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Baby Boy (2001)
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Good black comedy, 27 June 2002

One of Singleton's best works, Baby Boy is surprising in's a comedy! While the film is a coming-of-age story, the situations Jody finds himself in are easily(and unexpectedly) remedied. While some subject matter is indeed of a serious nature, the ultimate work is a comedy wrapped in dramatic fashion. The characters, while apparently ignorant, are actually multidimensional and make the movie worth watching. Singleton plays with urban stereotypes, and delivers a nice piece on maturity and responsibility. As its name implies, it is the antithesis of Boyz N The Hood, and as a stand-alone effort, is just another story about growing up in L.A. Please do not misread me. The movie is not a laugh-fest, and it was not designed to be. However, it crosses that subtle gray line in the manner of other movies, notably Wild At Heart and The Long Goodbye. On paper and print, they are dramatic. But when you take a second look, you appreciate the comedy of errors, played out for all its glory. Baby Boy is like an urban Wizard of Oz; the characters grow, and people get what they deserve in the end. I made the mistake of overlooking the film myself, and I am glad I finally saw it.

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Effective screenplay of the music industry then and now, 21 May 2002

While it has been more than ten years since I have seen That's The Way of The World, I can say that anyone who sees the picture will appreciate it, and its view of the music industry. Harvey Keitel plays a record executive who appreciates the talent of a band played by Earth Wind and Fire. However, the record company is forcing him to promote a white popular act(based primarily on The Carpenters). While Keitel's character stays true to his heart, the overall message of the movie is that popular culture, expressed by music and images, maintains a discriminatory profile of American culture. If you see this movie, realize that it was made before disco became truly popular in the USA.

Another point to mention is that the movie deserves a look, but suffered because it was hard to market. Yes, unfortunately in 1975, American society was still segregated. Black music was marketed to blacks only, while popular music was either rock/heavy metal or melody music. Because white audiences were not as familiar with EWF, they did not care that they were in the picture. On the other hand, this was at the climax of the blaxploitation era, and the soundtrack and appearance of EWF were hyped to black audiences. However, when people saw the film and realized that the group only make brief appearances, they turned away.

My point is that because of the racial attitudes of American culture in 1975, the movie was not appreciated as it should have been. So when you watch it, please do so with an open mind. One of the more refreshing things about it is that it is a drama with more substance than style, and easy to get into without always being reminded that you're watching something from the 1970s.

Charles Stepney, who was involved in the making of the motion picture, was a close associate of Maurice White. He was involved in EWF's music leading into this project.

Full Disclosure (2001) (V)
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Timely tale of terror and betrayal, 28 December 2001

Don't sleep on this one. This is one of those thrillers that might not be a blip on the radar screen, but that doesn't mean it isn't worth a watch. A solid production, the story involves a journalist who has a shady past, and his encounter with a woman on the run, who is not who she claims to be. A key plot piece is that Ms. Ticotin's character, who appears to be Latin American, is actually Palestinian, and on the run from assassins. Fred Ward, Ms. Ticotin, and Penelope Ann Miller give great performances in their respective roles. I never thought Ms. Miller could play such an evil woman. Catch this film when you can on cable, it is worth the watch.

As important as Phillip Wylie's Gladiator, 27 December 2001

As I mention above, this film falls in line with the precostume stories, the main one being Gladiator, the book which inspired Siegel and Shuster to create Superman. I hope not to give too much away, but the villain of the film is very much the mastermind of Lex Luthor, Dr. Sivana, and most importantly, the original Ultra-Humanite. The hero of the film is based on several DC characters, among them:

*Superman, quite naturally, as his physical prowess stands above all others *Green Lantern, the original one, who was the sole survivor of a train wreck, and who was based in another East Coast city before moving to Gotham City(as the hero of Unbreakable is attempting to find a job in New York City) *The look of the "costumed hero" resembles the appearance of The Spectre, whose facial features are hidden under a green hood and cloak. Much like the Spectre, Mr. Unbreakable is an astral avenger of sorts, saving people and exacting just vengeance *The very mention of New York City, which is home to so many of the most famous superheroes, and serves as inspiration to Metropolis, Gotham City, Empire City, and so many other doppelgangers of The Big Apple, as cities themselves are living entities of sorts

I really enjoyed this movie, and I will suggest that anyone who likes comics will be presently surprised. As for others who have not and do not read comics, please watch the movie with an open mind, and enjoy it for what it is worth.

