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Way Better than Triple X----7/10, 12 October 2002

I hear people saying how Triple X is the best action movie of the year and what not, which isn't saying much seeing how their were not too many action flicks to begin with. But The Transporter blew away the competition. It has a much cooler story to begin with. It follows a professional courier of illegal goods who breaks the first rule of transportation: never open the package. Fortunatley, the package he opens contains a beautiful kidnappee. Unfortuantley for him, he now has the police, his clients, and others on his tail. Jason Statham is amazing-despite the obvious exaggerations that come with all action films- and Qi Shu is incredibly tasty. The action sequences are the best i have seen in a long time, especially the hand to hand combat and the opening and closing chases. This is a great action film. 7/10

An OK mafia flick--- 6/10, 12 October 2002

I enjoyed this way more than Road to Perdition. This seemed more real than that piece of crap. But, in no way, shape, or form does this movie come close to Goodfellas, the Godfather, Casino, Scarface, or the King of New York. Barry Pepper has the best performance of them all playing the son, Matty, of crime boss Benny Chains(Dennis Hopper) who is told is not cut out for the mobster life while he cant get any legitimate jobs because of his father's chosen profession. Vin Diesel and Hopper have good performances while John Malckovich has the worst performance i have seen him in. He was superb in Con Air and In the Line of Fire, but his fake accent and unoriginal role didn't seem to do him any good. All in all, a few plot twists and some funny lines make this an enjoyable but overall average modern mafia flick. 6/10

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One of the only mob movies i didn't like---4/10, 12 July 2002

The Godfather Godfather II, Godfather III, Goodfellas, The Untouchables, and Casino are all much, MUCH, better than this. The movie stars Tom Hanks as a mob hit-man and a father. After his son witnesses one of his hits, hanks must hide him from his mob friends. It was kind of predictable and pretty boring. I usually don't fall asleep at the movies, but i found my self dozing off every few minutes. It is obvious this movie is going to win a bunch of awards because it is a drama with Tom Hanks. I mean i like Tom Hanks but i thing he was wrong for this movie. Which is a shame because Sum of All Fears, Attack of the Clones, and The Bourne Identity were all better movies this year. A lot of people did like this so i guess it's up in the air. 4/10

Much better than i expected---8/10, 30 June 2002

When i saw the commercials for this movie, i really didn't think it looked all that good. I thought it looked cheesy and dialouge impaired. The quotes "You don't have to run" followed by " You don't have to chase me" made me want to hurl. Plus i am not a huge Tom Cruise fan. The only other movie if his that i liked was Top Gun. Yet underneath all the cheese of this flick is a well written and smart story,and incredible special effects. And Steven Spielberg's vision of the future is amazing. The film follows a cop in the future. He is part of the Pre-Crime force, a special team who uses psychics to predict crimes and stop them before they happen. When John (Cruise) sees that he is the one who commits a crime, he is one the run. Other than some bad dialouge and sometimes cheesy acting, this is a great sci-fi flick. 8/10

Great Action/Thriller!!!-----7/10, 2 June 2002

You won't find Harrison Ford here, but you will find one of Tom Clancy's best novels magically brought to life. Ben Affleck does a great job as Jack Ryan, the character whom Ford had mastered. Don't try to fit it into any timeline with the other movies. It takes place in 2002 with Ryan as a CIA analyst. It doesn't fit but who cares. The non-stop action and excitement is more than enough to make you forget all that. The story takes us all around the world, but it starts in Syria where diggers find an old Israeli nuke and sell it unknowingly to a Neo-Nazi who uses it to trigger nuclear warfare between the United States and Russia, who are in the midst of nuclear tensions already. It's up to Jack Ryan to stop the power hungry leaders from sparking World War III and possibly destroying the world itself. Morgan Freeman and the fine as hell Bridget Moynahan also have great performances and Director Phil Alden Robinson does a excellent job. I'm also glad they changed the bad guys from Muslim extremists to Neo-Nazis as to avoid any stereotypes and hatred towards the Muslim people. Great movie. 7/10

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A great addition to the Star Wars saga---8/10, 1 June 2002

