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Just in time for Halloween!

Hidden, underrated, classic or terrifying gems of horror, supernatural and the bizarre.

Some atmospheric cult classics and other rare finds of unexpected, strange beauty and melancholy.

Inspired by my original top 10 picks (and expanded upon):


- There's no specific importance in order. Best viewed in alphabetical/grid view.

- I love all the obvious horror franchises (Jason, Freddy etc), but I want to avoid adding those with a few exceptions (as this list pertains to very special picks).

- I'll continue adding titles as I recall them. I'd be happy to take suggestions, however please note that I will only add titles that I've seen and can vouch for.

If you would like to challenge a title that is also welcomed, if done so in an intelligent and polite manner.

Example: "Ernest Scared Stupid". I understand that this will raise questions because this is presumably a family friendly comedy, no? I think that's what it was suppose to be, but in actuality, it's one of the creepiest movies I've ever seen.