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The best summer blockbuster in years, 28 June 2007

I just came back from the premier where I live, and this is, quite frankly, the most amazing blockbuster ever in years.

To get this out of the way first, the bad points of the film were that the two human protagonists, don't seem to act all that surprised when discovering the first transformer. I feel that the film could have done without the love plot line; its too clichéd in blockbuster films these days.

Also, the story is told entirely from Sam Witwicky and the Autobot's point of view, which means the decepticons are almost never seen interacting with one another. The rivalry between Starscream and Megatron exists only in one spoken line.

Its a pity, considering how the original cartoons divided equal time between the autobots and decepticons, but I guess that is what the sequels are for.

If you are fine with that, then this movie is an absolute blast. The action scenes are lengthy and breathtaking. While the decepticons aren't given much speaking lines, there are a lot of scenes showing them wreaking havoc on anything other than themselves.

The action scenes are unbelievable. I'm a pretty harsh critic when it comes to action scenes in movies, and I have to say nothing tops the climax of this film. I won't say anything more, except to suggest that you try not to blink. You don't want to miss one millisecond of the climax, trust me.

The plot is simple, and structured well. Don't expect a deep, thoughtful storyline that is bulletproof from scrutiny, but expect something that is entertaining and follows the original cartoons in spirit. There was maybe one scene which dragged on longer than it should have, but thats about it. The whole show is quite long at 2 1/2 hours, though a movie on this scale deserves to be 3 hours long.

Overall if you can overlook the above mentioned flaws, this is the summer blockbuster to compensate for the disappointments of Spider Man, Pirates and Shrek 3. If you have to see one summer blockbuster, make it this one.

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Quite an experience, 30 June 2005

War of the Worlds is an alien invasion movie unlike no other. Most movies of this kind tend to show the story from multiple perspectives, and explain everything that's going on. Not with this one. The movie rarely (if ever) leaves the eyes of Ray Ferrier, the reluctant father who has to protect his kids from the alien menace. The story is therefore tighter and you get a better sense of what Ray's feeling. The movie sort of reminded me of Dawn of the Dead in that the plot rarely explains the background of the invaders or what is going on, but rather sticks to the protagonists' struggle to survive an event that changes their lives in just moments. Having said that, War of the Worlds is certainly the best alien invasion movie I've seen so far because it truly portrays the terror and confusion one would feel in such an event.

Never before has an alien invasion movie creeped me out like this one. The tripod aliens are terrifying to behold, not only because they look so real (kudos to the SFX department), but because their design, their movement, and what they do to human beings is enough to make you shiver when they show up on screen. In the initial scenes, you have to wonder why the people on the streets stare up at the massive alien instead of run for their lives. Believe me, once you see these aliens, and imagine yourself in such a situation, you'd probably stand and stare in awe too. In Independence Day, I just didn't feel that when people on the streets stared at the alien UFO. In this movie, I certainly did.

Despite what you might think, this isn't your typical epic disaster movie. There are some pretty lengthy scenes that take place underground, when Ray and his two kids seek refuge from their oppressors. I found the underground scene with Oglivy to be very unique as there is nearly no dialogue throughout the whole thing. Spielberg also does an excellent job showing the animal-like behavior humans degenerate into in the event of a disaster like this. One of the more shocking scenes was when Ray, driving the only working vehicle in the area, is surrounded by a horde of desperate people. As shocking as it was, it was a realistic showing of how easy it is for civilized people to devolve in terms of their behavior.

The performances are pretty good. Tom Cruise proves that he can play a variety of characters, and as Ray Ferrier he portrays him as a bit of a jerk of a father who still tries his best to be a good parent. After the initial alien attack, he returns home and his portrayal at shock and confusion is excellent here. Dakota Fanning also puts in a phenomenal performance as a rather spoilt little girl who unfortunately has to witness the violence going on around her. Although her non-stop screaming and whining annoyed me at times, you have to admire such a young thing for being able to put in a performance that transcends the acting abilities of her age group.

