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Breakthrough for Cornwall - only just., 11 April 2004

Firstly it should read 'Kernewek' and not Gaelic or Breton, although Breton (which is spoken in Brittany) is closest. Kernewek (or Cornish) was the ancient spoken language of Cornwall. I do mostly agree with some of the other comments concerning the quality of the film, it's production values and the performances. The cinematography itself wasn't bad at all - nice and clear shots with excellent visual qualities. The sound was good but the scripting and choice of storyline was poorly thought out hence the dismal performance from Robert Williams (Jack) which didn't help with my sympathy for the character at all. Helen Rule (Becky) looked pretty and did her best with what poorly written lines she had given to her. The remaining characters seemed to be devoid of any personality or charisma which made the film seem a little false and pretentious. This would have been enough to make the film fall on it's face, but the beautiful film work and a couple of 'rough diamond' performances and the fact it was made in my home county makes it rise above the terrible script and choice of production. It certainly has made a breakthrough in Cornwall as Kernewek has been made a recognised and protected language, like Gaelic and other Celtic dialects plus the film was premiered at Westminster!

One for Cornwall!

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Yiggidyyibbidyya, 2 August 2003

OK at 23 I'm a little old to be watching this BUT it has the superb comic voice talents of Tim Curry who makes me laugh. There is a lot of sophisticated humour coming from the parents and a lot of Curry's oneliners genuinely make me giggle. Another entertaining bit of voice casting comes from Flea who does his yiggayiggida thing.

I'm surprised about some of the comments here, I was under the impression that Wild Thornberries was a really popular cartoon?! It's not meant to be a factual nature show. Come on, it's a whole lot better then that Sponge Bob SquarePants thing.

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The Usual, 23 June 2003

It's funny reading these comments, some people like Ariana Richards and thought she was great, others thought she sucked. I guess it's really down to what you like watching really. These made for TV movies often suck. Low production values, thin plot-lines (whether based on fact or not), and bursting full of Hollywood has-beens, washed up actors or those who tried to 'break' into Hollywood but never quite made it. But it does bring in the pay cheque. This sort of movie always ends up on the 9 o clock or 11 o clock evening slot on channel 5 in the UK and that's where they should stay. This film is no exeption. Though I thought Ariana Richards did a decent effort in her role the film never rose above mediocre. The actress herself was very watchable and likeable which was something (I think I last saw her as Lex in Jurassic Park.) The rest of the actors fell into the sleepwalk-way-through-lines mode. The subject matter has been played out in a dozen other TV movies and gets tedious after a while. **1/2/*****

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Classic Zany British Concoction., 6 June 2003

"This is 29, Acacia Road. And this is Eric, the schoolboy who leads an exciting double life. For when Eric eats a banana, an amazing transformation occurs. Eric is Bananaman."

Nostalgic cartoon from the 80's which I watched religiously for some reason, voiced by members of "The Goodies" (I've only just now discovered that!). The theme tune, the opening speech, the nutty one liners and the loveable but inept 'Bananaman'all bring back cool childhood telly memories.

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Highlites, age 23, 23 May 2003

Is no one else disturbed that they've given the part of a 15 year old to 23-year-old-at-the-time Milo Ventimiglia who plays Jed? What's going on here? Typical teen thing but the fact that most of the main characters are in their twenties makes it unbelievably unbelievable. Sometimes it's ok when using older poeple to play teens IN MODERATION if they look young anyway, but it's insulting to most of the world's 15 year olds, who probably go around most of the time watching programmes like this where the whole cast are over 30 thinking they're abnormal because they don't look mature as the people on the screen.

Give me a break.

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I find myself drawn to Quentin Tarantino (even though I try to constantly avoid any of his violent offerings), 20 April 2003

This movie is the product of Quentin Tarantino's dark mind. It's bloody violence cleverly disguised as cartoonish, vampire shenanigans.

But I actually want to talk about sex according to Richard Gecko. Apparantly it's all about sucking toes.

Richie Gecko (Tarantino) is a violent, psycotic, odd, perverted would-be-rapist who thinks that his brother, 'I'm a professional f*cking thief' Seth Gecko (swooney Clooney) is something more than what he really is. Seth is in fact an intelligent, poker-faced, straightforward thief. Richie's just insane. He has an obsession with the by-products of being bad, murdering, raping and swearing just a few of them. And so by the time the vampires pop up endures toe-sucking, seduction and death at the hands of sexy but evil 'Santanco Pandemonium' (Selma Hayek). (she turns into a human-snake and sucks his neck dry). Another Tarantino induced fantasy I wonder? To be ravaged by a sexy woman and er....being sucked to death..)

I dunno.

What I do know is that I am fasinated by how Quentin wrote all this dark stuff into this comedy/action/horror/drama/porno flick and make it acceptable and enjoyable. Crack open a beer and enjoy it for what it is. A clever, fun flick. Interesting to the max with Harvey Keitel, Juliette Lewis, that Cheech bloke, and someone else I recognise.

Hey I must have liked this film, I bought the DVD and I'm female for christssakes! 9/10

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Unearthed, 8 April 2003

Gosh, practically almost forgotton about this. I must only have been five or six when watching this. Barely remember the storylines but basically a spaceship, captin, some woman two inept humanoid robots and a little robot type machine on wheels voiced by Kenneth Williams.

Very cheaply made I would have thought but I remember watching it quite avidly when I was tiny so it must have been imaginative.

Blub blub, 14 March 2003

Ok i admit it, i cried practically from start to finish. I don't know who was better, Johnny Depp as the sweet, gentle and polite er...freak or Dianne Wiest as the scatty, kind 'harmless as cherry pie' Avon Representative or Winona Ryder as the 'emotionally confuzzled' teen who falls in love with Scissorhands. Or rather Scissorhands falls in love with.

It's touching without being too sentimental or vomit inducing. 9/10

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Dead is one way to describe it anyway, 14 March 2003

Don't you hate it when they take a sinister, silent, evil character in a movie and turn him into a 'person'. The same was done to pinhead cenobite in Hellraiser. I do not want to discover that Freddy Krueger once had a wife and daughter - it just ruins the illusion of the first movie. Krueger really should have been left to the confines of episode one, because he had, by now, been developed into a personality with a 'past'. Now lets forget the second installment, that was a deliberate mistake, Dream Warriors was probably the closest thing to a decent sequel, in turn part 5's sequel 'The Dream Master' was the same as the one before it......oh who cares.

A Nightmare on Elm Street was a superb film which scared the hell out of me when I first saw it. Should have just been left until 1994 when A New Nightmare was filmed, which should have been the only sequel made.

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Quit tugging on the heart strings, 13 March 2003

I don't want to sound harsh or uncompassionate but there a hundred of these cases around the world and this really is no different from many of them. The title is irrelevant, Jonathan was a dearly loved child and it's nice when things like this are resolved but it's a blatant tear jerker.

The acting is ok, having had a rather bland script to work from. Christopher Burke in a way proves that having Downs Syndrome is not a hinderance in any way at all, he's an actor for goodness sake, and a very capable one at that.

There are endless TV movies about the subject, however well meaning they set out to be just end up patronising and sickly. These people arent babies and we don't need to be humoured about it.

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