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Incredible hit from HK!!!, 11 October 2001

This film is awesome! Pure action, no cut. Shots and the best Kung-fu. And familiar faces from the ol´school; Hwang Jang Lee(Drunken master, Tower of death, etc) Playin a good character with incredible fight scenes, or David Chiang (The legend of the seven golden vampires, Kings of money and fists) as the boss of the Iron angels. The final fight scene is so wild. Two women in a death fight, bloody kung-fu (that´s cool). A non-stop action film from the 80´s. HK films fan? You must see this HIT.

A Joseph Lai classic, 8 September 2001

Well, this film is so bad, but the fight scenes are good...But there is a problem, the "bad guys" are not good fighters, they just walk around the hero(The Korean star Dragon Lee), making ridiculous movements, is funny! Some actors appear again and again playing different characters...But Dragon Lee is wonderful again... The story is so "original", The Dragon Lee´s father is murdered, and he takes the revenge. He become the "silver ninja", and search for his father´s killer...Wow! Only for the kung fu films fan(Like me!)