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One of perhaps 10 movies I have seen which I would call great!., 20 June 2001

Without going into a lot of details, let me say that I regard "First Olympics" as one of the finest I have seen in my 70 years. The only problem I had was that it kept bringing tears to my patriotic American eyes!

Having first seen this film when it was shown on TV in 1985, I many years later special ordered a copy of it for my personal collection. That was one of the best investments I ever made!

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This is absolutely the worst movie I have ever seen!, 20 June 2001

I rented this movie on 20 June 2001, and watched it for about 45 minutes. I concluded that watching a blank screen would be delightful by comparison. There was not a single person in the cast for whom I would have shed a tear if hell itself had opened up and swallowed the whole bunch of them.

So, I e-mailed all of my friends and relatives warning them, and I am taking the time to urge everyone who may see this note to avoid this movie like the plague! I have seen some really bad movies in my time, but NEVER one as bad as this.