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Boogeyman (2005)
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this movie sucks ., 14 September 2006

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if i could put 0 out of 10, that wouldn't even add up to how much i hate this movie this movie was the worst excuse for a horror movie I've ever seen. u could play it in a day care, and the little munchkins wouldn't even give it a second glance. thats how pointless, boring, and NOT SCARY it is :| i was literally laughing while watching the movie, cuz it was so. damn. stupiD!!!! anyone thats planning on seeing this movie bcuz they haven't or just for the heck of it, Don't. even if all ur friends have seen it. heck, even if ur grandmother seen it and u haven't. don't waste ur time.. ur gonna go to bed regretting making the worst decision of ur life the last part when the guy (whuever he is) counted down to 6, i was laughing my head off.. come on Hollywood, how lame can u get??? sure hes scared.. but how damn hard is it to count to 6? they could've made it more believable.. this film could've had potential (seeing as its about *the boogeyman*) if it had different actors and definitely a different script. anywayz.. my point is don't watch this movie (or the boogeyman will come and get u!!!! ARRR)

wayans bros. is the best show ever, 14 September 2006

I LOOOOOOVE THIS SHOW!!!! i'm so happy they're showing reruns.. as soon as I get home, first thing I do is turn on the TV and put it on the wayans bros. (for those of u that don't know it comes on at 4:00 - 5:00 on BET.. channel 49) this show is the funniest show ever.. sometimes some of the things that shawn and marlon say aren't that funny, but i still laugh. I'm sure most of u will agree with me when i say that its their facial expressions that make us laugh the most. all in all this is a GREAT show .. the entire wayans family has a whole lot of talent, and its great to still see them in the entertainment business. i also loved john witherspoons (pops) role.. he was funny too.. especially when he talked about their momma lol.

i especially love the title song.. i think its cute how they hug each other.. brotherlyy lo0ve ;) man they're all hilarious ppl.. like i said its good to see that after the show was canceled, they never gave up in the business bcuz they were obviously born into this world for that one reason :)