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Hush (2008/V)
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Not a bad way to spend a rainy afternoon, 25 October 2010

I find it amazing how people get very critical about films which in some cases weren't advertised as big block busters. OK this isn't going to win any Oscars but hey its wasn't as bad as some people think. I do find these films frustrating sometimes when you dissect them and say well i wouldn't have done that but hey if that is the case then tell all those idiots who still swam with Jaws and still go to holiday camps. It had suspense and some good moments, i thought it was better than i was lead to believe and wouldn't recommend it but if you do hire it then you wont be too disappointed and just enjoy it for what it is a low budget film with some good moments.

Lake Placid 3 (2010) (TV)
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Oh dear, Roxanne what were you thinking, 6 September 2010

I saw a write up about Roxanne Pallet (Girl at the start) being in the film and she is a babe so thought hey give it a go. From the moment she was stupid enough to go back into the water after seeing two crocs take her boyfriend i knew it would be downhill. It has to be one of the worst films this year, certain films shouldn't have sequels, Jaws was passable at number two but no more and Lake Placid should have stayed at just the one. Its difficult due to the all round poor plot, acting and dialogue to pin point certain scenes but if you get this DVD in your stocking or unwrap it as a present then i would consider what you have done to offend the giver.

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OK but cant touch Ghost, 23 June 2008

We decided to watch the film due to nothing being on the tele. It was OK, one of those films that when you watch it you feel that they are trying to make something funny out of a situation that isn't and struggling to get a laugh. The comparison to Ghost was obvious, i like Eva and she looked like she'd popped from Desperate Housewives studio and took her character with her for the film. There were some nice scenes and some funny moments, but as a comedy it was a flop but for an easy watchable film then it was OK. If its raining or you are with a girl who is a bit soppy then watch it together. But you wont need tissues for crying or laughing but hey there is so much violence in the world maybe i am being a bit harsh, you decide.

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Pass the time if its raining, 18 March 2008

I'm a great fan of Robin Hood and maybe being too critical of this film given its time of making. But it was hard work, it reminded me of a school play, it was enjoyable purely from a look back at how they used to do films sort of way. Peter Cushing and Oliver Reed will certainly have looked back at this film and have a quiet chuckle on how bad it was and ameteur. I'm trying not to be too critical and let it get away with being an innocent and OK film but the more i think about it the more i find myself wandering why i bothered to watch it. I suppose the reason being that after watching an hour i thought i might as well see it through. The language sorted of drifted from modern day to olde English, if its raining and there's nothing else to watch then give it a go but don't get too comfy or you will drift off.

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A big let down, 4 December 2006

I was looking forward to the film after the previews and reading some comments on it before hand.

I must admit i have never been a huge fan of Jennifer Aniston, however she did look fantastic in the film and get her away from the "Friends" environment and she is more appealing. Not a lover of that particular programme.

The film seemed to drag on a bit, i felt it lost its way mid way and struggled to get back on track.

It was one of those films that you know isn't great when you look at how long is left to play and think Oh its still on.

The ending was a bit flat, i suppose i was looking for the happy ending and they both would walk off hand in hand but it just frizzled out and that was it finished. Vince is a good actor and does the comedy roles well, I don't know if this will be one of his finest both from a viewers point and his own.

Anyway i have a niece who wants it for Christmas, she's 13 and it will appeal to her more, I wouldn't recommend it and if you have a wet Sunday afternoon and nothing else to do then give it a go otherwise wait for it to come onto your local channel.

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Bit deflated at the half way point but fingers crossed for next years finale., 27 November 2006

I have just watched the final episode of this year in Series 6 and feel that there has been quite a big build up to the final episode next year but has left me at the half way point bit deflated. I love the Sopranos and will be sad when it does end but this series has had its ups which haven't reached the level of previous series but the downs have been more obvious and evident. My worst was Tony in hospital when he was having the dreams, this just seemed to take up valuable time and not really go anywhere.I must admit that it has been easier to follow recently then some of the older episodes which i couldn't quite get round some of the characters. Christopher has been an excellent role and agree with some as to which direction he is going, I think he will have quite a impact on the story line next year and imagine he will be taken out. The lady shrink hasn't been too involved this series, if there was one episode which disappointed me and was hoping to see Tony seek revenge was when she was raped by the fast food worker. I kept saying to the screen tell him what happened, but her professionalism and human kindness took over unfortunately because that would have been a good scene. Anyway if you are a fan then stick with it and lets see what next year brings.