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Excellent action/drama---8/10, 13 October 2004

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Man on Fire takes the standard revenge story to a whole new level. Denzel Washington stars as Creasy, an alcoholic ex-marine who is hired to protect a young American girl (Dakota Fanning) in Mexico City during a wave of kidnappings. Denzel and Dakota have an amazing chemistry on-screen, making her character's kidnapping and Creasy's ensuing killing spree much more effective. Washington is again Oscar-worthy in a performance which is as good if not better than that in Training Day. Fanning is charming as usual and you become attached to her as Creasy did. The great cast also includes Christopher Walken (who is especially good in this movie), Rachel Ticotin, Giancarlo Giannini, and Radha Mitchell,(who also turns in a really good performance, not to mention hot.)

The movie is directed by Tony Scott, who has directed some of my favorite action movies, such as Enemy of the State and The Last Boy Scout. He does a great job here as well, with some great shots and a clever way to put in subtitles. However, some of the quick cutaways and camera movements do get a little annoying, but it is a minor drawback. The only other flaws, which are little bigger, were that it could be a little predictable at times and the ending could have been better. By better i mean letting Creasy live! I hate when they make you love somebody whether hero or villain, just to have them killed. That really doesn't take away much though, because it could also be really unpredictable and the ending is powerful, but i am sure everyone would have liked to have a more Hollywood ending to this one. Usually, i don't like Hollywood endings, but i really wanted Creasy to live. Damn reality!

All in all, Man on Fire is one the best movies of the year and is packed with action, drama and great performances. This should win some Oscars but the Academy sucks so it won't. 8/10

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Overlooked Sci-Fi Classic---8/10, 22 September 2004

I saw the commercial for Equilibrium only twice before it's release in the US and thought it looked great. But when i tried to find a theater it was playing at they were all really far from where i live. And i live in San Francisco! A few months later i finally found a copy at a video store, rented it, and was completely blown away. I bought it only days later. It is a real shame this movie didn't get a better release because it is one of the best science-fiction movies i have ever seen. It has kickass gunplay (thanks to a new weapon-based martial art created just for the movie called Gun-kata) and swordfights, some stunning visuals, great acting from Christian Bale, Emily Watson, and Sean Bean, and a solid story. There is always a lot of comparison to the Matrix, but i think Equilibrium stands on it's own as a new sci-fi classic. If you can find it, definitely check it out. 8/10

Dark City (1998)
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Great sci-fi movie----8/10, 22 September 2004

I didn't even hear about this movie until a couple of months ago when i really got into science-fiction movies. I am glad i was able to pick up a copy for less than eight bucks because it was a huge bargain for a great movie. Dark City follows a guy who wakes up in bathtub and finds a dead body in the next room. He then discovers he is wanted for a bunch of other murders. The catch is he doesn't remember a thing. I don't wanna say to much because you should really see it for yourself. Rufus Sewell (who i had never heard of) Kiefer Sutherland, Jennifer Connelly (yummy) and William Hurt all give great performances (the best though is from Richard O'Brien who plays the enigmatic and downright cool Mr. Hand), but the i think the real stars are the writers who make an original plot with plenty of clever twists and dialogue, and the set and graphic designers who make one of the coolest looking cities i have ever seen. If you love sci-fi and have never seen this movie before, i think you should check it out. 8/10

Collateral (2004)
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One of the best movies this year---9/10, 15 September 2004

Collateral is one of the best films of 2004. Now i admit, i haven't seen too many this year. But there just wasn't much to see. Collateral is a movie i have been looking forward to for some time because it goes back to the days where a movie can take place in the current times and not feature CGI armies clashing while orchestra music plays. It is about characters, plot twists, and atmosphere. These are the elements that suck you into a movie. And Michael Mann know it. Not to mention he has a great cast to work with. In probably his best work to date, Tom Cruise plays Vincent, a hit-man with an itinerary that must be cleared before dawn. I always knew Cruise was a good actor, apparent in movies like Top Gun, Minority Report, and A Few Good Men (in which he was especially good). But i never knew he could pull of an outstanding performance, and yet he does just that in Collateral. Who knew he just had to try being a bad guy for once? He did receive a little help from Jaime Foxx, who plays cab driver Max, Vincent's unwilling hostage. Foxx's equally impressive performance plays off of Cruise's and vice versa. I knew Jaime Foxx could be a great actor when i saw him in Ali, also by Michael Mann.

The script is full of great dialogue, ("Don't do anything stupid. You don't have the trunk space") and plenty of tense situations that will keep you on the edge of your seat. The shootout in the disco, the mugging of Max while tied to the steering wheel, and max trying to pass as a hit-man himself are all classic scenes that i can watch over and over. This is a slickly directed, superbly acted, and nail-bitingly suspenseful film. It's one of the best movies i have seen in a long time. And it's got a Tom Cruise violently killing people. What more could you ask for? 9/10

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The most important film of the decade.---8/10, 3 July 2004

Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 9/11 needs no introduction. It has been the most-talked about, most anticipated, and most profitable film of it's kind ever. Not a single newscast in the last month went off the air without mentioning this highly controversial film. I have been waiting anxiously for this film since Mr. Moore announced that he was going to make a documentary about the Bush administration. I was a little worried that because of it's anti-Bush content that it may never be released in public theaters. But fortunately it has thanks to Bob and Harvey Weinstein.

