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My old friend is back and we will never be parted again!, 2 October 2004

I never liked Marlene Dietrich, mainly due to her image, her films, and her acting style. But when I first came across this show in the middle 1980's, when I was in my early twenties, and being a sucker for old songs, old films, musicals and show stopping numbers, I thought I would give it a go. I recorded it and was mesmerised by her presence, yes; of course she hasn't got a great voice but there is something about the passion, emotion and the feel that she brings to the songs that negate her lack of singing talent, obviously some of this style would be out of place today! However, I played the tape over and again until the wee hours of the morning, sitting on the floor an inch from the TV to be as close as I could, maybe I thought it would be like being there. Unfortunately over the years I mislaid the tape, but always promised myself that I would search out a copy one day, I eventually found it on the internet and the DVD was delivered today. I love it! I have already played certain songs over and over. 'Where have all the flowers gone', 'Boomerang', 'Lola', 'Das Lied Ist Aus', 'Marie Marie' amongst others are beautifully presented. Furthermore I appreciate this show even more this time round because I have taken my time to listen to all the songs as opposed to when I was younger when I would just play one or two of my favourite songs over and over and fast forward the rest.

Although I am not old fashioned in any sense, and I'm still relatively young, I love the fact that the audience are formally dressed and throw flowers on the stage in appreciation.

My old friend is back and we will never be parted again! No we'll never be parted again.