The film did have some awkward moments, though. Ray and his son get into heated arguments in the strangest occasions, and I really felt the film would have done better without the son because he was acting like a prick the whole time. The ending also comes rather suddenly, too, and it would have been nice if there was a little more resolution afterwards. I've read that people thought the ending was 'ridiculous' or 'laughable', but honestly I don't see anything about it that was strange. You be the judge.

Overall this is a viscereal, hard hitting film. It isn't your typical epic that mainstream audiences will like, because of how it focuses on a single character the whole time, and thus lacks some of the more grand, epic action scenes that has become an expectation of these films so far. War of the Worlds is something different to watch--an alien invasion movie that induces a sense of terror like no other. Watch it with an open mind.

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Darker, more outrageous, and still great, 8 November 2003

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Its been expected that many people would not appreciate the Matrix Revolution. The series doesn't throw every answer in your face, therefore its probably the only major budget trilogy that requires lots of thinking to understand fully. People don't really expect this sort of thing from a big budgeted, much anticipated movie, and they hype it so much, expecting the movie to turn out the way they *expect* it to be. Then when the movie takes a different approach to what people expect, then people don't like it. Its not because of the movie that people say it sucks, its because of the people themselves. Its their expectations that cause it. Instead of having expectations, I accepted the storyline as it was told, and any elements of the story that people dismissed as "loose ends that weren't tied up" are explainable if you put some thought into it and keep an open mind.

Anyway, onto my review. Revolutions is an awesome movie that definitely takes a very different approach and has a very different feel. The first matrix was about awakening, and there was a balance of scenes in the real and matrix world. Reloaded took place mostly in the matrix, because its more or less the episode where Neo sets out on his prophesized purpose. Revolutions takes place mostly in the real world, where the events that happen in Reloaded force the humans to take up their last stand and just have a lot of faith. Just because Revolutions is not like the Matrix doesn't mean its bad, it just means its different. The movie has less talkative than Reloaded, but it still gets its message across. The action is simply over the top and very pleasing to the eye, with scenes like the super brawl where Neo and Smith fight in what I can only describe as one of the most outrageous and compelling fights ever. While this fight is not as lightning fast and complex as the Burly Brawl, it defintely has a very epic feel to it, with punches and kicks being magnified and Neo and Smith made to look like two gods in human bodies in a grand showdown. I said in my Reloaded review that it didn't hold back its creativity. Revolutions simply unleashes every ounce of it. The zion battle, because it takes place in the real world, does not feature any humans flying or doing fantastic feats, therefore it has a more down to earth feel. Still, it is probably the most intricate and overwhelming science fiction war scene, with, I can tell you right now, MILLIONS of sentinals flying around while the humans fight a desperate battle to hold them back. Let me tell you, if you don't think to yourself "oh sh**" when you see the giant swarms of sentinals, you're either too arrogant for your own good or there's something wrong with your head. The opening club shootout, as much as it was short, was awesome. It definitely makes the lobby scene in the first matrix look average, as it has people flying around, walking on the walls, and of course, shooting. All this to tune of an awesome techno rhythm. The action scenes in Revolutions, like Reloaded, are too excellent for words and definitely transcend any action scene filmed in any other movie in terms of creativity and coolness.

That takes care of the action. Now the story. The story here is definitely darker and has more despair. As you will come to realize, the movie brings forth the Matrix Trilogy's christian elements. One such element is the whole idea of faith. Despite having an army of sentinals coming at them, despite Neo not stopping them before they reach Zion, and despite how nobody knows what they can do other than fight a losing battle, it is ultimately faith that pushes Neo to do something about it, and it is faith that allows the people of zion to have the courage to fight. Probably the most contraversial thing about the Matrix Trilogy, now that it is concluded, is the ending. SPOILERS... At the end, Neo fools smith into copying him, but what smith doesn't realize is that Neo, as the oracle explained, is essentially neo, except they're the yin and yang of each other. In order for one to exist, so must the other. Thus, when Neo is copied, and ceases to exist, the balance is gone and so is Smith. I thought that idea was genius. I didn't get it at first, but like I said earlier, I thought about it, and all was explained. After that, the machines stick to their end of the bargain, and really do, this time, give them a choice, and stop attacking them. The humans and machines live in the same world, and while the machines still exist, they are neutral to the humans instead of hostile. This ending, I thought, was perfect. It brings about the Yin Yang idea present with Neo and Smith. Also, if the film ended with the humans winning everything, the sun clearing up and so on, people will say it was too happy. If it ended with a downright bad ending, that would have eliminated the whole point of the movies. So whats wrong with something thats in the middle? This sort of ending was perfect and is also different, because not a lot of movies end like this, where the good guys and bad guys stop fighting and simply live out their lives independently, instead of one destroying the other. I suppose some people are asking 'why would the machines stop attacking? Now that neo's dead, why don't they just forget about the whole deal and destroy zion?" The answer is very easy. As the architect put it, "What do you think I am, human?"

