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A major disappointment---6/10, 21 January 2005

I was really looking forward to an all out Alien vs. Predator clash of the titans, complete with decapitated alien heads and exploding predator torsos. What i got was a kinda decent flick, but with really only one or two fights that were pretty good, but just too few and far between. Another thing that brought the movie down was it's PG-13 rating. It really held back what could have been a classic. Especially, after four R-rated Aliens movies and two R-rated Predator movies. Also, the movie ran about 100 minutes, but the writers tried to develop the human characters when they should have had more of the monster face/offs. Nobody came to see Alien vs. Predator to see the humans. Except to see them die violently. Overall, it may be worth a rent to see the title characters fight, and be introduced to a new badass Predator. Otherwise, it is a disappointment. 6/10

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Strange but very good 7/10, 9 January 2005

Once in a while, i see a movie that slowly sneaks by brain out of my head, proceeds to kick, punch and elbow drop it for a couple of hours and the put it back in, upside down and inside it. Memento did it. The Matrix did it. And now Vanilla Sky has done it.

I used to not like Tom Cruise very much. He was always the pretty boy hero type that never interested me. But the last four movies i have seen featuring him have really change my mind, including Collateral (his best work), A Few Good Men (i know it's old but i just saw it recently), The Last Samurai, and Vanilla Sky. He really has become one of the best actors today.

As for the movie itself, it is filled with thrills, sex, comedy, twists, and uhh sex. Speaking of sex, it also features two extremely hot women with great supporting roles in Cameron Diaz and Penelople Cruz. The ending really made the whole film click. Some parts of the movie were a bit confusing and the beginning is a little slow, but as a whole the movie is really worth a look. 7/10

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Not bad, but not hilarious---6/10, 9 January 2005

Meet the Fockers is a sequel to the 2000 hit comedy Meet the Parents, starring Robert De Niro and Ben Stiller. This second installment follows Greg (Stiller), his fiancée (Teri Polo), her dad (De Niro) and her mom (Blythe Danner) as they go on a road trip to meet Greg's parents (Dustin Hoffman and Barabara Streisand). Some form of comedy ensues when Greg's parents turn out liberal, while his future parents in-law are conservative.

The sequel, of course, fails to be as funny as the original. In fact, i didn't get a belly laugh during the entire film. However, it was entertaining enough that i had a smile on my face throughout, i giggled pretty often, and i did laugh once or twice. Robert De Niro and Dustin Hoffman were the stars here and delivered the funniest moments of the film. Ben Stiller had his moments, as well. Watch for the part after he is injected with truth serum by De Niro.

I think this movie would have been a lot better without Barabara Streisand. Nothing she did or said was amusing. They should have cast somebody else. Anybody would have been better. Also, a lot of the jokes in the movie just weren't funny. Still, this could be an entertaining rental if you liked the original. 6/10

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An excellent war movie.---8/10, 5 January 2005

Saving Private Ryan has been out for damn near seven years and i just saw it for the first time yesterday. And i must say it is pretty damn great. The combat scenes are the best i have seen in any World War II movie, especially the amazing opening scene on the beaches of Normandy. They are full of exciting and grisly action and speed along the three-hour runtime. Ryan is also packed with a great cast who all give excellent performances especially Tom Sizemore, Edward Burns, and Jeremy Davies. Heck, even Vin Diesel was good. Yes i said Vin Diesel. Maybe he just gets bad scripts lately.

The only things keeping this from being the best war movie ever is it's sappy storyline and one-sidedness. Nobody is saying the Nazis are saints, but their foot soldiers were there for the exact same reasons the American foot soldiers were. Their stupid leaders sent them there.

Saving Private Ryan is still one of the best war movies of all time. It's explosive action and great acting keeps it interesting throughout its runtime and it proves that Steven Spielberg can make a darn entertaining flick. 8/10

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A pretty good installment to the series, but hopefully not the finale.---6/10, 27 December 2004

Blade Trinity has gotten some pretty bad reviews from a lot of folks, but most of them don't understand this movie is supposed to be fun, and it definitely is. It has non-stop fight scenes, a cool opening chase, and the great addition of Ryan Reynolds who is ten times funnier in this, an action film, than he was in the horrible Van Wilder, an actual comedy. Jessica Biel is also introduced in the series, as Abraham Whistler's daughter, Abigail, a hot vampire huntress with a wicked bow and arrow, and a for some reason, a love for fighting to mp3's. Wesley Snipes kicks all kinds of ass again as the title character, this time getting caught by the police after being set-up for killing a human, and then hunting down those who framed him. Among the baddies this time around is Dracula himself played by Dominic Purcell, and his underlings played by Parker Posey and Triple H (The Game rules by the way).

As fun as the movie is, i hope it is not the finale of the series. The action scenes were good, but not good enough to end a series on. In fact, most of the action scenes seemed the same. Hand to hand combat with a few bullets. The opening scene and the ending had some really good action, but definitely not a finale. The end fight was pretty anticlimactic. Plus, after introducing two new characters, they should go on at least one more film where it is a non-stop super vampire bloody battle extravaganza in hell or something like that. I have heard that this is the end, and i would be disappointed if it is. 6/10

Face/Off (1997)
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The best action film of all time!----10/10, 23 December 2004

Action movies are one of my very favorite genres. The excitement in them is unmatched, and the heroes and villains at the heart of them are so darn cool. Well, this goes for the great action movies anyway, most of which came out between 1987 and 1997, a ten year period i like to call, "The Action Movie Revolution". It started with Lethal Weapon. It went on to include such classics as Die Hard, Bad Boys, the Rock, and Con Air. And it ended with Face/Off.

