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Remake so much than the original that it now more famous than the original, 2 July 2017

What makes this movie great is the performances of Cary Grant and Rosalind Russell. They are both great actors and both have been in great movies, but they have never been better. First changing Russell's character from a man to woman is brilliant. But most importantly the fast paced scene's between Grant and Russell, many of those ad-lib by the two actors doing some of their best work ever. It is rare that you see two acting legends at the top of their games.

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Never watched the TV show. Never was a fan. But really liked the movie, 15 March 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I have heard about the TV show Veronica Mars, and heard it was a good one. Never had the time to see it. But heard about the show's rabid fans and the kick-starter campaign to get the movie done. Am a Star Trek fan and understand the desire for more.

I was very happy to find that the movie is really worth seeing. Kudos to those kick-starter fans. The show must have been great. The characters are appealing and there are some nice cameos. The movie holds up for people who do not know the show, since it worked for me and I have never seen a episode.

The movie starts off with the now older more mature Veronica Mars about to ascend the corporate ladder. At job interview she asked describe the old her, and ends the description with saying it is not her any more. Like Michael she sucked back in. I do not want to put in any spoilers, but let's just say she takes an interesting trip down memory-lane.

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George Pal's Atlantis, 2 June 2013

This movie does not have any known stars. I think the most well known is the guy who played the Chief on Get Smart. But conceptually this is a great movie. It captures the imagination. It plays into the stories of the advanced people of the famous lost continent. A place with advanced science in the ancient world. But such strength becomes their downfall. This move was made during the cold war when many thought the A-bomb could lead to our downfall. It also shows how even with such advanced knowledge, the people of Atlantis act just like people. Such themes are common in science fiction and fantasy of the era, but they are brought together nicely in this movie. Also this movie has the great special effects of its director, George Pal. And those are worth the price of admission any day.

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Back to warp speed - fans should not read reviews, 20 May 2013

I am a long time Star Trek fan and I loved it. For non fans it explains the relationship between Kirk and Spock, and it shows how the smart farm boy matures into Captain Kirk. For Trek fans the movie pulls at the heart strings that make wanting the next although unlikely installment from this creative team. I would say more about the plot, but it would ruin it for fans. My advise to fans is not to read reviews, and see it and live it. To non fans, welcome aboard. This is a ride you will not want to get off of. And this is a good way to rediscover this classic. This is a show that people of the Mad Men era would love too.

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Undiscovered Gem, 21 February 2013

This was the third movie I watched on a plane, and was shocked to discover how good it was. This is a really good movie that should have gotten more attention. I suppose it got lost in all the noise around the Twilight movie series ending and the Presidential election. This is a timeless movie about fathers, daughters and baseball. You do not have to like baseball to like this movie. It is closer to chick flick, but is it much better then those. The characters are brought to life with great performances by Amy Adams and Clint Eastwood. These are not cookie cutter characters as is true in most movies. And there are strong supporting characters played by John Goodman and Justin Timberlake. This is worth seeing.

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Cruise Rules - Critics are wrong, 22 December 2012

I am not sure what movie the professional critics saw, but it could not have been the one I saw. Because if it is the same one, the critics are dead wrong. This is a good enjoyable movie.

First, I was ready to hate this movie. When I heard that Tom Cruise was playing Jack Reacher, I thought it was one of the worst casting ideas ever. I am a huge fan of Lee Child's books. I have read them all. Jack Reacher is physically tall man. And Tom Cruise just could not play that role. Now, I like Cruise's movies. I just did not think he could pull that role. Boy was I wrong. Cruise, while not as tall as Reacher, makes the role his own. I guess he knows a character he can play. He is not Ethan Hunt from Mission Impossible here. He is Jack Reacher. The character is very true to the feel of the book.

This movie is well shot. Well acted, and has really good action scenes. It as has a surprise cameo deep into the movie. Rosamund Pike is solid in her role as is the rest of the cast. I plan to recommend this movie to anyone that asks.

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way over rated - some spoilers, 9 August 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I am a huge Batman fan and love the other two movies. But this one sucks. The only good thing about it is Ann Hathaway. First most people see this for the action scenes, but they are too few. In between them are long boring useless talking scenes. This movie could have been an hour shorter. Second the plot does not make sense, but who sees Batman for the plot. Third everyone seems to know he is batman.

*** spoiler alert ***

Even worse everyone seems to be able to outsmart batman. He is supposed to be a super hero with no superpowers, but he is supposed to be able out smart the villains. He can be self destructive. He has bad moods, but he is supposed to out smart the bad guys. It seems to me that after the success of the last movie, Christopher Nolan got to do anything he wanted to do, and every one needs an editor. The actions scenes are good, but there are not enough of them. Instead it is filled with mind numbing talk about batman's feelings. This is not a very good movie. No wonder the website rottentomatos took down early comments.

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Highly under-rated, way better than Waterworld, 15 April 2012

I did not know if this movie ever came out in the theaters. If it did, then it must have been for only a brief period. I saw this movie on cable, and I was shocked to find a Kevin Costner movie that I have never heard of. I also was shocked to find it is really a good movie. I suppose the problem is that it came out after Waterworld, and that movie was so bad nobody want to risk money on another Costner post-apocalypse movie. However this is a much better movie than Waterworld. It is more like Dances with Wolves set in a post - apocalyptic era. The performances are all strong. Costner's character evolves through the movie. This one is worth a try.

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The best film version, 7 April 2012

This was a Disney made for TV movie version of the Broadway musical Annie. It is by far the best version on video. The cast led by Victor Garber and Kathy Bates is fantastic. Audra McDonald plays Grace Farrel. It is very obvious from her performance here why she won three Tony awards before she turned 30. Kristin Chenoweth and Alan Cummings also are great as well. Clearly, you will never see a cast this good on Broadway. There is also a cameo appearance by Andrea McArdle, Broadway's original Annie. She still has the charisma she displayed as Annie.

With such a strong cast it is almost impossible for Disney not to make a good movie. However in 1982, the first film version of the play was made with also an all-star cast, and it failed. This TV-movie succeeds. The stage and look are wonderful. Kudos to Disney.

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I love the Thunderbirds, but hate this movie, 26 February 2012

I grew up watching the Thunderbirds. Watching the DVD versions show that they are more slowly paced than shows today. But, the Thunderbirds are cool. Even though they are just puppets. Miss Penelope was the coolest of them all. I think she was based on Sylvia Anderson. I am writing so much about the original, because there is so little to say about the movie. How they could talk something so cool and make it so bad is hard to imagine. There are wonderful actors in this. The story is worse then any of the original shows. It lacks humor, romance, action, adventure and coolness. How could this happen. All they had to do is take the best of the original stories. And why make Tin Tin a major character and do so little with Lady Penelope? I saw this movie twice with the hope that they would make another that would live up to the original.

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