All in all the Matrix is a great trilogy. People who didn't understand the film and refuse to think about the ending will complain endlessly and dismiss it as typical hollywood trash, but in my opinion I doubt there's ever been a major budget, hugely publicized trilogy thats had such a complex, intricate story, over the top action, and overflowing creativity. It is a terrific way to end the Matrix movies, but trust me, the story will not stop there. I gladly give this a 10/10.

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Just ridiculous, 24 July 2003

The bachelorette is a pretty awful premise for a show seeing as how it deals with something as critical as marriage in such a game show kind of way. Over a dozen male bachelors stay in a luxury resort while each taking turns to go on numerous dates with the bachelorette, and each episode a number of the bachelors get eliminated by the bachelorette depending on how good of a chemistry there is between her and a bachelor. The final remaining bachelor marries her. This is ridiculous. While it does make for some entertaining drama, this is real people we're dealing with here. The fact that they have to go through this show to get married is quite sad. The bachelors themselves were quite immature too. I saw one of them dump a sack of dog food on his head, and I could only shake my head at this spectacle.

The biggest kicker about this show is that the Bachelorette, Trista, was formerly a contender and winner of the previous show, The Bachelor, and that the Bachelor dumped her very shortly after she won and married him, so she signed on to be on this show to get a new husband! Is that pathetic or what?

A surprisingly good sequel with a good story and great ending, 11 July 2003

I'll admit, I was sure T3 was going to blow because Cameron wasn't directing it, and that the plot initially sounded like T2's, and was basically going to be a rehash. I was afraid this movie was going to destroy the Terminator series. Thankfully, it did not. Terminator 3 combines great acting, a story that explains itself well, and excellent action scenes.

The acting is very good. Nick Stahl plays a rather reluctant and fearful John Connor who refuses to believe that he is still being hunted by a Terminator even though cyberdyne was destroyed. Arnold Schwarzenneger, the star of the show, is also very good, retaining his deadpan, robotic behavior and tone of voice. It seems the resistance turned on his learning computer before they sent him back in time, because he is able to, well, learn in this movie (this makes more sense if you saw the uncut T2). This makes for some comic relief, that, while making the movie seem a little lighthearted at first, does not disrupt its overall dark nature. Claire Danes is also pretty good. She isn't your typical squeamish female character. While she is more fearful than John Connor, she ultimately becomes a more determined character after realizing her role, much like Sarah Connor in T1. Overall the acting is well done, and it certainly does help convey the whole despairty of the situation, and the characters' determination to accomplish their goals.

The story was pulled off well. T2 saw John Connor realize his role, and become a less worthless person into a someone who can actually make decisions. As you will see in T3, John's first real test comes in. I can't say much more without spoiling the whole thing. While the story isn't as powerful and insightful as T2's, it is much darker and is filled with dispair. The ending was very moving, with the way the narration was done, and the tone of the music.

