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Take the cast from "The Bikini Academy" and put them in a western . . ., 19 August 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

That is the recipe for this movie. The cast is nearly exactly the same, with the roles mixed up a bit.

This movie has scenes of simulated male/female sex, lesbian sex, graphic female nudity, full-frontal female nudity, and topless female nude close-ups.

The somewhat weak premise of the story is that a woman spends an evening with a lonely cowboy that has been frequenting the bar she works in - and he dies having sex with her. After she reports his death, his lawyer contacts her with the information that his will stipulated whoever was physically closest to him at the time of his death would inherit everything he owned - including a silver mine and a casino.

Taking her best friend with her, she heads west to take a look at her inheritance. What she finds is a ghost town and a local rancher who's a little to eager to buy her property rights. Nobody even knows where the mine is, or how accurate the map she was provided is.

The rancher sends his ranch hands over in the night to persuade the ladies of how dangerous it can be in the west, and over the next couple of days the antics are nearly as ridiculous as the extreme quantity of impromptu sex scenes.

This movie is great if you are looking for B-movie soft-core porn, but don't hold your breath for anything better.

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Great!, 19 October 2005

Quite simply - this is the Batman movie true Batman fans have always wanted to see. It begins with the experiences of young Bruce Wayne as he encounters true fear for the first time, then witnesses his parents murder. Then it flashes forward to the day his parent's murderer is released from jail after turning informant for the DA's office. We see Bruce struggle to find meaning in the fact he is robbed of the chance to get revenge when the object of his hatred, the murderer, is assassinated by a mob boss's lackey just before Bruce would have killed him with a gun. Thus begins Bruce's 7 year journey to understand the criminal mind, and his concurrent search for the skills to combat criminality and true evil with justice.

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Great action, nothing close to a disaster . . ., 21 October 2004

I had no trouble at all watching this on DVD. The plot unfolded nicely, and answered all the questions I raised as the story progressed. I was a little disappointed by the ant-climax after the final battle, but it works because who would expect a career murderer (Van Helsing - played by Hugh Jackman) to actually walk away with "the girl."

The use of CG in this film is better than anything I've seen, and the information in the DVD extras about how it was done is great. This period fantasy piece does push the envelope of CG technology, raising the monsters to a level of realism almost believable, and the performers seemed to have had fun making the film.

I found this to be very entertaining, and so did my wife. We will be adding it to our permanent collection soon.

not as bad as others think . . ., 14 September 2004

First, let me acknowledge that there are some unanswered questions. First, just what did Creasy do that caused him to feel so completely down on himself before he met Pita? That question is never answered, only vaguely hinted at, at best. OK, so he was a professional assassin. No big deal - he did what he was paid to do, and he was good at it.

So, what happened? Did he accidentally kill a bus of Catholic School girls when completing an assignment? I wish we knew.

Other than that, the movie did make a lot of sense to me. It had a believable plot, and moved in a logical way. Yes, Creasy's desire for revenge is predictable, but looking at the character, in his state of mind, it would also be his only shot at redemption. He is using this terrible gift he spent 18 years training to refine to close the books on people who make a living causing harm and pain to innocents. The only other choices he seems to have are to run away to the US, or go to Mexican prison for killing 2 "off-duty" cops that were in uniform at the scene of Pita's kidnapping.

The biggest problem I had with the whole story was the ending. In the last minute, there should have been a pan shot of the bad guys driving away, with Creasy's dead body in the back seat, going to a wide-angle view of the two cars rolling down the highway - and erupting into flame just after Creasy's watch "alarm" beeps. Mission accomplished.

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Enough nit-picking already - it's a summer movie!, 22 June 2004

I have no use for people who have to tear anything creative to pieces. This isn't supposed to be an Oscar winner - it's a summer movie. It has good action, the story is plausible enough to hold interest, and the relationships are well enough developed that you care about (Jack) Kyra before the end arrives. I liked that Riddick put his life on the line to save hers at one point. This is a well made, well acted, acceptable summer action flick. Don't try to get it to make any more sense than that, because it won't. Riddick is still a loner, still a killer, and still finds himself manipulated by larger issues into doing "the right thing" despite himself. He gets to kick ass and take names in the higher issue of serving good - and he gets one hell of a good reward for doing it. Who could ask for more?