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Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha!!!!!!!!!!!!, 2 September 2001

Directed by William Witney and written by George Armitage, Darktown Strutters is quite simply, the forerunner to I'M GONNA GIT YOU SUCKA! It is slapstick comedy that was seen on a bigger budget in BLAZING SADDLES, but because of the storyline it was quite ahead of its time. The Darktown Strutters, a group of female bikers, come into Watts, where Syreena(fearless leader of the quartet) is looking for her mother. In the middle of it all, a racist, fast food magnate is plotting to manipulate the Black community for his own intentions. Highly stylized, and fast-paced, what makes Darktown Strutters so silly is its contemporary take on urban America and racism. Modern issues such as abortion, fast food chains, cloning, police brutality, and racism are interwoven quite effectively. The villain of the piece, one Colonel Louisville Cross, made his millions as owner of the Sky Hog fast food chain: where the pork ribs are bonesuckin' good! It is a very amusing spin on the benevolent image of the dearly departed Colonel Sanders(of KFC fame), who walked the earth when this film was released. It's also funny how they avoided copyright infringement by replacing fried chicken with pork: the other white meat. It's also funny to see Syreena's contempt for the Colonel the minute she sees him. It's easy to see why the movie is overlooked. During that period, I really don't think Black Americans were in the mood for such comedies, especially when the Blaxploitation era was full of hardcore action flicks. I think too many viewers on the IMDB, who have seen this, just don't get some of the jokes. If you were around during that time, and/or if you are of African American descent, you will get a lot of the comedy on display. To compare this to Car Wash makes no sense. And it is not as weird as people make it out to be. As I said earlier, it was simply ahead of its time.

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Fun for it's time, it's an interesting, live action take on.., 26 July 2001

The Man From Atlantis was a decent show for the 1970s. And as I allude to in the summary, it is curiously similar to The Sub-Mariner. I really don't know if Marvel Comics had anything to do with this, but the project just smells of the half-hearted, live action tv takes of Marvel heroes televised during the time. Like Spider-Man, The Hulk, and Captain America movies, when you see the Man From Atlantis, you will think it is a more romantic, benevolent version of Prince Namor. The initial pilot was good, and the series could have been better. It failed because there were no challenging super villains for Mark to fight. In my opinion, if you are going to do a television series about a merman, go the superhero route, complete with colorful monsters and villains, or don't try it at all.

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Funny, funny, funny!!!!!!, 24 July 2001

This is one of the funniest film's of Disney's live action library. Taking another spin on the tale of Tarzan, The World's Greatest Athlete is the story of how college coach Sam Archer, tired of losing, tries to get away from it all by taking a trip to Africa. While there, he encounters Nanu, a superhuman by any standards measured!!! Seeing a gold mine and wins with Nanu as his athlete on campus, Coach Archer lures him to their university, where Nanu indeed excels in sports, but also feels homesick. Good jokes and tasteful humor make this a must-see. Jon Amos and Tim Conway are great as the bumbling coaches, and Jan-Michael Vincent shows that he could act wonderfully within a comedic setting. Also, this is one of the movies that displays Vincent's prowess, and makes people wonder what could have been. While younger viewers may not know of Vincent, or wonder why anyone cares about a "second rate actor", there was a time when many movie fans felt that Vincent could have been a major box office draw. While Nanu ultimately proves that he is a champion, Vincent will always make people ponder if he could have been a real Hollywood contender.

Shaft (1971)
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Timely Take On The Standard Private Detective Formula., 20 July 2001

It is an innovative effort, and serves as a snapshot of the times. Shaft, written by Ernest Tidyman, stands as one of the best modern detective dramas. Written and filmed at a time of extreme social unrest throughout the U.S.; the movie shows how Jon Shaft uses his private detective status and ethnicity to retrieve the kidnapped daughter of a notorious Harlem kingpin. While the plot pieces of black militants, and a potential race war in New York City, may not be as relevant in 2001 as they were in 1971, the cast and crew do a good job to convey the importance of Shaft's mission. Shaft, indeed, is one cool cat. Not only is he a ladies' man, but he's also a man about town. He knows every iota of New York City, and uses his detective skills to the fullest. Ducking the city police, and handling his business with the crooks, Shaft plays it cool to the very end. Many people like to bundle the blaxploitation pictures into a neat little package; one to laugh at and check out the music score. Shaft proves there was more meaning to these films, and ends up as a classic display of substance with style.

Super Fuzz (1980)
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So overlooked, it's a crime!!!!!!!!, 15 July 2001

This has to be one of the funniest films ever made. Like so many viewers, I first saw this on HBO, back in 1982. As a kid, few films made me laugh so hard, and so loudly. To this day, Super Fuzz remains as one of the most comedic films around. If you have never seen the movie, please do. You will be pleasantly surprised. The story, about a street cop who literally becomes a super hero, is one I wish other filmmakers would pick up on. I do believe that if this film were marketed more successfully, it could have spawned a tv series. This is material too good to lay on.

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Boogie Nights: Lessons Learned only in Life, 15 July 2001

Wild and wonderful is a good way to describe Boogie Nights. A fictionalized account of the porn film industry(and a few other events/people) of the 1970s, Boogie Nights is written so well, that it transcends the facade of sexual decadence, and illustrates a coming-of-age tale of a young man's rise, fall, and rebound. The film also portrays that, while human beings will always be judgemental, kindness and honesty, so long as they are held true to heart, can lead us to victory in the end. Anyone who has traveled the less-beaten path, will find something stirring in this film.

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