The action scenes, whose quality is essential to any Terminator movie, were extremely well done. The car chase was very well done, because it was fast, and each crash and slam was done with the right camera angle and sound effect that you can feel the impact yourself. The camera changes are done quite quickly, but it maintains a wide angle on things, and a close angle on others so that the chase is effectively conveyed to be chaotic and messy, but at the same time you can see what is going on. The fight scenes were also good. Like the car chase, each punch and slam has a huge impact in sound and visuals. I mean, when you see one of the terminators get punched or thrown across a room, you can really feel the impact in you! They were also well cheographed. While the matrix films have a balletic and lightning fast quality to their fight scenes, the Terminator films' fights have a more brutal and hard hitting quality. Overall the action scenes were very well done. There was none of that shaky camera nonsense which I get so sick of.

There is of course, a noticable flaw to the film. While T2 explained how the T-1000 was able to track the characters no matter where they went, T3 does not. The TX shows up almost everywhere the protagonists go without explaining how it found out(Except for the cemetary). I hope that a DVD release will in some way explain this.

T3 is a worthy sequel. It doesn't have the epic quality that Cameron produced, it is still well done. To the regular viewer it is a great popcorn flick that isn't your standard hollywood action flick fair. To the terminator fan, it is a good medium to forward the story of Terminator and to show Ah-nuld kicking arse again.

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Very, very clever show that is a showcase of creativity, 7 July 2003

Although I have only seen two episodes of it, Junkyard wars is an excellent show that defines the word 'creativity'. Two teams of people from various states in the US will be assigned a specific vehicle to make, whether its an all terrain vehicle or remote controlled torpedo. They have to make this vehicle out of materials found in a junkyard, hence the name. The rules of the show go nowhere into what the design of the vehicle will be, but they do make it so that extreme coordination and team work is required among the contestants. Watching the teams use their imagination and put their minds together is great. Its incredible how they manage to create something like a working ATV out of stuff found in a junk pile. The hosts also bring in an expert to offer his opinions on which team is doing well, or what style a specific team seems to be following. After the 10 hour time limit the teams sleep of the rest of the day, and on the next day they put their machines to the real test. Depending on what vehicle is required, the show will have a different obstacle course to put the teams' vehicles through. So if its an ATV they had to build, then the obstacle course is in the form of a race track consisting of various kinds of terrain. If its a remote controlled torpedo, then its more or less an obstacle course underwater. Overall this is a great show and I highly recommend anyone who has a functional brain to turn on the discovery channel and try to find the time this is shown.

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Great spy spoof, 7 July 2003

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Johnny English is a great comedy that makes fun of virtually every aspect of super spy thrillers, from the car to the female secret agent who eventually falls in love with the protagonist. The movie concocts a ludicrous plot as a vehicle for the gags that will ensue, and it integrates these gags into the plot quite well. They got the right man for the job, too. Rowan Atkinson is excellent at portraying the completely incompetent Johnny English, who's sidekick, Boff is actually a better agent than he is. Yes I know, the whole sidekick-better-than-hero thing has been used before, but without Boff, the plot probably would have never advanced because English fumbles literally EVERYTHING he does on assignment. So Boff is to just move the film along while English's job in this film is to provide the laughter.

One of the things that makes Johnny English such a great spy spoof is because the character himself, at first glance, looks and acts like he's a real secret agent, unlike Austin Powers who looks and behaves like an idiot. English is serious about doing his job, and very confident that he's the best, which is why when he screws up everything its hilarious to see how he reacts and tries to correct his mistakes. One great part is (Spoilers) how he never, ever fires his gun because everytime he does, it breaks! The mood of one of those scenes is great. English is being fired at by a thug, and this fast, action packed music plays. The whole thing plays out like your standard hollywood gunfight, then when English leans out to fire, the top slide of his gun falls off, yet the action music keeps playing.(End of spoiler)

Another excellent aspect of Johnny English is how many of the gags carry over in several scenes. This means that a lot of the gags in the movie don't just come and go; they will have some significance later in the movie that will add to the hilarity. Finally, Johnny English is also an excellent comedy because it never has to rely on sex jokes, which in many films these days, are not so subtle because they're so effortlessly made, yet they make the general audience roar with laughter. Johnny English uses some clever, original jokes that are extremely funny. Many will not like this film because it lacks sex jokes, and will simply dismiss it as being corny (which is ridiculous), but if you like a great spy spoof starring Mr. Bean himself, this is truly excellent.

