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Deadline (2002/I)
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just awesome!, 20 September 2002

This is finally one of the greatest zombie movies ever made in Europe! My advice is watch it learn from it and start making you own zombie movie! This movie made by Dutch filmmakers is a good example about how to make a good zombie movie with almost no money. Just ask around a lot and find a good script, and start filming!

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Funny and surprising, 18 March 2002

This is probably the funniest zombie movie I have ever seen. This movie is an beautiful example how a over the top zombie horror should be. The zombies got their own music tune, and their moves are spectacular compared to the classics as Dawn of the dead and return of the living dead. If you're a fan of zombies...well you better go rent or buy this movie!


Cube (1997)
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What if..., 18 March 2002

The movie `cube' is a movie that keeps you on the edge of your chair. When you watch this movie your head will be filled with lots and lots of questions. The nice element of this movie is, the questions you got about the plot line won't be answered completely. After watching the Cube you'll be sitting in your chair or couch, and the questions and theories in your head about this excellent movie are twisting and turning in your mind as a true thunderstorm for the possibilities the characters may have during their stay inside the Cube. hint to you is: watch this movie if you like freaky events and Government conspericies.


Blow (2001)
It's about time!, 5 September 2001

finally a good movie about the upcoming of drugs in the U.S. This movie got's it all! Johnie Depp plays his role with such intense energy that he just drags you into this movie. he just tows you into the story and you can almost smell the emotions and drama's he is suffering during the movie. This movie is probably one of the best ones I have seen since the " The Usual Suspects". That's why I rated this movie with a 9!

Go to the cinema or to the rentals and watch this movie, you won't be disappointed!!

Half Baked (1998)
Weed and the good trips you get from it!, 4 July 2001

The movie "Half baked" is one of the movies you gotto see when you like movies as " Biodome, Bill and Ted's excellent adventure, Wayne's world, et cetera".

It's about a couple of guys that started smoking dope when they were kids. 15 years later they're still smoking and low on cash. to refill their money pouches, they decide to start there own weed transport and delivery company. And that is going to be the feeding ground of lots and lots of good jokes and situations.


the most realistic d-day movie I have ever seen., 4 July 2001

finally a good film about d-day since "the longest day". This movie reflects the true stress and thoughts of soldiers during a war. Not only the sets and locations are right but also the feelings of the soldiers.

To make it a short comment, this movie got it all!