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Throw Down (2004)
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My disappointment cannot be put in to words., 11 August 2004

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Throw Down

My disappointment cannot be put in words. Another Johnny To masterpiece? I beg to differ. The DVD I purchased from Pacific Mall had no English Sub Titles but I didn't mind a whole lot. After all I did want to see this movie for the action initially. But unfortunately the action scenes where all under a minute in length, and where filmed mostly at nighttime. The movie was the most disappointing film of the year for me, and yes I have seen the so-called cinematic masterpieces Johnny To did earlier in his career. I was waiting for Johnny To to redeem himself with one of his upcoming films but sadly that never happened. Now that I think about it I shall change my rating and give Breaking News a 2.5. It's probably his best movie, and that's not saying much. I despise this Director, for his films never deliver what they promise. I think of him as US's Michael Bay and Joel. S. He is the poor man's John Woo, Tsui Hark, and Ringo Lam.

The Action: I list the fights. I don't go in to Detail. But I do mention the Length. So read at your own risk, but I wouldn't consider it to be such extreme Spoilers. Hmm but I do sort of Spoil the end fight... So choose wisely.

1st Hour:

-Fight in the street between two main characters(Its about a minute in length and the second best fight in the film)

-Table Being Flipped Over(I consider it to be an action scene) Very Short

-Judo Match- Short

-Training Scene - Very Short

2nd Hour:

-Another Short Fight

-A Very promising Fight Inside A Night Club ruined by the darkness and bad Camera Work. Thank you Johnny To for thinking of the audience.

-This Scene is made up of 3 fights. There are cuts in between them, but I still consider them to be one. It starts of with a very short Training scene, followed by a Darkish Fight, then A Roof Top Fight. All very short. I mean like 10 seconds at most. And it ends with a Judo match that was the best fight in the movie. A great scene but not very long)

-Another Judo Match followed by a Short Training Scene – Overall very good but once again very very short

-The last fight is amusing. A blindfolded character faces a teacher in a cornfield. At night We as the audience don't see a thing. Maybe one or two attacks. Very disappointing fight. The best lit fights very probably the Judo scenes and the street fight.

P.S Well what does this movie deserve… I shall give it a 1/5. And I am still being generous I feel.

Jackie Chan Is Back In Action!, 29 July 2002

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This is a film that most Jackie Chan fans do not like. This film is not in my top 10 Jackie Chan films, but it's also not that bad. This film is directed by two very famous directors Ringo Lam and Tsui Hark. But I felt like they were not used properly in the production. Writers who were responsible for this film were Barry Wong(Writer: Hard Boiled, Righting Wrongs, and Rosa)and Tsui Hark. So far this film has good writers and good directors. The lead actors are Jackie Chan, Maggie Cheung(Police Story 1-3, and Project A 2), Nina Li Chi(Jet Li's Wife). Even the lead actors are good. Even the cameo's feature some very good actors like Ringo Lam as a car mechanic, John Woo as a priest, Tsui Hark as a car mechanic, Mars as a thug, and Jing Wong(writer: High Risk with Jet Li, and City Hunter with Jackie Chan). So why are people not very happy with this movie? Well some people didn't like the comedy. I found this movie quite funny at times, but the comedy does get a little over board. This felt like City Hunter, because of the sence of comedy. There were not enough action scenes to keep some viewers happy. I will list them:

1. Fight at a Night Club. Very good fight including multiple villain's, and Jackie Chan going against all them. Jackie Chan uses a microphone as a prop which looked like very good piece of choreography.

2. Boat Chase in the Ocean. This has lots of boat stunts, but not much martial arts. But we do see Jackie jump from one motor boat to another, which was some good action.

3. Fight at a Mall with a thug who can't fight. This shows that Jackie Chan can so lots of kicks, while his opponent can't do any. This is a very short fight not even worth mentioning.

4. Bus Chase across a Highway. Jackie Chan was probably stunt doubled for the driving, but I might be wrong. Very short but we do see Jackie Chan jump from the drivers seat onto the road.