Excellent on every comprehensible level, 16 May 2003

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The matrix reloaded completely blew me away. I had high hopes for this movie, and reloaded completely blew me away. It has everything. It has a good amount of fight scenes, each being unique and spectacular. It has the car chase which, in my opinion, is the best, unchallenged, most breathtaking car chase ever made in history. It has the martial arts done by the actors themselves, and they are fast, yet the camera maintains a good, wide angle on the action so you don't see a blur of clothes like in many martial arts films.

One thing I like about Reloaded that many people didn't was how it didn't hold itself back on its creativity. There are a lot of scenes like the conversation between Neo and...well, you'll know, that my friends thought was a little silly. In my opinion I thought it was a chilling look at the machines and what they are. Many of today's late teen generation will be quite ignorant about the underlying story, and ignore the enormous depth to it by laughing at something they're not supposed to laugh at, and I think that is quite annoying. When I watched Reloaded, I took the film seriously, and watched the film for what it was, a moody sci fi action thriller. Many other people watch it as a typical popcorn movie. Thats fine by me, but when these people openly mock the film with baseless statements, I really get annoyed.

Anyway, about the film. The storyline in the Matrix takes new depths as we are revealed a more sinister secret that is more than just the machines using humans as batteries. We are shown the underneath of the matrix in its true form, a kind of behind the scenes look at the machines' big game. Things get more bizarre as Neo gets closer and closer to the truth, and I was quite shocked and slightly haunted when everything was revealed to him. For a movie with so much action, Reloaded packs a whallop in the storyline department. I advise you to watch it with a really, really open mind. Visually, the film is a magnificent feast of creativity. Every fight scene is unique in its own way, showcasing revolution after revolution of special effects. Trust me when I say that this film WILL blow you away with its visuals one way or another. The acting is fine, but it is Hugo Weaving who turns in the best performance as the overly evil Smith who inherits the human characteristic of being sadistic, and he gains a new ability that produces some chilling but eventually amazing results. Reloaded maintains a healthy balance of action and story, filling you in with as much of the underlying philosophy and plot while punctuating itself with breathtaking action sequences.

Personally, my favorite aspect of the movie that isn't a spoiler for me to say, is Neo's ability to fly. Every time he takes off the environment around him is affected in a dramatic and incredible way. For instance, he'd fly into the sky and the clouds would swirl in his wake.

Overall, Reloaded is easily the best film I have seen all year. Its good to know that big budget hollywood action material CAN be extremely successful, and the Matrix is the most prime example. Highly recommended. 10/10

Inferno (1998) (TV)
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This film is pretty stupid - Spoilers, 24 April 2003

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This made for tv movie was dumb. It spent about 90 percent of its time on events with the characters. Examples are : the teacher character joins up with the army and later gets into gunfights with a gang, a gangster teams up with his girlfriend to rob a bank. I mean, what relevance do these events have to do with the overall story? The movie is about some solar pulse thats supposed to heat up the country by over 100 degrees, but instead we're shown random sub plot after random sub plot which, I'm afraid, eventually made up the whole movie. It is only during the last 5 minutes that the solar pulse actually happens, and all it does is shatter the glass on one floor of a skyscraper. Nobody is killed at all! The whole disaster came and went in a matter of seconds! Stupid film.

Terrific drama that is both haunting and moving, 28 February 2003

One hour photo is a movie about how a lonely man slowly spirals into insanity because of constant trauma, and the fact that nothing good happens to him. The audience is shown just how lonely he is, that he likes to fantasize a lot, and that inside he's a kind person. Robin Williams gives a terrific performance with his acting, and his facial expressions when he isn't speaking. There is a slightly haunting touch to how he starts to lose it, but at the climax of the movie Williams really frightens his audience when portraying his character at the peak of insanity. The ending however, is both powerful and moving and your feelings for Sy completely change. The final shot of the movie, truly, inspires a huge sense of guilt and sadness in both Sy and the audience. A great movie about a misunderstood man.

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