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This episode ranks as the lowest of the lows, 26 January 2016

I've watched all of the episodes multiple times with the exception of this one . Warranted there are other episodes that are crappy but this one is below even bottom feeder standards. I remember how seething I was after watching this episode back when it first aired. It wasn't even funny ,it was just mean and so loathing. A guy who was an abusive bully in the Navy is the focal point of my disgust over this episode ,he beat Jack up when Jack was in the Navy just because Jack said Hi to him . So now he's in town and somehow(it's never explained) he gets a hold of Jacks phone number and calls the apt . He gets Chrissy on the phone and tells her that he knew Jack in the Navy and wants to see Jack.So she unknowingly invites a total stranger over (surprise surprise) and when Jack finds out of course he is upset because the guy was a bully to him and others for no reason.

Jack gets bullied in other episodes too that I don't like but this one is the worst episode of a TV sitcom in my opinion. It makes no sense, a guy Jack barely knew in the Navy beats him up for no reason and then years later decides to do more of the same. The guy is still an abusive AH except now he's blind , so that's supposed to make us pity him? He asks Jack to hit him and when Jack wont ,the writers think it funny to let the guy trash the apt while everyone does nothing. I was so PO'ed by now. So eventually Mrs Roper screams "Hit Him" but rather than a satisfying payoff of the AH getting his just rewards. What do the writers do, they have the guy say "Jack if you're gonna hit me ,at least tell me which direction it's coming from " so he blocks Jacks punch and hits Jack across the face . I was like WTF? are you kidding me ? . I wanted to write the damn show and I should have even though I was only 14. I'd been bullied enough to know that a bullying AH wont change unless he gets tossed in jail or has his ass handed to him so he learns respect. Just because the guy was blind and adding pity to it was such BS by the writers, i would have had the girls beat him up including Mrs Roper who discovers that he's not totally blind and knocks him out with one punch

One of the better episodes, 26 December 2015

One of the better episodes from Season 4 . Sally Chadwick ,a friend who Barbara hasn't seen in a year shows up with a baby. Turns out she's an unwed teen who had a fling with a high school boy the previous summer. Eventually Ann and Julie discover that the father is Cliff Randall the boy whom Julie is currently dating. The situation is played out very believably with Cliff coming clean with Barbara who gets upset and blows up. Then Sally comes back from a job interview and she and Cliff get into a discussion over what's happened. Initially they had agreed to put the child up for adoption but unknown to Cliff, she couldn't do it. In the end they both decided that they need to give the child to people who can take care of him and support him since neither of them are even high school grads and have no jobs or much money.

Actor Scott Colomby(Cliff Randall) who up to this point was mere filler as a small part recurring character who was dating Barbara actually gets to show some decent acting chops in this episode ,the final scene with him getting choked up over having to put his child up for adoption is sad yet powerful. It's too bad his character did not return for any more episodes, he simply disappeared and was never heard from again. The only thing I did not like about this episode was the poor choice of the writers to have Schneider do his stupid comedy schlock in a very inappropriate situation. I mean I couldn't stand his character , it got really tired after 4 seasons.

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Amusing episode but gets a bit heavy handed at the end, 15 December 2015

The episode starts off good enough with some funny gags at Ann's expense on turning 36.Schneider's birthday poem to her is a bit mean but it is still funny. She tells her daughters than she doesn't want a party as she obviously doesn't want to celebrate being so called over the hill . Then she meets with a handsome plastic surgeon who's a client of her advertising firm. He makes her feel really good when shes down in the dumps about turning 36 and falling into the over 35 crowd. So much so that she mistakes his kind words as maybe a possible romantic interest. This prompts her to tell him to drop off her advertising proposal after he reviews it at her now suddenly on again birthday party. Barbara and Schneider sense a change in her at the party , she is now confident ,happy and glowing ,that is until she answers the door and sees the handsome plastic surgeon with a much younger girl on his arm. It doesn't help any that Julie recognizes her as a former classmate just a few years older than she. This sends Anne into a downward spiral where she retreats to her bedroom and does a self examination of her now middle aged life. This is where it bogs down a little and becomes the Bonnie Franklin show with her talking to herself and giving herself the one over and adding little anecdotes about middle age.

