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An evening out, at home, 13 November 2005

This original story will most likely never become legendary like Rudolph or Frosty. However, it is reminiscent of times when families used to venture out to see theater performed at the city square. This heart-warming story is beautifully performed by Dorothy Hamill and other talented skaters. Chip Davis, of Mannheim Steamroller, and Olivia Newton-John narrate the story. Finally, the music of Mannheim Steamroller provides excitement and helps to set the mood of each scene. If you and your family enjoy Mannheim Steamroller or Disney on ice, then you won't be disappointed adding this to your holiday enjoyment. Curl up with your family and some hot chocolate and spend an evening together.

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A relaxing Christmas special, 23 December 2004

This film starring Fred Astaire and Gary Burghoff (M*A*S*H) is a great Christmas original. Most new holiday films are less than entertaining, but this film provides a unique, rfreshing story line. The Man in the Santa Claus Suit is one of many movies that I feel help celebrate the season. It provokes thought about what is really important to each of us this holiday season. I am amazed this film has not received better ratings. In this time of Santa movies, I feel that some of the classics provide a more intellectual view helping to define the meaning of Christmas. It may not be a blockbuster, but it is one of my family's staples.

"Wings" (1990)
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A light-hearted sit-com series, 13 June 2004

I watched Wings when it was on the original run and then during the TV Land resurrection. It was no great drama. But the mix of strong characters with the situational comedy definitely made it an enjoyable half hour. Timothy Daly plays the straight and narrow business man while Steven Weber shines as the free spirited brother. Weber definitely carries the humor at Daly's expense. This was a great cast who worked well on screen. I feel that this is one of many situational comedies that had a great run; I am sorry to see it go. If you liked the Dick Van Dyke show, I Love Lucy, etc., you will definitely enjoy Wings. Wings was a light-hearted half hour of laughs for the whole family. It is definitely worth a second look, or even more.

Hook (1991)
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An updated classic tale, 11 April 2003

This story picks up after the original Peter Pan. Peter, after marrying Wendy, has grown older and is lost in the reality. Hook, still harboring anger towards Peter, kidnaps his kids. Peter is forced to return to Never Never Land to rescue his children. In order to rescue his children, he must remember who he is.

Although it will never be a critic's favorite, it is a great story of conflict both external and internal. Character are fun and lively making it an enjoyable family film.

The Arrow (1997) (TV)
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Incredible drama, 17 July 2001

Few movies are made of the aviation industry. Of course, the most popular, Top Gun was a fictional movie about the glory of flying. This movie, based on a true story, was amazing. First viewed it on CBC in December of 1997. I bought the movie direct from CBC I was so impressed. Dan Akroyd plays an executive with the "right stuff" to make Canada's Avro corporation a success. Character development was fabulous as you see how his professional and personal life affect each other. A few fictitious characters are introduced to help add depth. For example, one of the lead engineers is a female developed in this movie to represent all females who contributed to the Arrow's success. It is a true representation of the actual events. Political influence from the government in Canada's business sector. Governmental influence of the United States and Europe on Canada. The fight for political power within Canada. And the struggle for air superiority in the 1950's. It also is a very real portrayal of the challenges of producing an aircraft. The engineering team includes all facets of design. The unrealistic expectations and design specifications. But most importantly the dedication of the employees to make Canada a great country and respected in the political and economical arenas. This movie is a long, detailed drama that starts slow and keeps rolling down hill. I recommend that those with any interest in the aforementioned items, it is worth the time for your viewing pleasure and historical knowledge.