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Awful, 22 January 2004

As a big fan of the original series, I was quite pleased when I heard that there was a movie about Edwina and Patsy. Well, the truth is: that movie really sucks! It's poorly written, and Jennifer Saunders IS Edwina, there's no one who could ever fill her shoes...

The only thing that worth a look is that guy, Jonathan... damn, the boy is cute! :)

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It walked along with me during my adolescence., 20 October 2001

I was fourteen when I watched "Malhação" premiere, in 1995. It was all about a bunch of teens that worked out at the same gym. "Fitness" and everything related (like gyms) were a new scenario in brazilian society, and the writers knew how to explore it. However, the stories became boring, and "Malhação" knew its first cast change. Now, "Malhação" takes place in a high school (former gym), and the stories are more solid and realistic.

After ups and downs in audience's choice, and always giving opportunity for hundreds of young actors, "Malhação" is still my favorite TV series in Brazil.

Oh, Baby (2005) (TV)
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A mixture of "Home Alone" and "Look who's talking", 20 October 2001

Let's say that it's a really cute movie, with some funny scenes. The kids lines (said by adults, of course) were brilliant and that bald FBI agents were very funny. This is not the best movie I've ever seen, that's for sure... but it can be a really good entertainment for both kids and grown ups.