only episode in all the eleven seasons where Booth actually uses a term of endearment for Brennan. In all the time they are together as a couple, you never hear "Honey, Sweetheart, Baby..." Here, as he holds Brennan while she's bleeding, he calls her "Baby." That's disappointing that Bones is his affectionate word for her even after they are married...

The ending was a big disappointment. Booth chickened out and changed what he was going to say. I was very disappointed in the man!

Booth and Brennan together, 31 July 2016

This is an alternate reality episode. Rather it's coming from Brennan or Booth or both, it's unclear. What is clear is that they both have deep feelings for each other.

For four years, the fans of Bones have been watching Booth and Brennan tip toe around their love for each other. The fans are given a trip with a "What if" episode. Booth and Brennan are married and own a night club. All the cast is there, but mixed up in roles. I found it interesting of who chose to be the bad guy - and can see either Booth or Brennan coming to this conclusion...

We've been waiting for these two to kiss ever since the Christmas episode in Season 3. Well, we got it!

More evolving, 31 July 2016

I'm going to have to give this a ten simply for the Booth/Brennan story line. We see them take another big step toward becoming a couple. Brennan doesn't only recognize the fact that she does want to be a mother (after denying it thus far), but she declares there's only one man who can be the father of her child: Booth. Digging deeper, I'm guessing that it is symbolic of the fact that Brennan is in love with Booth but due to lack of feeling loved in her past, she doesn't recognize this yet. Everyone else does (Even Booth, in my opinion), and tries to stop what she wants to do from happening.

At the end, Booth has another vision, and it scares Brennan so badly that she drags him of of the middle of an interrogation and right to the hospital. Love is written all over her face, and Booth is very uncomfortable until Brennan shows up at his side at the end of the episode.

Anyone who says they aren't in love is crazy!

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Silly and Funny, 30 July 2016

This is a silly episode that kept me laughing. When Brennan pays her respects to a dead co-worker, she accidentally touches him and immediately determines he was murdered. (Only Brennan!) Through this episode, the gang must investigate without letting the funeral guests know what's going on.

There are a lot of funny scenes here. Probably my favorite was Booth leading the group of mourners in a very chipper song.

At the end of this episode, Booth and Brennan have a morbid, yet cute, scene where they discuss what to do if Booth dies.

They all did a great acting job!

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