While I applaud Ms Franklin for she was a really good actress , this all by myself , feel sorry for me ,one woman act gets boring really quick. It gets heavy handed and whiny and she wants the audience to get all "Aww poor Annie feelings" . Then of course she feels better after giving herself a pep talk and she eventually goes back out to the party at the end and dances with a male friend. The acting was really good for the most part and for once Julie and Barbara treated her with respect and put her front and center. Too bad Julie was rarely portrayed as a loving daughter in this fashion. Oh and a couple goofs , Franklin was actually 33 when this episode aired and the actress playing his date was 24 making it impossible that she was a senior in HS when Julie was a junior since Phillips was only 18 at the time. 7/10

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Fun to see some child stars ,otherwise typical Fantasy Island schlock, 17 November 2015

The episode was fun if just to see Scott Baio ,his brother Jimmy and Jill Whelan when she also starring on the Love Boat as Vicki .Also Keith Coogan when he was a cute little 9 yo kid -their fantasy is to be rock stars. Also starring Ted Lange aka Isaac of the Love Boat as a father of one of the kids who is a magician in another fantasy of kids running an amusement park. Overall it's typical Fantasy Island schlock , one thing that is different though is the way the guests arrive on the island , not by plane but by hot air balloon , they also leave the same way. Of an interesting note , the plot of the rock star segment which involves the kids lip synching to songs they wrote to impress a music industry executive is an eerie premonition of real life group Milli Vanilli 10 yrs later which also involved the artists lip synching but unlike the happy ending on Fantasy Island where the kids fess up during their audition and end up with a contract to write songs for a hot new artist ,the 2 guys Rob Pilatus and Fab Morvan of Milli Vanilli went along with the charade and then eventually got exposed as frauds and tragically Rob committed suicide 8 years later. It's bizarre how some TV shows and movies have foreshadowed future events.

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Interesting episode flawed by bad miscasting, 12 October 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This episode about a former madame reuniting with 3 girls who worked for her as prostitutes had an interesting premise ,Polly Bergen gave a very heartfelt and touching performance as the former Madame Esther Brandell who is getting married and wants her 3 favorite girls at her wedding. The reason behind it was that she loved these girls the most and wanted nothing more than to see them make it out there after they left her employ ,so she had encouraged them to be successful and 10 years later they are all doing well and she also doing well after leaving the business.

The various subplots of the girls relationships are the main things here, with one of them who has a control freak of a boyfriend ,another who has a TV producer as a husband and the 3rd girl who has a slime bag for a husband. All of them would rather not divulge what they used to do to their significant others. Of course this causes friction as secrets slowly come out and some nastiness.

Lauren Tewes plays a girl who ended up being a model and TV personality and is the one girl of the 3 who tries to tell her control freak boyfriend the truth ,he has been asking her incessantly to get married and she keeps telling him no ,at least not until she comes clean. I hated this particular plot because of the really bad miscasting of her boyfriend Gordon , the annoying Richard Gautier. he always overacts and is extremely annoying to watch.He's also more than 20 years older than Tewes and the obvious dye job to his hair is glaringly obvious. And the writers having him force his girlfriend to prove she used to be a hooker because he thinks shes just playing a joke on him for his antics as a way to get back at him was in such bad taste. Who the hell would want to be with this guy? , so when she agrees to call his bluff and go with the some random guy to have sex ,you figure well you got what you asked for ahole. But of course they have a happy ending after Mr Roarke does some off camera chat with Gordon and now they are engaged. B/S - There isn't a woman in her right mind who would have put up with this piece of crap , i mean the constant marriage proposals , his faking a heart attack , his forcing her to go with a stranger as a joke. I really hated that they ended up getting engaged.The writers should have been shot for that.

Shelley Smith plays Lynn who's husband is a creep and a schemer. She tries to keep her past a secret but eventually when it comes out ,he dumps her and calls her trash then blackmails Esther that he'll tell everyone about everything unless she pays him off. Ed Winter plays the scum bag husband perfectly , it's a shame he gets away with it as Esther does pay him off and he leaves the island ,one can only hope his scum bag character get his fictional comeuppance off camera. This plot was well acted and believable.

