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Shows from the nineties through last year which I haven't seen but have been meaning to check out.
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Shows the seem interesting and haven't premiered yet.
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New and returning shows I'm looking forward to seeing this fall (2016.)
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Shows to check out, catch up on, etc, this summer. Mostly TV titles.
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As an equestrian who specializes in the hunter/jumper discipline, it's pretty hard to watch movies involving equestrian sports given that they get so many things wrong. (I imagine it's like a doctor trying to watch Grey's Anatomy or something.) But regardless, here's a list of "horsey" movies.
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What I'm watching now and some of my all time faves.
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Pretty much what the title says... my taste is broad so there are bits and pieces from more than one genre. Although crime dramas are my favorite.
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The title is pretty self-explanatory. Some of these movies aren't considered "good" by most people, but for whatever reason I like them anyway.
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My Favorite Episodes of Criminal Minds (Seasons 1-8)