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A few funny moments, but mostly just stupid---4/10, 5 March 2005

Will Ferrell is called by many as the funniest man on the planet. No. That title can go to either Chris Tucker or Jim Carrey. He can work a few chuckles out of me here and there, but for the most part he is nothing special. I know that is a sin to a lot of people, but it's just my opinion. Anchorman is an example of how funny and unfunny he can be. The funniest parts were honestly the bloopers during the end credits, where i laughed a lot more than the entire movie.

The movie itself is a series of either mildly funny or just stupid scenes. The cologne scene is funny, but the fight between all the news crews were stupid. The two lead anchors exchanging insults during the credits of their news program is funny, but the ending at the zoo was really stupid. I guess humor is in the eye of the beholder. 4/10

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Good family flick----7/10, 5 March 2005

While i usually steer clear of family movies, this one had a certain appeal. Not enough for me to pay to see it, but enough that i could watch it for free. And i had a good time. The Incredibles follows a family of superheroes who come out of retirement to save the world. Craig T. Nelson, Holly Hunter, and Samuel L. Jackson provide great voice work, and and some of the flick's funnier moments. I was also pleasantly surprised that the action scenes were entertaining, including a battle with a robot that was much better than the crappy idiotic fights from Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow. The film has some amazing visuals, some of which i thought might have been real. The team behind it, Pixar, also made one of the only family movies i really love, Toy Story.

As much fun as the movie is, it gets a little slow at some points if your not under 12 years old, and the story is almost non-existent. Still, it is a great movie to watch on a big-screen or with the little kiddies, but nothing to replace a nice R-rated gangster/action/porno/comedy/documentary. 7/10

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One of the scariest movies ever---8/10, 28 February 2005

I was never a big fan of horror movies. They usually try cheap tricks to scare their audiences like loud noises and creepy children. They usually lack originality and contain overacting galore. The only horror movie i like was Stir of Echoes with Kevin Bacon. It was well-acted, and had a great story. But it has been joined and maybe even surpassed by Stanley Kubrick's The Shining, quite possibly the scariest movie ever.

The movie follows a writer (Jack Nicholson) and his family who agree to watch over a hotel while it is closed for the winter. There were rumors of the place being haunted and the last resident went crazy and murdered his family. But Jack is convinced it will be OK and he can use the quiet to overcome his writer's block. After months of solitude and silence however, Jack becomes a grumpy and later violent. Is it cabin fever or is there something in the hotel that is driving him mad?

One of the creepiest parts about the movie is the feeling of isolation that Kubrick makes. The hotel is very silent, and the rooms are huge, yet always empty. It is also eerily calm when Jack's son is riding his bike through the barren hallways. Jack Nicholson's performance is also one of his very best, scaring the hell out of me and making me sure to get out once in awhile. My favorite scene is when he is talking to a ghost from inside a walk-in refrigerator.

The Shining is tops for horror movies in my opinion, beating the snot out of crap like the Ring and The Blair Witch Project. It may be a oldie, but is definitely a goodie. 8/10

Conspiracy (2001) (TV)
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One of the best WWII movies ever (and there is not a single gunshot!)--9/10, 23 February 2005

Conspiracy debuted on HBO in 2001 and centers on the infamous Wannsee conference, where fifteen high-ranking officials of Nazi Germany government and military devised the final solution of the Jewish problem in Europe. The meeting took place in a beautiful house in rural Germany, where food and wine were served, and ideas were born.

This film is the best World War II era film i have ever seen, and one of the best movies i have seen, period. The cast is mostly unknown, but out-act any all-star cast Hollywood has ever produced. Kenneth Branaugh delivers an excellent performance as Heydrich, the head of the table at the meeting. He threatens people with a smile on his face, and barely bats an eye while speaking of killing thousands of people. Stanley Tucci is also great as the party-planner Eichmann, who set up the entire meeting, from the venue to the food to the topics. The way he counts the number of Jews that can be exterminated in a a given period of time is downright creepy. The cast also includes great turns by Colin Firth, a lawyer and professor who thinks the systematic slaughter of the Jews is bad for Germany's future, and Ian McNiece, who plays a hateful and witty official.

