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I think my brain imploded out of boredom, 25 April 2010


There is no plot. It's just a two hour long pathetic teenage girl fantasy about having these strong, immortal vampire/werewolf boys protecting and running after you like whipped chiwawas doing whatever you want them to do as long as you look a little sad. Totally pointless and shallow.

This movie should be put in the "smut for old pedophilic women" section where it belongs. Or they could have let the vampire and the werewolf ravage Kirsten Stewart and won a few AVN awards.


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The rating difference, 23 December 2009

I only rate Inglourious Basterds 9/10 cause there's not enough run time. This movie could easily been four hours long and I'd still want more. Having that said...

I think the main reason why people on IMDb rate this movie anywhere from below the scale of 10 to 8848 meters above the scale is language.

It's not a secret that Hollywood remakes and totally destroys excellent foreign movies except the ones where English is the main language. Why? For some reason most Americans, but also youngsters all over the world, are incapable of reading subtitles and still feel the emotion of a scene. That's very sad. In this movie acting, in three different languages, is at it's absolute best and at the end of the film I didn't even notice when they went from French to English to German.

Quentin has, as usual, started a new era of film making. See Inglourious Basterds.. that's all folks!