5. Fight at the Car Test Factory. This fight is worth seeing this movie for. Jackie Chan faces against 20 or more thugs. Also Jackie Chan does things like you never seen him do before like: jumping through the passengers window, jumping out the passengers window, and doing a kick, and running over a car. Jackie Chan does some very nice kicks, and moves fast enough to make the scene stand out the most.

Woo Ping Yuen(choreographer of Matrix movies), was responsible for Stunts and Action Design. But again he wasn't used very well, except the first and the last fight.

Mars who appeared as a thug seemed to be the only Jackie Chan's Stunt Team Member who appeared in this film. This could be the reason why this film's action was not to the usual Jackie Chan's standard. I read that during the scene were there are two Jackie's in the bathtub with the girl, that Mars was the second Jackie. Mars doubled Jackie for that scene before they used special effects to change it to look like two Jackie's.

This film deserves 7/10. But for the end fight 10/10. If you want to see some good action see this film for the end fight.

The Order (2001)
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Jean Claude Van Damme is back in Action!!!! "Review Contains Major Spoilers", 16 March 2002

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The Order is Jean Claude Van Damme's second good movie since "The Replicant". After viewing "Desert Heat" and "Universal Soldier 2: The Return" I was quite disappointed. Both films didn't have a good story and the action wasn't anything like I saw in "Knock Off" and "Double Team". "The Replicant" was the first sign of the return of Jean Claude Van Damme. So I went and rented "The Order". This movie has a very strong story line and doesn't go off track. Also some of the location were really good. "Sheldon Lettich" was the director of this movie which really shows. Each time "Sheldon Lettich" works on a Jean Claude Van Damme movie, Jean Claude Van Damme does some of the most amazing action scenes, and he shows off his acting skills. The action in this film is even better then in "The Replicant". Jean Claude Van Damme is showing off his martial arts skills after being unable to do so in "Desert Heat" and "Universal Soldier 2". I took the time to list all the action scenes in this film so here they are:

1. The first action scene is taking place in Ukraine. Jean Claude Van Damme is robbing a museum. He slides down a rope from one building to another. And after has a fight against some Ukrainian police. And its really cool because in one scene Jean Claude Van Damme uses a metal pool to defend himself. And then after its over theres a brief stunt where Jean Claude Van Damme jumps of a balcony into a garbage container.

2. The second fight scene takes place in a Night Club. We get to see Jean Claude Van Damme fighting some thugs. And he does this cool slide down the club's wall which is made out of rocks. And we get to see Jean Claude Van Damme doing some cool things with the metal pool that the girls are dancing around.

3. The third action scene takes place in Israel. Jean Claude Van Damme has a car chase, trying to catch a thug. And theres a cool stunt were Jean Claude Van Damme's car jumps through a wall of water bottles. This scene leads to a fight in a Fountain.

4. The Next scene takes place in a Hotel where Jean Claude Van Damme is staying. Jean Claude Van Damme slides down by the rope from the 18th floor onto the ground. A brief but cool scene.

5. A fight scene taking place in the streets on Israel. Jean Claude Van Damme fight Israel police who are chasing him. He also has a fight with a really strong bald man. The fight scene then takes place on the roof tops where Jean Claude Van Damme does this cool stunt where he grabs a metal pole and swings himself onto the other roof top. And then theres another stunt where Jean Claude Van Damme jumps from one roof top to another. And theres a brief stunt where Jean Claude Van Damme falls down from the roof top.

6. The next action scene takes place in the Air Port. Jean Claude Van Damme is on the run again from the Israel police and gets into a truck. After this happens theres a cool car chase, that leads to two police cars getting destroyed.

7. The next scene takes place on the streets on Israel. Jean Claude Van Damme chases a thug. The thug gets into his car, and Jean Claude Van Damme finds a motorcycle. This scene is really cool because Jean Claude Van Damme does lots of cool jumps with the motorcycle and even rides the motorcycle on top of cars.