The 3rd girl played by former Chips' girl Randi Oakes has a TV producer for a husband played by Mark Shera. Colleen her character also tries to hide it but her husband unknowingly to her ,already knows about her past and had a plan to interview Ms Brandell for a TV show , during the interview he purposely insults Ms Brandell to force Colleen to admit her past on her own which she does and after fearing losing him , discovers that he knew about her past anyway and set it all up to get her to admit it to him and get it off her chest and finally be free. This was a bit heavy handed and somewhat unbelievable but not as bad as the plot with Tewes and Gautier.

Everything comes fill circle of course with all of the girls showing up for the wedding . Silly subplot of the former cop who used to bust them being the groom was really unnecessary . A really cheesy wedding scene with some random singer singing a corny love ballad seemed really out of place. Overall , an episode that could have been better if they had cast someone else besides Gautier and lightened up on the usual cheesiness of the show

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Putting the shoe on the other foot episode doesn't work., 22 September 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I really didn't care much for this episode because it handled the whole subject as if it was one big joke just to give men something to applaud by having the woman be the aggressor. It just didn't make sense for Ann's character to do something that stupid and desperate. And her daughters immaturity about Ann hiring a man only for his looks really irritated me -I got really tired of Barbara and Julie playing the role of enablers and hypocrites. and that Ann started to agree with them some just puzzled me. Women of the time were always putting up with that kind of crap and to see a woman who could not stand that type of behavior become a hypocrite disappointed me.

All this time on ODAAT ,Ann was a strong driven woman with principles, to see her lowered to being a typical male type sleaze bucket was disappointing. The fact she made a veiled threat to her assistant regarding his job to get him to come over so she could try and seduce him seemed so out of character for her. Especially when she tried to justify her behavior to her boss who himself was a smarmy sleaze bucket that what she did was harmless looked so bad.

One thing I will say , In real life, Ann should have stopped her assistant from touching her and should have never allowed him to massage her. That is highly suggestive and totally unprofessional , unethical and just plain inappropriate. Again , this episode has Ann totally out of character and made her look like this desperate horny divorcée. And the rest of the family making wisecracks and low blows to her when she tells them what happened was in such poor taste. Especially her daughters and that bum of a son in law Max. They didn't seem to realize how serious what she did was , the end of the episode has her confront her assistant who accuses her of sexual harassment and he ends up quitting because he doesn't play that kind of game. Ann should have been fired and the company sued . it just was a badly written episode.

"Vicious" (2013)
A surprising hit, 24 August 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I hadn't even heard of this show until I was perusing PBS this past Sunday night and watched the entire first season back to back. Being a single gay man myself , I found it hilarious and the catty back and forth was so much fun between McKellen and Jacobi. I disagree with the haters saying it's dated and painfully unfunny or plays on bad stereotypes. The men are both in their mid 70's and being gay back when they met in the 60's was very different and they grew up much differently then someone like myself who grew up in the 80's for the most part. Men can be catty and witty especially in England as I've seen and heard and lets face it , McKellen and Jacobi are old funny queens in real life too. I love them both and would watch them read a phone book together they are so wonderful. The only character I really don't like is Ash, a bit out of place and seems like he wants to be the male equivalent of a fag hag to our main characters. I just cant see him being this hottie they drool over and he spends so much time with them. I mean I wouldn't be hanging around two old lesbians all the time. He seems to have a secret agenda. He doesn't seem to have any chemistry with any of the girls he dates either, in one episode he is making out with every girl he meets and then in another he's in love and wants to get married. It's just unbelievable because his acting doesn't match his feelings.

I can also only take so much of Violet, Sorry but the actress portraying her seems to only be a one note act, the drunk Mrs Roper of this show so to speak. The brother of McKellen's character and the empty headed Penelope are much more fun to watch. I hope they do another season. If not I'd love to catch either Sir Ian or Sir Derek in a theatre.