The dialogue is smart, funny, and chilling, and contains some jabs at all sides of the biggest war in Earth's history. This is a great movie to show in a history class, before watching a bunch of war movies, or if you just have an interest in the war. It teaches a lot more about the time than Saving Private Ryan (great movie too, but really one-sided), and features the best acting this side of the Godfather.---9/10

Bulworth (1998)
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A daring and hilarious comedy!---- 8/10, 17 February 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Bulworth follows a U.S. senator from California who is sick and tired of life and politics, and puts a contract out on himself. Now that he has nothing to lose, he takes the opportunity to tell everyone what he really thinks, and in doing so chooses to live and reinvents himself as a rapping man of the people. He now must stop his own murder while defending the little guy and offending a whole lot of other people.

In one of the best comedic performances ever, Warren Beatty is hysterical as Senator Jay Bulworth. His self-written raps far surpasses anything Eminem or 50 cent could come up with, and his facial expressions had my side hurting. The rest of the cast is great too, especially Oliver Platt, who plays Bulworth's frustrated assistant who can't understand his boss's new strategy. Aside from being hilarious, the movie is full of ballsy truths about America, something i barely ever see in movies. Sure some movies touch on or symbolize politics, but these movie puts it right in your face. Where else could you find a white senator rapping "the Arabs got the oil/we buy everything they sell/ but if the brothers raise the price, we blow them all to hell". Brilliant.

This is one of the funniest comedies i have ever seen. While people today are yukking it up at idiotic movies like Dodgeball and Anchorman, they could laugh and learn a thing or two by watching Bulworth. 8/10

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A great look at the news during war----8/10, 14 February 2005

Control Room documents the events of Al-Jazeera (the biggest news network in the Arab world) and Central Command (the U.S. military headquarters in the middle east) during the outbreak of the war in Iraq. It starts off by introducing the main characters which include an Al-Jazeera producer, an American military spokesman, and a CNN reporter. They all have different views of the war, and so do the respective networks they work for. They accuse each other of being bias, which is true.

This is one of the best documentaries of i have ever seen. It is just as good as Fahrenheit 9/11, except here they show more than one side. Actually, they show more than two sides. The film makes us realize that everybody has a different view of war. It is much more than just pro and anti.

The movie is not only informative, it is genuinely entertaining and moving. There are great scenes including the media obsessing over the 52 most wanted playing cards, the debacle over showing U.S. prisoners on Arab television, and a lot of great lines from real, bright people that you wouldn't see in any screenplay. When a producer of Al-Jazeera admits he would work for Fox if offered the chance, he says would trade "the Arab nightmare for the American dream".

I wish the film would have been longer, and touched on the Palestinian-Israeli conflict as well, but nonetheless, it is a documentary that everyone should see because I, for one, will never watch the news the same way again. 8/10

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Harrison Ford for President! ----8/10, 11 February 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Is there anyone but Harrison Ford who would have been perfect for this role? He looks like a president, he talks like a president, but he kicks ass like only Indiana/Solo/Ryan could. Air Force One centers on the president's plane being hijacked by a group of terrorists to get their leader freed from prison. The group's captain (Gary Oldman) is hot-headed and cold-blooded. A bad combination. After they take over the plane, they learn the president's escape pod had launched. What they don't know is that that he is still onboard, bent on saving his family and friends.

The movie is perfectly casted and well acted. Harrison Ford is the best movie president ever. You watch this movie wishing he really was a president. He is caring, brave, and very clever. Everything the real president is not. Although i loved Ford here, i found myself rooting for Gary Oldman sometimes. It's my love of bad guys acting up. He is terrifying, yet i somehow agreed with some of the things he said about America's foreign policy. But i didn't entirely agree with him blowing innocent people's heads off.

