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90 min with.., 20 September 2006

Orquesta Tipica could have been a documentary of a London rock band. The plot is thrilling. It gives you a nice glimpse of the tango culture lived by 12 very contemporary guys. The gap between generations and backgrounds is there erased by passion for music and art. Its beautiful, it's smart and funny. It is not only a view on nowadays's Argentina, but also a token of a cultural confusion and the deep desire to get back to the roots, to re-find and redefine Argentina's true identity. In this period of globalization, where everything is the same everywhere, it seems necessary not to forget each culture identity, not to forget what we are made of. This documentary, its purpose, what it is made of, to me, enable that. At the end you can't help to like this bunch of guys, and sharing 90min of their life is just a very enriching experience..