A sad disappointing ending., 24 July 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I did not remember whether or not I had seen this movie back when it premiered so Of course YouTube has it in parts. I've always loved Captain Avatar even had a crush on him. So you can imagine the joy of seeing him alive again. The action scenes deliver the goods but the storyline is rather weak and at points makes no sense. Especially the aliens reasons for wanting to flood Earth to live on it. As another reviewer mentioned if their planet was already flooded why not just stay there? And it's never really explained how or why they found and chose Earth. I liked seeing Desslok again too being a good guy who comes to their aid . I find the English version of their names so much better than the Japanese versions especially since the characters are obviously not Japanese in appearance. They look more like Americans. The ending is why I do not give it a higher rating then 7. If they destroyed the enemy forces how come the planet kept warping? And then of course the heartbreaking ending that I teared up too. Avatar sacrificing himself to save Earth. You almost think he's still alive when the command area resurfaces and he is still sitting behind the trigger of the wave motion gun , the room is flooded but his upper body is still above the water .His finger still on the trigger but his eyes stay closed , he shows no signs of injuries when the blast should have vaporized him , so the viewer is left to ponder how he died. and then the command area sinks under the waves for good. I could feel the tears welling up. I thought why did they bring this magnificent character back just to kill him off for good?. I would love to see them retcon him again and let him live. Till next time 7/10

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Nothing we haven't seen before, 16 July 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The problem with this move is that it is nothing we haven't seen already in terms of originality. Jurassic Park introduced us to the exciting scary world of a dinsosaur amusement park gone wrong. Jurassic World does the same thing basically, the only difference is there is more money thrown into CGI and eye candy. The story is nothing new, the same dinsosaurs runnning amuck story and stupid ignorant kids in peril. I found it to be extremely stupid in a lot of scenes too. With people getting munched on by pteranodons in one scene , the main hero decides to kiss the heroine and the kids make smarmy faces, who cares that people are dying all around us , let's stand here and have a smooch . I hate tongue in cheek crap in movies aka SYFY made for TV crap.

The training of the raptors was interesting to a point but even that plot element was wasted on an unbelievable turn of events at the climax of the movie. let's also not forget the scene where the heroine outruns a Tyrannosaurus Rex in heels when in Jurassic Park they had to go 60 mph in a jeep to outrun it. That and numerous other ridiculous scenes no doubt added to bring in more money . I am amazed at how much money this has made. It is a cash cow that's for sure. Seeing as how it's been several years since Jurassic Park 3 , one can only surmise a new generation is getting their parents to fork over that 15 a pop to see it again and again. amazing how good movies make less and are called crap while bad movies make tons of cash and are called amazing or special effects masterpieces. 1/10 and that's because I can't give it a zero

"Heidi" (1993)
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Disappointing considering the acting talent, 15 July 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I don't remember reading the book to know if this adaptation was faithful but it wouldn't have mattered. I watched this on YouTube ,and quite honestly found it to be way too long and rather boring- did it really need to be a miniseries?. I mean the scenery was beautiful and I had actually visited the areas a few years before it was filmed but besides that it had little too offer. Noley Thornton as Heidi was cute and a decent actress but she just didn't move me into caring about her.She just seemed as if she was sleepwalking through her lines half the time. Lexi Randall as Klara was not my cup of tea much either, she came across a bit too whiny in her acting and dull.

Jane Seymour basically phones her role in, overacting badly and the kid who played Peter was awful - He looked as if he was bored and couldn't wait to finish his scenes so he could go play video games or something. Now my biggest disappointment is the way the grandfather's part was portrayed. I love Jason Robards and always found him handsome and wonderful to watch even in his twilight years however this was not one of those times. His grandfather is totally uninteresting and has nothing to offer, the synopsis says Heidi charms him too but she really doesn't. Most of the movie he is frowning or scowling at her and just plain mean ,she never charms him. If anything his guilt prevents that and his cowardice too,he even admits it. I was really disappointed as I think Robards should have had something more to work with instead of a one note script that basically had him scowling and walking away. The Shirley Temple version to me seemed much better and vastly different with the grandfather really loving her and going after her whereas Robards character didn't seem to care that she was leaving and even at the end he asks her why shed wanna live with him "she responds ,because i love you grandfather " and while he hugs her ,he doesn't say it back. I just cant see how she could love him when he never really acts as if he truly cares about her. 5/10 mostly for the scenery

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