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15 Minutes (2001)
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Good film about crime and media-- 7/10, 16 October 2003

Robert De Niro does great in this movie. Like we haven't heard that before. You can tell he tries to let Edward Burns have his time, but he is such a charismatic screen presence, people would probably pay to watch him sit in a chair for two hours. The movie around him is also good, touching on the interesting topic of the media's effect on violent crimes. Edward Burns does a good job, but i think the real stars here (except for De Niro, of course) are the two East European criminals who come to America searching for fame and fortune, played by Karel Roden and Oleg Taktarov. They are funny and terrifying all at the same time. Oleg's character seems like a friendly guy, but he is actually a violent pervert. And Karel's character is just plain nuts. I recommend this movie for the great performances and it's thought provoking premise. 7/10

Decent---5/10, 13 October 2003

Maybe i would have enjoyed this more if i saw all of Desperado and could comprehend El Mariachi. However, i just didn't get it. Some of the action scenes were good, but a lot of the others were kind of way too over the top. There was also a lot of cheesy dialogue and wooden acting. The main bright spot was Johnny Depp's much deserved critically acclaimed performance. He did an excellent job and made the movie more watchable. Salma Hayek is barely in the movie and she would have made it much better. Eva Mendes is so hot i stopped caring that the movie is sub-par and just enjoyed her presence. But you can see Depp, Hayek, and Mendes in much better movies. 5/10

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Best Movie So Far This Year!----8/10, 13 October 2003

A refreshing and very original movie is what we always expect from Quentin Tarantino and that is just what he delivered. This year was full of generic action movies and sorry sequels. Maybe that fact made Kill Bill seem better. Either way, this movie kicks ass. Tarantino mixes his love of Japanese and Chinese action movies, spaghetti westerns, and even a little anime to craft his own action masterpiece. Uma Thurman is outstanding and the rest of cast is great especially Sonny Chiba. The action sequences are just as good if not better than those from The Matrix, and done without the help of loads of computer effects. Some say the film may have been better if it wasn't split in two, but the cliff-hanger ending was done excellently and makes you mark your calender for the second half. This movie is sure to be an instant classic and a great new addition into Tarantino's wild and crazy family. 8/10

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Great Crime Drama----7/10, 5 October 2003

I haven't even heard of this movie before i saw it in the bargain bin at a local Suncoast store. With the corner of my eye i saw Gary Oldman holding a gun. Next to him was Sean Penn and Ed Harris. Under the title were the words "The Irish Mob in New York". Yoink! I am such a sucker for gangster movies. And this is a good one. Sean Penn is excellent as a former hood who returns to his old neighborhood to find a lot of changes. Gary Oldman is great as usual as his completely nuts but often lovable best bud. Ed Harris is also good but not too likable as his character of Oldman's brother is a total jerk. The plot has a lot of intense moments and and surprising twists. It's not Goodfellas, but for being in the bargain bin, it's freakin' great. 7/10

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Great Futuristic Adventure--- 8/10, 16 September 2003

Bruce Willis, Milla Jovovich, Gary Oldman and Chris Tucker star in this action-adventure sprinkled with comedy about a futuristic New York cab driver who is called up to save the world. Sounds stupid, i know. But it is actually a well-made adventure with great special effects, cool action scenes, and hilarious performances especially by Milla Jovovich and Chris Tucker. Gary Oldman again plays a bad guy with perfection and Tucker is hysterical but that goes without saying. Luc Besson's vision of the future is funny and fascinating at the same time. If you're looking to forget your troubles and have a good time, this is good choice. 8/10

Best of the trilogy---7/10, 31 August 2003

The Two Towers continues the story from the Fellowship of the Ring, but it has a lot more action. The first one took a while to get started and didn't have many epic battles. Regardless, it was a great movie. The second installment has got much more action and the end battle at Helm's deep is amazing. The cast and crew still do an excellent job with acting and special effects. I do have a couple of complaints. The movie didn't continue the story as much as it could have. Other than Gollum becoming a more important character, you probably could have skipped this one and caught up quickly in the third film, but you would have missed out on some great scenes. I also did not like the walking-talking trees. I found them boring and a little irritating as they didn't do much. Other than those forgivable flaws, this is a fantastic adventure that makes you drool in anticipation for the conclusion. 7/10

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Truly Great Movie----8/10, 11 August 2003

This movie proves that Quentin Tarantino knows how to write cool movies. There is a lot of violence but you actually care about the characters. You hope and pray through every shootout that they will get out alive. The story follows a an average joe in Detroit who falls for pretty girl named Alabama. After he rescues her from her pimp, they go on the run. Christian Slater, Patricia Arquette, Dennis Hopper and Christopher Walken all kick major ass in this movie directed by another great director, Tony Scott. This is a movie for everyone because it mixes action, suspense, romance, and drama all in one little package. And that is why Quentin Tarantino rules. 8/10

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Not funny--2/10, 11 August 2003

I hated the first Austin Powers movie. I thought the second was OK. But this third installment sucks. This time the idiotic superspy reunites with his daddy and a hot spy played by Beyonce Knowles to take down an evil dude with a golden member. Hence Goldmember. Whatever. The only thing evil is the movie itself. I am officially sick of Austin Powers. They use the same recycled jokes from the first two movies. The only good thing that kept me in my seat was Beyonce. While the other characters were off being stupid i was either looking at her or looking at my watch. I am tired of comedy being about gross-out tactics than cleverness. A waste of film and time. 2/10

xXx (2002)
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A disgrace to the action genre----2/10, 11 August 2003

Triple X is one of the worst movies i have ever seen. To begin, none of the actors even try to get into their roles with the exception of Samuel L. Jackson, who has an incredibly lame name, Augustus Gibbons. Please. Vin Diesel could have been replaced by a steel pole and i wouldn't have noticed. The only good thing? Asia Argento is hot and a good distraction from the rest of the crap on screen. The so-called action scenes are weak and unexciting. They looked like they were put together with firecrackers and toy cars. Triple X would not last five minutes with James Bond. And i wouldn't last five minutes if i tried to watch it again. 2/10

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Excellent cast---8/10, 10 August 2003

My favorite thing about The Negotiator is the excellent acting by the amazing cast. Samuel L. Jackson, Kevin Spacey, David Morse, and the late J.T. Walsh all give great performances. The story follows a crack hostage negotiator (Samuel L. Jackson) who is falsely accused of murder. He then takes over the FBI building until he can prove his innocence. Another thing i like is that it is a change from your average action movie. It centers more on mystery and suspense than mindless shooting and explosions, which i love but there are other movies for that. The Negotiator is a slick and clever film with an outstanding cast and a great story. 8/10

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