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Getting worse and worse, 22 April 2016

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This started as good series which has been going downhill since its season 1. They are repeating the same thing again and again. I don't remember how many times they have gone on supply run and got separated, lost, screwed by zombies. Then there was governor, sanctuary and now savior. All stupid thing again and again. But recently they made one of the worst mistake by making a cliffhanger finale. I remember how The Killing had started. It was really good but then they screwed up everything in finale by making it cliffhanger episode. They never recovered. I believe TWD has made the same mistake and they will never fully recover from it. It is one of the TV series which has become one of the worst TV series over time.

"Homeland" (2011)
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Excellent season 1 finale, 20 December 2011

Generally people write review after watching pilot episode but i am writing after season 1 finale because i think just by watching one episode a show cant be judged properly.

This is an amazing TV series and all episodes are very well written and acted. All the actors are very convincing. Every episode has something new to offer. It is full of thrill and surprises.

The last episode of season 1 may be one of the most well crafted episode. The moments are so tensed that they are sometime unbearable to watch.

Hats off to everybody who was involved in creating such a TV series.