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Does this movie worth watching? Probably not...
20 March 2010
Warning: Spoilers
With a first glance, I thought the movie was OK. Although it has a further Asian cast and director, Josh Hartnett and Elias Koteas give a small piece of hope. I can be objective because I am neither Western oriented nor eastern cultured and not a Christ follower either. This movie's editing is just a piece of s..t. The sequences and continuity is so bad that you got lost in time and place. Jump backs two years earlier, and forwarding to current time, personal flash backs and more so we got confused. The music is a great loud, hardly instrumental and melodically. You have to reduce the volume to concentrate on the screen. Irritating human sculptures wants to make every watcher puke. Shitao is Christ or Saint i don't care. Just why is he going to Hong Kong? Can anyone explain why? I just Don't like the movie, Don't like Hartnett's meaningless staring, Koteass' worthless mumbling and preaching. Just 1 is enough for this movie.
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Battlestar Galactica (2004–2009)
Human Against Machines
24 September 2006
This the old and the new concept of the most seen SC-Fi series and movies. The original series ended with an armistice between Cylons and Humans. Within the new series, the silence has been broken and the peace breakers are Cylons. They want to terminate the whole mankind. Put this time not only they are smarter but also more equipped.

Cylons made their own evolution and became more complex and strong. I've seen the first two episode. For eg. Cylon fighters don't have cockpits. This brings the question are fighters fully equipped robots ? May be. Answer is not given yet.

Not only bigger and stronger, I said wiser. This is the point that our engineers trying to get to. A.I. Artificial Intelligence, machines that can think, judge, make complex and continuously logical behaviour. Cylons are the most outfit. They have a logical reason. To end the humanity. And they make their plans reasonable. Use the weakness of mankind and get all the information from them by their hands.

It's not a war now. This is genocide and survivors have to continue their species. For ever what. The most strong instinct of the Human is now primer object. To SURVIVE
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Without a Trace: Safe (2005)
Season 4, Episode 2
Newyorkers Nightmare
18 September 2006
This episode starts with a strange miss of a child who has seen the 9/11. It's particularly about the effect of the disaster on the young minds of American's. Every body thinks the twin towers has gone by and the future must go on. But there are some living at the past. And those have security concerns. Can anybody be secure ? Is our life won't be bothered with other terrorist actions? Can we protect ourselves ? This is the concerns of young boy. and he wanted to be sure.

I thinks after all years passed over the event, these are the questions that must be still asking our selves. This boy can't answer it for us. But we can for us.
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