8. The last scene take place in caves underneath the city of Israel. We get to see Jean Claude Van Damme take on about 6 or 7 of Cyruse's(played by Brian Thompson who was also in another Jean Claude Van Damme film "Lionheart") man. And then we get to see Jean Claude Van Damme take on Cyrus. Not much martial arts involved, but it has Jean Claude Van Damme fighting with a sword.

Thats all of it so I found this movie good and I would suggest people should see it.

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Jet Li's Best Movie!!!!!!!!, 29 June 2001

This film can be described as a classic!! This film has so many good fight scenes. And my favorite two are, when Jet Li was fighting with his umbrella and the end fight witch rocked!! This film isn't comedy it's superb martial art. Jet Li can really act too in this film. I been a fan of Jet Li for two or three years now and this is the best film I ever saw. So go see this film now. And for all those people who like classic fights, at the end you get to see Jet Li and another fighter clime ladders and fight on top of then without falling off. I found that fight a top classic. And part two is been already released, can't wait to rent it.

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The Best!!!!!, 29 June 2001

This film is really good. After seeing the end of this film on TV, I went to a video store and i brought this film. This film has a lot of action from the start of the film till the end. At the end Jet Li goes crazy!! But after that he starts training which is really impressive. And then gets ready for the best fight scene ever which was going on for like really long time. "Michelle Yeoh" is really good in this film to. Not that much action till the end but still good. If you really want to see a classic Jet Li film like "Once Upon A Time In China" and "The Legend" go see this film.

The Legend (1993)
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As Good As "Once Upon A Time In China"!!!!, 29 June 2001

This film has fight scenes equal to "Once Upon A Time In China". This film is amazing!! Jet Li is really good fighting with ropes, swords, sticks... The plot is almost the same as in the sequel so don't pay that much attention to it. The end fight scene is the best!! This film isn't as long as "Once Upon A Time In China" so it has action all the time. This film is better then the sequel, but the second part is really entertaining to. So go rent this film for comedy, action with different types of weapons, and Jet Li.

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Good!!!, 29 June 2001

This film is pretty entertaining. But this film has about 3 action scenes were "Jet Li" shoots people with a gun. And he killed like a 100 people!! There's also a brief fight and a classic fight scene at the end of the film. The story is also good. But this isn't your usual Jet Li film because it contains less action then any other of his films. But this film is really good to watch for a good story with a action twist. If you like Jet Li you will probably like this film. So go rent this film now!!

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Really Good!!, 29 June 2001

This film looks really good on TV but not as good as the first part. The fight scenes are really impressive but I think the first part had more of them. The story continues from the first film which makes it good. This film contains some classic comedy. But I think the best fight in this film is at the end. The rest is ok. If you really liked part one this film is half good as the first one. So go rent this one if you want.

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Cool!!!!!!!, 26 June 2001

This film is the first great comedy for Jackie. This film has alot of action too. But like always the whole action is at the end of the film. And this film is done well with the help of "Wei Lo" of course. "Wei Lo" made the stupid film "New Fists of Fury" which I didn't like that much. But this film is GREAT. I haven't seen so much comedy ever!!!!!! Jackie doesn't know how to fight at first but then he learns it. Before Jackie learned how to fight he still did some nice stunts and kind like fights. But the end was the best. So I have to say this is the first great comedy for Jackie since long time. So see this film today. And expect to laugh your pants off.

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COOL!!!!!!!!!, 26 June 2001

This film is one of Jackie's best old movies!! People say "Jackie Chan's" old films suck, well they are wrong about this one!!! In this film Jackie kicks people from left to right till the end!!! This film has the usual story were everyone want's to find the stolen book with some style in it!! When I brought the film I wasn't expecting much, but I got too much after all. This film has like 11 action scenes!!!! I haven't seen any old Jackie film with soo much action!! I like how Jackie uses the thing around him as props. Also there are no real stunt's in this film but the action is good. The action is sometimes slow and sometimes fast. Like for example when there was a sword fight, you can call that a fast action scene. But when there was hand to hand action that's slow but not alway's. And the story itself is pretty good. Because in other Jackie film the story is the same and it just get's boring after a while. So I think I sad enough about this great action packed film. So go rent or buy it today!!!!!

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