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Loads of fun ---7/10, 21 July 2003

This was a really fun movie to watch. It has some intense action sequences. Actually, a lot of intense action sequences. The shooting never stops and the explosions keep on coming. Martin Lawrence and Will Smith are hysterical, again. And Joe Pantoliano makes every movie better. The two funniest scenes are when Burnett and Lowery are scaring the hell out of Burnett's daughter's date and after the chase scene with the dead bodies and Captain Howard goes off on the two. Absolutely hilarious! My only gripe is that it seemed that the writers were running low on material and resorted to gross-out humor like rats having sex and corpses losing their heads. Not funny. Otherwise it was very funny, due to the amazing chemistry between the two leads. I still prefer the original Bad Boys, but this is still a great time at the movies. 7/10

Another Great Film for Scorsese---7/10, 12 July 2003

A lot of people think this is Scorsese's worst film. Even though that can't be taken as a bad thing since most of his movies are masterpieces, i think this is one of his best. Other than some minor flaws such as the love story and the good but not great ending, this is another great film for an already master director. Most parts of the story can easily be turned into a modern gangster film. It is a movie filled with crime, revenge, and betrayal. Daniel-Day Lewis gives the true greatest performance of the year and one of the best i have seen ever. This is the first Leonardo DiCaprio movie i liked. Titanic sucked and we all know it. Cameron Diaz is delicious in any era and although i didn't like the love story i did like her character. Goodfellas remains my favorite Scorsese, but this is a great movie with a excellent acting and one of the best of 2002. The academy should be ashamed. 7/10

Excellent---8/10, 8 July 2003

I was going in with low expectations like everyone else. I knew i would be entertained but i didn't think it would be a good entry into the Terminator series. Oh was i ever wrong. This movie was fantastic. In it, Arnold is back again as the futuristic cyborg who must protect John Conner (Nick Stahl) from a robot assassin, this time played by Kristanna Loken. Arnold is back in the role that made him Ahnold. Kristanna Loken is a great villain (Not to mention super hot). She is no T-1000, though the action sequences were incredible and their were some unexpected twists that caught everyone in the theater off-guard. Everyone is crying about how James Cameron isn't involved, but i think Jonathon Mostow did a superb job. If there is a Terminator 4, i won't complain, even though it is not necessary. 8/10

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Explosions, babes, and Bernie Mac= A Very Fun Movie---6/10, 3 July 2003

This is probably the most fun i have had at them movies in a while. The crime-fighting trio of beauties are back and i think are better than before. If you are looking for a serious movie, run far away from this movie because it was made to be silly fun. Bernie Mac replaces Bill Murray as Bosley, his half-brother, and Demi Moore is good and gorgeous as Madison Lee, the bad girl of the movie. There are some cheesy lines and whole lot of over-the-top action that really just add to the fun. Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore, and Lucy Liu are super hot as usual. I hope they make a third. Check it out, but don't take it too seriously. It's just a movie. 6/10

Hulk (2003)
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Boring, long Marvel movie---3/10, 20 June 2003

I just came back from watching this crap and i have mostly negative things to say, but first i want to say that Ang Lee is a great director but a lot of the direction in this movie gave me a headache. Too many shots of DNA and molecules spliced into where they don't belong. The only good things about this movie is Nick Nolte and Jennifer Connelly, the former for some great acting and funny moments, and the latter for being something nice to look at during an otherwise horribly boring flick. The action scenes were pretty decent, but not frequent enough. The story sucked. Maybe because i am not a Hulk fan. I did enjoy watching him destroy things but other than this the movie falls flat. Only if your a die-hard Hulk fan should you see this. Otherwise, i would steer clear. 3/10

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Best Carrey flick since Liar, Liar---7/10, 1 June 2003

Although i liked Liar, Liar a little more than Bruce Almighty, that doesn't make this a bad film. It is a hilarious comedy starring one of the funniest men alive. Jim Carrey stars as Bruce, a down on his luck news reporter who begins to blame God for all his misfortune. Then God contacts him and gives Bruce his powers to show him how hard being the master of the universe is. Jim Carrey is laugh out loud funny in this movie. His mix of physical comedy and comedic dialogue is great. Some of the funniest parts in the movie are scenes of him ranting about about how God ignores him or snapping on live television and insulting everyone. Morgan Freeman plays the man upstairs and Jennifer Aniston plays Bruce's girlfriend. They both have some funny moments, but Carrey steals the show as always. 7/10

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The Only Good Christmas Movie!!!(unless Die Hard counts)---8/10, 9 December 2002

It is a yearly custom for me and my brother to watch this movie together around Christmas. Even though we are not Christian. The story follows a young boy living in middle America in the late 1940's. All the kid wants is Red Ryder BB gun but everything keeps getting in his way, including his overprotective mother, his snot-nosed little brother, the town bullies, and even Santa himself. This is hilarious and probably the most real Christmas movie there is. It's A Wonderful Life sucks. Home Alone's only good thing was Joe Pesci. Jingle All The Way and The Santa Clause both suck also. A Christmas Story is exactly what the title says it is. Fuuuuuuuuuu..........dge. 8/10

Casino (1995)
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An excellent gangster film!---9/10, 7 December 2002

After seeing this and Goodfellas i have come to a theory: All movies should star Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci. These two geniuses can turn any movie into a masterpiece. They can make you laugh and cry pretty much at the same time. The film follows Ace Rothstien (De Niro) when he gets the biggest prize a gambler can get: his own casino. Of course he has to pay the mobsters who gave it to them. He also has to deal with the violent and costly exploits of his friend Nicky (Pesci). Joe Pesci again perfects the loud mouth loose cannon character as he did in Goodfellas, but i think here he was given a more important part. Robert De Niro can not fail. You can see the stress and anger in his eyes in this film. Martin Scorsese is the world's greatest director. Screw the Academy. He should have won the best director Oscar several times by now. I would love to see him do more work with Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci. This is a classic gangster picture that is always compared to Goodfellas. I think they are two different stories and two excellent films. 9/10

Red Dragon (2002)
Hannibal is Back!!!---7/10, 26 October 2002

After Hannibal was slaughtered in reviews (with good cause) people believed that Hannibal Lecter lost his magnificence. But Red Dragon showed that he is back and as good as ever. He went back to his creepy self and the movie introduced a frightening killer called the Tooth Fairy, superbly played by Ralph Fiennes. The story is a prequel but is like that of Silence of the Lambs. An FBI agnet needs the help of Hannibal to capture an elusive serial killer. But this time the FBI agent is the man who put Hannibal behind bars Anthony Hopkins is his terrific self. Edward Norton had a good performance but not his best. This movie opened the door for a sequel with Will Graham or another with Clarice Starling. As long as Hannibal is there, so am I. 7/10

The Ring (2002)
Overrated----3/10, 26 October 2002

The Ring is based on an earlier Japanese that was probably better than this. It follows a woman who comes into the possession of a tape that's viewers die after seven days. She then goes on a quest to find the origins of the tape before it kills again. Oooh. The storyline sounds like a bad TV movie on the Sci-Fi channel The American version is full of loud noises at the beginning of a scene that is supposed to be scary. There are parts where a bunch of people in the audience jump and i didn't even blink. There were some creepy shots and some intentional and unintentional funny moments which saved it from being a total loss. Still, i would recommend Red Dragon instead. 3/10

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