John Woo's Face/Off has to be, in my opinion, the best action movie ever made. The action is non-stop, cool and original. The story line is one of a kind, with a hint of science fiction, but true to it's action origins. And the two leads, John Travolta and Nicolas Cage pull of some incredible movie magic by transforming from good to evil and back again with amazing convincement.

When the movie starts, John Travolta plays Sean Archer, an FBI agent who is trailing the terrorist that killed his son. Nicolas Cage plays said terrorist, Castor Troy, a diabolical killer with a taste for women and Chicklets. But after supposedly killing Troy, Archer goes under a cutting edge surgery (no pun intended) to transform into Troy (even putting in a phony voicebox that produces his rival's voice) to infiltrate his organization and take down his buddies in crime. But soon afterward, the real Troy, who was being kept alive long enough to preserve his face, awakens and forces the doctors to turn him into Archer. So now it's Travolta playing Troy playing Archer, and Cage playing Archer playing Troy.

If this sounds like a horrible, convoluted storyline, it's because it is. But when it is on screen, it makes more sense. Not to mention it is surrounded by a tons of awesome shootouts directed by action master Woo, a wicked speedboat chase, an amazing cast of top-notch actors, and a great soundtrack. This is the last great action movie and nothing after it has come close. That's why we should give the CGI a rest and get back to blowing s**t up the right way. 10/10

Die Hard (1988)
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A true action classic!----9/10, 16 December 2004

Ah the late 80's. A time when action movies were made by stunt men and dynamite, instead of computers and green-screen. Also, a time where action movies were of much higher quality. You had your Lethal Weapon, your Terminator, and of course your Die Hard.

Bruce Willis solidified his place in movie history by filming an entire action film barefoot. His performance as John McClane is hilarious and exciting. This man started the one-liners that became a cliché for action heroes later on. And he did all of his own stunts which includes the now classic jumping off an exploding skyscraper while tied to a firehose.

Alan Rickman also stars as Hans Gruber, a diabolical thief disguised as a terrorist, creating one of the best villains of all time. He and Willis have a great chemistry on screen, another reason this movies is so damn good. The action is also more realistic then other movies. McClane sneaks around and ambushes the baddies, (sort of like Rambo in a building) instead of running with guns blazing, in which case he would have been blown away in the first reel.

Die Hard is one of th best action movies of all time due to it's explosive action, great acting, cool location, and exciting story. Oh, yeah. And no CGI! 9/10

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A Great Sequel---8/10, 14 December 2004

The Matrix Reloaded fails to be as good as it's predecessor, but it is still a great movie. There is some amazing action sequences (which is really the point of the Matrix movies), including the highway chase which punches you in the face with sheer energy and excitement. The so-called Burly Brawl is really cool as well, in which hundreds of Agent Smiths take on a single Neo. Speaking of Agent Smith, Hugo Weaving makes a character almost as cool as Darth Vader.

The film has it's fair share of flaws, though. Zion is not a very exciting place, for instance. Nothing really happens there, except for an overlong party, full of slo-mo dancing, and a cheesy speech by Morpheus. I was just waiting for him to yell "Can you dig it?". Aside from that, the story writers tried to cram the story lines into conversations that would take a computer technician and a thesaurus to try and understand.

Still, The Matrix Reloaded is a great sequel to one of the best sci-fi films ever. It's no Empire Strikes Back, but it is definitely worth the watch for the action sequences, Monica Bellucci, and, of course, Agent Smith. 8/10

The Matrix (1999)
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The Best Sci-Fi movie of the 90's---8/10, 12 December 2004

The Matrix is one of the very best science fiction films of all time. Like George Lucas did with Star Wars, Andy and Larry Wachowski create a fascinating world with a different history. Everybody thinks the year is 1999. But in the real world it is closer to 2099 and the world is a very different place. Our reliance on machines has backfired and they have taken over, harvesting humans and connecting them to a system called the matrix, where humans live and think like it is modern day. The story follows of a group of rebels who escaped the matrix who find who they think is their savior, Neo (Keanu Reeves). What follows is an action-packed thrill ride, with an excellent story, and a perfect performance by Hugo Weaving, who plays Agent Smith, a computer program assigned to stop any human resistance.

The action scenes completely blow you away. With old-school wire fu, they create a classic sparring session between Neo and Morpheus (Laurence Fishburne). And with extraordinary special effects, they crafted one of the best action sequences ever made in the lobby shootout. Tons of bullets, bodies, and shattered walls fill the screen while a great soundtrack blasts across the room. It has to be seen.

While the two sequels were very good, they didn't come close to living up to the first installment, that has set a new standard for science-fiction that will take a heck of a lot to reach. 8/10

Friday (1995)
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One of the funniest movies of all time!---10/10, 26 October 2004

When someone asks me which movie i have seen the most times, i have to answer Friday. I know the movie pretty much verbatim, and have seen it well over 30 times. Chris Tucker is one of the funniest people ever. This is his best performance, followed closely by Rush Hour. There are so many funny moments in this movie it would be impossible to name them all here. My favorites would have to be when Smokey meets his blind date, who turns out to be fat and bald, and the scenes where Deebo confronts Smokey and Craig, played by Ice Cube. The movie has a hilarious supporting cast, including John Witherspoon, Tiny Lister, and Bernie Mac. Critics don't know anything. If you ever have a chance to see this and enjoy urban comedy and Chris Tucker, don't even hesitate to watch. 10/10

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