Another excellent film in the best movie series ever, Attack of the Clones attacks your senses with stunning visuals, great action, and amazing music. The story takes place a decade after Episode I. Anakin is learning the ways of the Jedi from Obi-Wan and falls in love with Padme, and a sith named Count Dooku creates a separatist army to fight the Republic. Hayden Christensen steps into the role of Anakin Skywalker, and while he isn't the most experienced actor, i thought he did a good job of showing Anakin's innocence and his brushes with dark side. Ewan McGregor was the perfect choice to play a younger Obi-Wan, and he continues to prove it here, with just the right amount of smart-ass lines. The action scenes are pretty damn cool, too. Jango Fett's duel with Obi-wan on the ocean world is one of the cooler scenes, and the huge battle between the clones and the droids near the end is jaw-dropping. The lightsaber duels this time around don't quite match the show Darth maul puts on in Episode I, but we do finally get to see Yoda in action. And he is freakin awesome for being 2 feet tall. The crowd went nuts when i saw it in the theater.

I don't see why the prequels get a bad rap. I guess fans hyped them up to be better than the originals (which is nearly impossible) and then they can't be satisfied. Poor fools.---8/10

Excellent war movie---8/10, 19 January 2002

Non-stop action, great acting and a good soundtrack round out another great package for Jerry Bruckheimer. I liked most of his movies except for Pearl Harbor. Black Hawk Down is a fact-based story which follows an elite group of U.S. rangers who are on a peacekeeping mission in Mogadishu when there are attacked by the rebels. Ewan McGregor, Josh Hartnett and Tom Sizemore are a part of the great cast which also includes great turns by Ewen Bremner (Trainspotting) and William Fichtner (Armageddon) Bullets are always flying in this flick whether in the background or the fore front. Even though this movie might create more hostility in America against Muslims, this is a great movie that should not be missed in theaters. 8/10

Ali (2001)
Great film although a little long.---7/10, 27 December 2001

The only flaw i have with this film is the scenes that don't know when to stop such as when Ali is running through a village in Zaire. Other than that this a beautifully filmed, incredibly acted, and superbly directed film. Will Smith captured Muhammad Ali's passion and fury to a fault. He even imitated some of Ali's moves excellently. Jamie Foxx played Drew "Bundini" Brown, Ali's troubled cornerman. Although a comedic character, he has some scenes which are quite serious and moving. Also, the heart of the comedic part of the movie was Jon Voight's portrayal of Howard Cossel which he did great in. When i went to see this movie, the audience started to applaud during scenes of the film as well as at the end. See it in theaters. 7/10

Pretty Good Sequel----7/10, 11 October 2001

Rush Hour 2 doesn't quite capture the magic of the first film. I know that is said about most sequels, but a lot of the time it is true. At least in this case, the original is one of the best movies i have ever seen. It is still a hilarious and action-packed. And it has Roselyn Sanzhez. In the sequel, Carter and Lee are on vacation in Hong Kong when a mad bomber blows up the police station. So they must find him and bring him down. Chris Tucker is one of the funniest people to ever walk the earth. Seriously, I'd watch anything with him in it. Jackie Chan hasn't lost a step, either. He still jumps of buildings, slides under everything, and kicking people in the face in between.

The writing however is where the movie fails. Some of the jokes seemed forced, and the plot is kind of a throwaway. I know the plot doesn't matter much in these kind of movies, but at least in the first one they put forth an effort. Still, these are minor complaints and i love this movie and look forward to the third installment. 7/10

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What a shame.---4/10, 29 September 2001

It had a lot of potential to be a classic action movie. Then came the boring dialogue and nothing new story and blew the potential away. I got real bored watching this movie. I was extremely disappointed afterward. I had heard about the movie and thought it sounded cool. Then i saw the trailer and commercials, and i got pumped to see it. It looked liked it would be as good as Crouching Tiger. Then i actually saw it. The action scenes were not bad,especially the last sword fight. Tim Roth was great as the bad guy. If only he had been in it more. The rest of the movie was real canned and just out and out bad. Watch Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon instead. 4/10

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