The action scenes are well-made and very entertaining, if a tad unbelievable. The one thing that pulled me out of the fun was the presidents staff acting like he was god. I know he is a good president, but come on. It's not like he could walk on water. Still, this is a great adventure and one of Harrison Ford's best. 8/10

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A little overrated, but pretty good----7/10, 4 February 2005

I started watching Apocalypse Now with all the acclaim it has received over the years in the back of my mind. I learned a long time ago with 2001: A Space Odyssey that just because a movie is regarded as a classic doesn't mean i will like it at all. I sat down to watch the Redux (it was the only version i could get but i'm sure the overall film is the same) and fortunately, Apocalypse Now is better than 2001, but it is not a great movie.

The film stars Martin Sheen as an Army captain who is sent into deep into the jungles of Vietnam to take down a decorated general (Marlon Brando) who went mad and barricaded himself. He rides on a boat with a squad of desensitized soldiers down a river. Along for the ride is a barely legal youngster (Laurence Fishburne), a would-be chef (Frederick Forrest) and a stern driver (Albert Hall). Everybody in the cast does a great job, and the ride down the river is eerily calm with random spurts of violence which makes for a mostly exciting movie. There is also a great supporting role by Robert Duvall as a hard-ass commander who is a overzealous fan of surfing.

The movie really slows down, however, when the squad comes across a French family living in a nice house in the middle of the jungle. It really doesn't do much for the story and it seems to get forgotten in the later parts of the movie. Also, the ending is slow and just strange. I heard there was originally supposed to be a huge battle, which i would have preferred.

For movie fans, Apocalypse Now is a must-see, because most people like it a lot, but for some it is a pretty good war movie that's worth a look.---7/10

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Powerful and insightful---9/10, 26 January 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

In American History X, a reformed neo-nazi named Derek (Edward Norton) returns home from prison intending to stop his little brother Danny (Edward Furlong), already a member, from following in his footsteps. A story that i am sure has happened a thousand times in real-life, whether it involve neo-Nazis, gangs, or drug addiction. As sad as that is, it sure spawned one of the most powerful movies i have ever seen.

Edward Norton gives one of the best performances ever, and the best from the year 1998. I've said it before and i'll say it again: The Academy sucks. Norton is totally convincing and at times sympathetic. Not to mention, he got pretty damn built for this role. Edward Furlong is also very good as the little brother on the edge, and Stacy Keach is great as the evil head of the group.

Director Tony Kaye tells the story by having Norton's nazi days in black and white flashbacks, and the present day where Norton is freed from prison and his hatred in color. This makes it not only easier to distinguish the past and present scenes, but it somehow makes the scenes more effective. Like Norton saw everything in black and white until he had a tragic experience in prison.

American History X is a powerful, insightful, and very relevant tale of hatred and tragedy, and a film that should be seen by everyone, especially these days. 9/10

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Overrated and unexciting---4/10, 25 January 2005

This was a pretty big disappointment to me. I was looking forward to this because of my love of sci-fi, the 30's, and Angelina Jolie. I missed it in theaters, but caught it on DVD the other day. I don't know if that makes a difference, but what i saw wasn't very good. The action was so fake-looking, it might have well been all animation. The plot is ridiculous, full of conveniences and over the top events. For example, before the robots ever attack, a scientist happens to invent a ray gun that can burn through steel at an incredible speed and range. That was lucky. The robots are also the cheapest and weakest robots in movie history. There is a terrible scene near the end where Law is punching out flying robots on the back of speeding tram.

The one thing that keeps this movie from falling all the way to hell is some of it's characters. Jude Law and Gwenyth Paltrow have their moments, but the real stars are in the movie only briefly. Omid Djalili has a bit role adding some comic relief (not from any plot tension, just boredom) and Angelina Jolie, who is all over the posters and packaging, is in it for no more than ten minutes. However, she was welcome treat with her wicked eyepatch and cool demeanor.

Overall, this should have been a fun and exciting ride through an alternate reality, but ends up as one of the worst movies of the year. 4/10

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