The documentary itself was well worth the wait. Moore shows a lot of stuff you already know, but the way he shows it really hits it home. It is not all new information, however, as Moore shows footage and interviews and gives facts about the government that you have never seen or known before such as the ridiculously low number of rangers guarding the state of Oregon. There are vintage Moore moments as well, such as when he rides around the capital in an ice cream truck reading the USA Patriot Act over the speaker. However, the film has a more serious tone than Moore's previous films. The most moving part comes when Moore follows and interviews a mother who lost her son in the war in Iraq. I don't think there was a dry eye in the theater.

Fahrenheit 9/11 is the most important film of the year and probably the decade and should been seen by as many people as possible. And yes, even more important than Spider-Man 2. 8/10

My Favorite War Movie----9/10, 27 April 2004

Sure it may not be the biggest blockbuster war movie, but Three Kings has a lot of things others don't have. It has got a sense of humor that we have never seen, it shows all sides of a war instead of just one side, and it is the first real war movie set in the Gulf War. The movie is set right after the war ends and follows four soldiers who go in search of millions of dollars in gold bricks that Saddam stole from Kuwait. The grainy looking film it uses gives the movie a unique and vivid look that works great with the film's theme. The acting is also one of the film's high points. George Clooney, Mark Wahlberg, and Ice Cube give some of their best performances. Spike Jonze and Jamie Kennedy provide some of the movie's most hilarious moments, and Nora Dunn is great as the journalist trying to find a story that hasn't been done. The writing is really great, especially in the scenes in which Troy (Wahlberg) is captured and interrogated. As we learn about him and his interrogator, we learn that they are pretty much the same person who grew up on different sides of the world. I think this is a very important movie everyone should see, especially now. 9/10

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Almost as Good As The First Half---7/10, 26 April 2004

Kill Bill Vol. 2 kicks some serious ass for almost it's whole running time. The only flaw is the disappointing fight with Bill. But there is so much good stuff here, it's pretty much forgivable. There is the great fight with Elle which tore the house down. Literally. We also finally get to see Budd played by Michael Madsen. His scenes were some of the best in both movies. And then there is quite possibly one of the scariest and most exciting scenes ever involving the Bride being buried alive. Having a fear of suffocation myself, this scene was extra effective.

The acting was excellent all around. Uma Thurman proves she is not only hot and deadly, but that she is also one of the best actresses today. She is especially good toward the end. Micheal Madsen is quickly becoming one of my favorite actors. He always gives a great performance. Darryl Hannah is superb as the sole female assassin in Vol.2, and David Carradine is great as Bill himself. It's just too bad we don't get to see some more of his fight skills. Still, Vol.2 is a great second half to an instant classic. 7/10

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Forget Spider-Man: The Punisher Rules!----8/10, 17 April 2004

I never read the Punisher comics but saw the first Punisher movie starring Dolph Lundgren and i loved the character. He is not your ordinary superhero with powers derived from an animal. He is just one p***ed off dude with lots of guns. Brilliant. When i heard about this movie i was a bit skeptical because i thought Hollywood would screw up the great story. I was wrong. This movie was just as good as the original. Thomas Jane made a better Frank Castle than i expected. This Punisher was a more clever one than Dolph's, who was also great. He tricked and embarrassed his enemies instead of just shooting them, though there was plenty of that too. There was some classic action scenes especially the fight with the Russian and the final scene at Howard Saints' building. Howard Saints was played by John Travolta , who once again makes a terrific villain. Along with his hot wife played by Laura Harring, they plotted to destroy Castle's family. Speaking of hotness, Rebecca Romijn and Samantha Mathis were also in the cast playing Castle's new neighbor and deceased wife, respectively.

Critics are bashing this film for some unknown reason. Probably because it is not a 5-hour long character study about a dentist assistant or something. This is Marvel movies at their best no matter what those losers say. 8/10

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Horrifyingly boring ---3/10, 11 March 2004

I watched this movie because of the interesting premise and my love of mystery. But what i got was a boring, headache-inducing, unscary piece of crap. It takes an hour into the only 86 minute film for anything the least bit interesting to happen. The constantly shaking camera gave me a huge head-ache. There was nothing really scary about it. A couple of noises and the three idiots going around in circles is not scary. Speaking of the three idiots, the acting was weak and all they did was scream at each other and the darkness. They didn't die soon enough. the last few minutes were decent but not nearly enough to save this trash. The Blair Witch Project is a highly-overrated snore-o-rama that should have never come out of the woods.---3/10

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Good movie but not the masterpiece it's being hailed as---7/10, 11 March 2004

While Fellowship of the Ring is a good adventure movie, i also think it is very overrated. It doesn't hold a candle to A New Hope. The first part of the trilogy gets off to a slow start as we meet the characters who will soon become the fellowship. It picks up speed when the faceless, hood-wearing, horsemen come looking for the ring. There are some great action scenes that follow and an exciting cliffhanger at the end. I own this, the Two Towers, and will own Return of the King because they are good movies. But masterpieces they are not. They get slow at times, become cheesy at other times, and the acting is not top of the line. I'd give the whole trilogy a 7 out of 10. No more, no less. 7/10

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