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Fun Rediscovered, 23 February 2004

I stopped watching Power Rangers when I was 11 or 12, and it became Zeo Power Rangers. The return of Tommy and the dinosaurs zords, I have new found love of it. I admit I'm somewhat embarrassed by my newly rediscovery of my love of Power Rangers at the age of 19. However, I love getting to relive my childhood.

Hilarious, 29 January 2004

I saw this when it premiered a couple weeks ago on Showtime, and I loved it. I have satellite so it was shown twice. I watched the east coast premiere, taped the west coast showing, and watched the tape again the next day. The male period and her S&M bar experience were the best. I don't think I ever truly stopped laughing.

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Great, 24 November 2003

I loved this movie! It was so hilarious. The jokes were not offensive in my opinion. They just come from a southerner's point of view. I have seen other comedy shows that are far more offensive and crude than this one. I've been a fan of Jeff Foxworthy and Bill Envall for a long time, but Larry the Cable Guy stole the show.

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Loved It!, 6 May 2002

I loved this movie. Elizabeth Wurtzel is my favorite author and Prozac Nation is one of her best books, if not the best. Her openness about her life and sarcasm make her amazing. She's truly an inspiration! I would recommend this movie and her books(Prozac Nation, Bitch, etc.)to everyone!