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The Best Series Ever Written, 10 September 2006

I have always wished that the Aaron's Way series had continued, as each episode seemed to inject a spiritual awareness that is so lacking and so very needed in our society!! I haven't seen any of the Aaron's Way episodes since they first aired almost 20 years ago, but I thought that series was Michael Landon's best production, and I am writing this comment as a part of my search in trying/hoping to locate DVD's of the Aaron's Way episodes. Apparently by tying a particular religion (e.g., Amish) to a T.V. series, people seem to reject it no matter how good it is. I also heard that since the main actor was a well-known football player, it was too hard for people to imagine him in the role he played. But I would implore anyone to shed their prejudices and open their hearts and minds to the Aaron's Way messages, they can really make the spirit grow! And I hope someone will lead me to where I can get them on DVD!!