Defiance (2002)
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Two brothers are affected by their father's murder . . ., 19 October 2003

The older one tries to take the high road. He becomes responsible, taking care of his sick mother and younger brother while continuing to go to school (he's 12). The younger one gives in to his anger, and becomes destructive, spiteful, and violent. The older does his best to protect the younger, until the actions of the youngest brother take the life of the son of one of the town's richest men (also responsible for the murder of their father). This seemingly random killing is anything but, because young Tommy is sick, dying, and no longer cares about being careful. The conclusion is a great scene, though a bit predictable. A very high quality independent movie.

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A pretty good short-film that's almost a feature. . ., 15 December 2002

This is a show that suffers only slightly by having a predictable ending. That said, the characters are well rounded, the acting is passable, and the cameras used intelligently. This is the story of a woman who, thinking she has become a widow due to a hurricane, is holding a reception for her missing husband, and the interaction of the guests and relatives as we work toward the conclusion. The writing and dialogue are well done, and the use of humor throughout is a bonus since the story isn't a comedy.

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The absolute best martial arts flick ever!, 4 March 2002

Alright, I acknowledge that there are cheezy scenes. I also realize that the "bad" singer is a Cindy Lauper clone, and that Vanity was a protege of Prince. All that aside, I think the filming was great. The scenes were well shot, the music did a terrific job of matching the scenes and setting the mood, and even the comedy helped to keep the show from being too much of a fight flick - in other words it was more real than most shows. The script was easy to follow (alright, predictable) but it's necessary to reach a broad audience. The fight coreography was well done, and Leroy's struggle to believe what everyone is trying to tell him about himself is the real jem of the show - who among us doesn't struggle with such problems at times?

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Viewer ideas determine reviews, 12 January 2002

I've seen many worse movies that got better reviews by IMDb users.

That said, I think the main reason that this movie didn't get the good reviews that it could have gotten was that the script writers didn't follow the book very well. I've read the book several times, and loved it more every time. The same can't be said for repeat viewings of this movie. I applaud John Travolta for his intention to get the book made into a movie, but I feel that more time should have been taken in the scripting before the production started.

Some basic corrections:

The book is over 1000 pages long. You can't take the middle 300 pages and write the script from that without destroying your audience. The problem is, you're dropping them into the story with no background, and then cutting them off without the ending. Mr. Travolta, you should know better - this is one of the simplest mistakes to avoid.

If more time would have been spent developing the Psychlo teaching machine, that would have handled nearly all of the criticism of the humans learning to fly Harrier jets and build bombs so quickly.

Also, in the book Johnny had to do a lot of traveling (to other continents) and learn to speak several languages (with the Psychlo teaching machine and archive language tapes) to recruit his rebel force before he could train them. This wasn't covered in the movie at all.

So, Mr. Travolta, if you want someone to help with a sequel, perhaps I'm your man. At least I am familiar with the storyline!

Finally - people shouldn't be using IMDb movie reviews to beat the soapbox of religion - unless it is an integral plot point of the movie being reviewed. L. Ron Hubbard did start a religion - it is recognized in every court of the land as such (including the Supreme Court of the United States) - but it has nothing to do with this book/movie. Get over it. I have read better than half of the reviews on this movie, and the best that I can say about them is that most were written by illiterate cavemen/women who shouldn't be allowed access to computers!

Perhaps that explains why this movie was reviewed so badly - it was over their heads! 7.5/10

Billy Jack (1971)
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Why is it that the harshest critics are illiterate?, 12 January 2002

I have seen Billy Jack nearly 50 times. It was released when I was about 9, and I saw it in the theater first. I now have two copies, one on DVD and the other on VHS - one complete and no commercials (from Billy Jack Enterprises) and the other copied from Joe Bob Briggs' late night TV show - because he (Briggs) did a live phone interview with Tom Laughlin during the commercial breaks.

Billy Jack is an ex-Green Beret with a chip on his shoulder big enough to dam the Grand Canyon. He's edgy, and doesn't mind being spiteful when it comes to white adults mistreating kids - of any race. In a nut shell, this film is about being human, and treating others humanely. We all have to live on this planet, at least for now. The sooner we learn to treat each other the way we would want them to treat us, the sooner we'll have a world worth living in. THAT is the message of this movie.

Yes, I know Tom Laughlin doesn't look like he has any Native American blood in him, and the camera crews didn't know how to shoot a martial arts scene, but that is to be expected for a low-budget indie film from the early 1970's. What made it work for me was that the writing actually made me care about the THEME of the show. 9/10

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