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In development and under wraps. Lying in wait, ready to pounce on my next buy. Muhahaha!
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My most anticipated MUST SEES for one reason or another.
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"Don't you wish there was a knob on the TV to turn up the intelligence? There's one marked 'Brightness,' but it doesn't work." --Gallagher

List of TV that doesn't make me feel dumber having witnessed it. Which by no way means I am particularly calling for a reprise/sequel/whatever of any of these. For me, these shows spark a further curiousity or understanding of humanity at-large, in one way or another. Will elaborate more later...
Includes shows that have been, are now or coming soon, in no particular order.
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This list is to recognize and laud the--often over-looked--community of female talent behind-the-scenes in one of the most culturally influential and accessible mediums in the world. This is a list to remember their presence and contribution to the industry.

This is an ACTIVE list in no particular order.
Will fill out descriptions as time allows.
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People may forget their names, but their faces are as familiar as a lifelong friends' and their major roles can be recalled as if personal memories.

I wanted to make this list past and present to include "former" famous unknowns to realize the breadth of these performers' works and acknowledge the years and years of honing their craft that got them where they are today. It's always interesting when someone says "overnight success" when one has been working hard for decades before "breaking through".

On THAT note some present "unknowns" have much shorter filmographies but their rising on-screen presence is making that a non-issue.

This is an on-going list in no particular order. SUGGESTIONS WELCOME
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A list for the cinephillic bibliophile.
Suggestions welcome. Corrections appreciated.
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Artists whose work I eagerly anticipate, respect or admire.
Whether under-the-radar, poised for breakthrough or seasoned veteran, their talent is undeniable. I'll keep tabs on them here.

In no particular order. This is an active list.
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I love how people laugh. How their faces tear-up and redden; how they wrestle to control this involuntary and pure manifestation of joy; how the pitch and tone and melody and release of these utterances can set off an entire crowd into their own fits of cackles and snorts like a domino effect. Laughter is a gift. It can turn a bad day into a wonderful one.

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These movies listed employ distinct film elements particular to the era they were filmed. Raspy-voiced male singer over saxophone solos, montages of extremely fashionable pedestrians, the black guy/white guy thug duo... This is an active list. Suggestions WELCOME!