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Cinderella (1997) (TV)
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What the Heck is Wrong with the Color blind and Deaf Casters?!, 8 February 2008

Now personally I am not a racist. But I can tell when people are out of place. The story was not bad.BUT COME ON! No kid who reads Cinderella at night time (or has it read to them) is ever gonna picture Cinderella as black. And get real!! A black queen and a white king cannot have a Asian prince, unless he's adopted (which I doubt). Whitney Houston was OK but did not fit the role. And her outfit was all wrong for it too.And Brandy+Singing=DISASTER! So all I can say is What the Heck is Wrong with the Color blind and Deaf Casters?! Try the Julie Andrews version or the 1965 remake of it, you will be much more satisfied.

...Auful ...Wierd ...Ugly ...MESSED ...UP!

Eerrrr?...Alright, 28 January 2008

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Errrr?...Alright. I am personally a fan of Full House. I have watched every episode (of my knowledge) on the series. But this, this one is really different from the rest. It starts off by showing Jesse and Becky arguing about whether or not to have another baby. Becky says she cannot handle it because they already have twins and because of each other careers. This episode contains much more sexual references than any other Full House episode. And it is slightly inappropriate because in the end it shows Beck and Jesse agreeing to "make more babies" and then Jesse turns off the light and gets on top of Becky (no parts shown) and in the dark we can hear Jesse and Becky grunting and Becky giggling, referring to sexual intercourse. Yeah, so this one was a little weird.