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Total garbage, 8 January 2008

Look out - the boogie man in the cell phone is gonna get you. Oh please ..... is it possible to come up with a worse horror movie? I don't believe a studio actually paid out for this crap. I walked out when the movie was 75% over - I couldn't take it any more without throwing up. Anyone who pays for this should demand their money back, anyone who gets free tickets should throw them at the person giving the tickets to them. This is the worst movie I have seen in a very long time! This movie is nothing but an insult to the intelligence of the movie-going public .... I am absolutely astounded it was ever released.

Looking at Eric Valette's previous directorial credits, it seems he has been quite some distance from mainstream cinema, and it shows. It takes intelligence to make a good horror movie and combine storyline, characterization, mood, and acting abilities to tell a good story. This pile of garbage manages none of that at all ...... the best part of the movie is the credits.

Deja Vu (2006)
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Great movie, 19 December 2006

When it first started I thought it was boring - the ferry and the band etc. No hint of what was to come though, and at the end I was sorry it had finished. Spectacular cinematography, Denzel Washington is always great, and a twisting story line make this an engrossing and entertaining movie. The plot is based upon scientific probable reality although, being a movie, it twists and turns into ways that make the probable reality impossible. Hints of 'Big Brother', hints of future scientific achievements, a modern day terrorist plot, and fantastic acting. This must be one of the better movies I've seen this year and I'd recommend everyone to go and see it. I gave it an 8 out of 10 only because I'm interested in the probably scientific reality the movie deals with, and was disappointed the script went into paradoxes and other scientific non-probabilities instead of dealing more accurately with the scientific theory behind the whole movie. All in all though, it was great - I'll be seeing this one again.

Happy Feet (2006)
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Brilliant!, 3 December 2006

What a great movie! It started slowly and I was wondering whether it would ever get started, but once it did it had me enthralled. Excellent graphics, brilliant song track and voices, and a fantastic holiday season movie. What is even more important is the underlying messages in the movie. Messages about accepting those who may be different to us, and the importance of conservation. Even deeper are comments on religion and superstition. I recommend this movie to everybody - not just the children. We can all be entertained by this film and, what's more important, we can all learn something from it too. 10/10 from me - a brilliant movie with no faults.

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Garbage, 2 December 2006

After two wonderful movies the Santa Clause franchise has run out of ideas. The original was magical, the second one enjoyable, but this one was a yawn from start to finish. Same old things, predictable story lines, and nothing magical at all. With so many possible story lines available on a Christmas theme, whoever came up with idea of Jack Frost trying to steal the Santa title needs to look for another job. Tim Allen was a good actor as usual but even his acting skills couldn't save this movie from it's deficiencies. Sorry, but I hated it. It's time the Santa Clause movies were retired before it becomes even more embarrassing.

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Wasted opportunity, 8 October 2006

Not as good as I thought I would be. It was less about the World Trade Center events of September 11th, rather than a story of the Port Authority cops and two who became trapped in the rubble. Some parts of it were good but other parts were boring, and the boring parts far outweighed the good parts. For anyone directly affected by the events of that day, it will probably have special significance and meaning, but to me it was far short of what this movie could have been. In comparison I felt 'United 93' was a far superior movie and the opportunity this movie could have taken to pay homage to those who perished on that day was wasted. It is difficult to make a great movie about such tragic events, especially when so many of those directly affected are still alive to judge the movie, but this was just a rescue movie based on two or three characters, when it could have so easily been a great tribute to all those who perished, survived, and gave of themselves on that day and the days shortly thereafter. The typical US hero-achieves-against-outstanding-odds-complete-with-stirring-music didn't endear me to the movie either - the opportunity to real make a fitting memorial to all affected was lost, and that saddens me. Five out of 10 because it was still a good story and because Nick Cage is one of my favorite actors, but I wouldn't recommend it, and wouldn't watch it again.

RV (2006)
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A good laugh, 2 October 2006

It started off a bit slow and boring but soon picked up and I found myself enjoying it immensely. Some of the movie was predictable (most American movies are) but the actors were good and there were some genuine hysterical moments, some great scenery, and some very heartwarming moments too. Robin Williams is good as usual, Josh Hutcherson is a rising star and he did a great job in this movie too and JoJo Levesque was brilliant as the moody teenager. All in all, I really enjoyed it. Not sure I'd ever classify it in my top 10 but it's certainly great entertainment - and that's what these movies are all about.

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Absolutely hilarious, 20 September 2006

This has to be one of the funniest movies so far in 2006. Martin Lawrence is a brilliant actor and he pulls this role off beautifully. The jokes are hilarious, the storyline is credible with a serious message underlying the script, and the entire cast did beautifully. I haven't laughed so hard in such a long time. Lawrence is at his best in this movie. He has to be one of the best comedic actors in the business and the entire movie was laugh after laugh. I rated this movie 10 out of 10 and it's not often I'll do that - but when a movie can produce so many laughs without smut, and tell several underlying story lines at the same time, you know it has to be good.

Wilderness (2006/I)
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Bloodfest and gore, 19 September 2006

Do not watch this movie if you are looking for a message, unless that message is that revenge is sweet. Most of the movie is a bloodfest and the special effects are graphic - not something to be watched alone if you scare easily. Michael Bassett seems to have gone solely for shock value in this movie and, if he did, then he achieved his aims admirably. In fact, I cannot recall the last time I saw a movie so openly graphic in terms of dismemberment and human death. The actors are clearly not hugely experienced and this adds somewhat to the atmosphere of the film. If you seek a true horror in terms of what is portrayed on the screen then this is the movie for you, although personally I found it a little over the top.

The Omen (2006)
Good but not an improvement, 19 September 2006

This remake of the 1976 classic is good, and very faithfully reproduced, but it's not a patch on the original. Somehow John Moore just doesn't manage to pull off the intrinsic evil that permeated the original version, although he gives it an excellent try. Seamus Davey-Fitzpatrick is an excellent actor for such a young boy but he's too cute to look evil no matter how much he tries. To me he came across as being angry rather than being evil reincarnate. If you haven't had the fortune to see the original then you'll enjoy this movie, the suspense is there in places and the plot is excellent. If you have seen the original you will still enjoy it but don't expect it to be a carbon copy - the original came across as more tense and 'evil' to me. All in all though, an excellent movie that deserves to be a hit but it will never assume the cult mantle it's forefather did.

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Well worth the watch, 19 September 2006

It's not often a "kids movie" will keep me entertained right through by Zathura did just that. The actors are excellent, there are plot twists, and it's just good old fashioned fun as well. I was pleasantly surprised when watching this movie and at the end I wished it had been longer. Jonah Bobo and Josh Hutcherson work extremely well together as the two lead characters and with special effects that are realistic (as realistic as a fantasy film can get anyway) the end result is an excellent movie for all ages. Jumanji was good but Zathura is great and I can highly recommend it to everybody. Take your kids to see it, take your parents to see it - take everyone to see it.

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